Stay Sane, Stay Focused
Wedding planners have always been synonymous with creating special moments for couples and families all over the world. These moments are cherished by guests and the couple for years to come. However, a wedding planner’s journey is a roller coaster ride. From managing expectations, keeping up with last moment changes, cost control challenges, playing messenger between two families, irregular family life, contingency plans, long hours, satisfying egos and high emotional dramas … wedding planners have seen it all. And now, the pandemic!

There is no doubt that the events and wedding industry worldwide has been severely effected and there is not set timeline on revival yet.

Having said that, it is important now more than even to stay sane, relaxed and focused during these trying and testing times. Non activity can lead to self-doubt, insecurity, loss of confidence, distress and eventually may lead to many long-term effects that may be difficult to manage and return from.

Tough times don’t last, tough people do.

Re-live the Moments

Remind yourself of all the beautiful celebrations you conceptualized for your clients over the years. Better still, re-live those moments by watching videos or pictures from all your past weddings. Recall the planning process, the stories, the fun moments, the glitches and the final product.

Your past accolades, recognition and media mentions is in itself the testament to the fact that you have made an impact to several lives just by doing what you’re passionate about. Reviewing your own work will amaze you and boost your morale much like a sculptor feels after seeing his creations of the masterpieces he has crafted.

Re-connect with Peers

You are not in this alone. Not now, not ever. As the saying goes… ‘It takes a village to raise a child’. Similarly, with weddings, it takes a team to create magical weddings for couples. Without a team of reliable and talented professionals, this feat would not be possible.

Now is the time to re-connect with your vendors and peers to express your gratitude. They may be distressed in present times as well, but a heart-warming conversation and support can grow a strong community that can be resilient and bounce back as the wedding industry revives. Do give credit to your vendors where due. Being a good Samaritan goes a long way.

Re-unite with Couples

We would be nothing without the trust and support of our clients, the lovely couples who chose us to shape up their big day. The main essence of our careers are the wedding dreams that a bride would have envisioned for years for her wedding celebration or the couple’s desire to create a memorable experience for their family and guests.

It is understandable that as wedding planners we may have been too occupied and busy with our work schedules to reconnect with our past clients. Now is the time to re-unite with those lovely couples and share a hearty laugh over a casual evening out, only to say a heartfelt ‘thank-you’ to them for trusting you with one of the biggest days of their lives.

Hearing from them how satisfied they were with your services can help re-instill that confidence you may have been losing during the past few months.

Meditation and Well-being

This does not necessarily have to involve fitness regimes. It simply means to be one with yourself and be at peace. Find yourself a comfortable spot at a nearby garden or at the beach or simply just walk your pet in silence away from the noise and clutter of everyday life. Adapting this routine for the mornings and then later at night ensures that your day begins and ends in a calm and peaceful vibe. This helps you clear out your thoughts and channel your energy towards self-enlightenment and eventually self-development.

It is important to see this time as a blessing provided to us by the universe to self-reflect, repair and evolve.

Written by Rahul Kumar – Director, Vivaah Celebrations.

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