Over time, brides have come to value distinctive themes and concepts now more than ever. Adding unique themes and conceptualizing an event with individualized touches based on the bride’s preferences enhances and elevates the celebration in many ways and gives the event a whole new dimension.

Designing intricate themes requires vision, detailing and flawless execution. At Vivaah Celebrations, our director Rahul Kumar has that eye for detail. He works with our couples to create innovative and unique themes that elevate the guest experience.

The Chronicles of Narnia is taken out of the VC Concept Book for today’s blog by Vivaah Celebrations to give you a glimpse of what your magical event can look like.

Let us transport you to The Chronicles of Narnia where the venue is revealed as an Ice Queen and King open the doors and welcome guests into the main arena.

Your guests will be entering through a giant frozen cave that has an oak effect and fox fur coats in it.

They will then emerge into a world that is covered in snow, and scented with pine. A venue where magic is all around, animal figurines can speak, and conceptualised artists bring your fairytale to life. Sleighs, lions, polar bears, snow-covered trees, light posts, and icicles are combined with other magnificent props to create a genuine representation of Narnia straight out of the movie.

Imagine a setting of low fog with light snowfall, frozen trees and a winter woodland backdrop for the ideal couple stage. And around the stage, exquisite white drapes with fairy lights adorned between trees and of course the classic Victorian lamppost. This could be the perfect sight for your guests to enter this beautiful Reception Evening.

We at Vivaah Celebrations handpick talent and ensure a spectacular ensemble of characters are chosen to put together the Narnia-themed evening. This includes aerial artists, circus performances, fire displays, magicians and much more. 

As your guests enjoy their evening with the hosts and performers, they could walk up to the Ice-carved bar and grab themselves a signature conceptualised drink from our renowned mixologists.  Dressed as the Ice Kings our mixologists create magic with the mist through their cryo and molecular concussions. 

As the evening progresses and you have your first dance on the crystal white dance floor, a chandelier cake descends down and wows your guests with another surprise. Your attendees will enjoy the fun filled evening with surprises and entertainment throughout. 

Connect with us at Vivaah Celebrations to help you in create your beautiful themes from beginning to end. We assist you in everything from decor, cocktails, detailing, entertainment and so much more. 

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