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The First Mega Wedding of 2023

The First Mega Wedding of 2023

Almost 12 months in the making, over a 1000 guests, 6 days of celebrations at 6 unique venues, more than 100 international artists and a VIP guest list – Sania and Bilal’s wedding celebrations re-define the Big Fat Indian Wedding.

Touted as ‘The First Mega Wedding of 2023’, the wedding was planned and managed by the team at Vivaah Celebrations, led by Rahul Kumar – a seasoned professional with over 10 years of experience conceptualising and creating unparalleled wedding experiences around the world.

The Fairytale wedding celebrations for Sania Mulk, daughter of Nawab Shaji Ul Mulk (Bride) with Bilal Khalid Ahmed (Groom), took shape over a 12-month detailed planning and conceptualizing. Shehzaadi Sania Mulk had a vision and a dream that Vivaah Celebrations helped her achieve and bring to life. 

The destination wedding saw guests fly in from all parts of the world; businessmen, celebrities, VIPs, Ministers, The Royal family, His Highness, and many more took part in the grand celebrations for Sania and Bilal.  

With over 40 operations executives, 50 fabricators, 12 florists, 30 chefs, 20 different menus, and many spectacular performing artists, this 6-day wedding celebration was indeed an extravaganza witnessed by over 1,000 guests attending from various parts of the world. 

To start with, the guests already fell in love with the Royal Invitation box sent to them. A turquoise box with an intricate gold design and an actual fairy tale book alongside local royal delicacies touched everyone’s hearts.  


It all began with the exquisite Chandni Raat-themed welcome dinner at their opulent residence. Guests were beautifully dressed in whites and silver to complement this bright evening. The Chandni Raat Dinner was held at The Mulk Residence in Al Barari, Dubai. A beautiful rose petal shower by our hostesses welcomed our Groom, Bilal Ahmed, and his family to commence the union of the two families.  

Our beautiful Bride, Sania, had a stunning entry with her loved ones, and bridesmaids walked in with countless gorgeous glimmering LED balloons representing the Chandni Raat theme. Our Bride made her way toward her Prince charming as the guests witnessed the spectacular dancing fountain show at their residence, which elevated the evening to the next level. MC Shobhna then continued the evening with interactive games and activities for the guests, followed by a renowned duo who sang the night away. 

The next morning, the Manjay Ceremony kickstarted the celebrations for the Bide’s side of the family. Hosted at The Mulk Residence at Al Barari, Dubai. This ‘Sheesh Mahal’ morning began as our astonishing Bride walked toward the lavish garden under her beautifully adorned flower chaadar in shades of oranges, yellows, and golds. Sania then proceeded with the Manjay rituals with her close family, where they adorned her with jewelry and showered her with tons of fresh flower petals.

The guests enjoyed using the rickshaw photo booth this morning to capture their memories. They interacted with the live clay bangle maker curating beautiful bangles by checking their wrist size and colors. The morning event ended with a Royal breakfast feast served to the guests. 

For their Sangeet evening, the venue at Madinat Jumeirah was transformed into a setting never seen before. The ‘Welcome to Agrabah’, Aladdin-themed event was one of the most exquisite events at this wedding. The Mehendi-Sangeet Bash at the gorgeous Fort Island at Madinat Jumeirah was inspired by the 1001 Arabian Nights and was converted into an astonishing Ottoman Night. 

The guests were welcomed through a beautifully decorated walkway with Moroccan lamps and other local accessories. This path led them straight into the Souk Area, which was converted to Sania and Bilal’s Bazaar. Our hostesses, dressed in lavish white Moroccan gowns, greeted the guests and handed over a royal blue pouch filled with gold coins they could redeem at the Souk carts. There were several souk carts with beautiful handmade accessories, diaries, pens, pearl crafted jewellery boxes, and much more. To elevate the experience, we also had a gorgeous violinist at a height playing her beautiful tunes. On the other side, our famous Turkish Ice Cream cart had kids giggling to his tricks and parents enjoying this picture-perfect sight while having their ice cream. It definitely looked like the Agrabah Bazaar straight out of Aladdin.

After such a rich experience, the hostesses guided all the guests towards Fort Island, which was embellished with royal furniture with vibrant colors. The evening continued with DJ Gautam playing tunes to set the guests’ mood for the exciting evening ahead. Once all the guests settled in this beautiful venue with lanterns and Moroccan-themed centerpieces, their sight went straight to the stunning Menus and Agenda of the evening crafted by VC Creatives with intricate gold designs on a rich velvet print. We kickstarted the evening by introducing the star celebrity MCs of the Night. 

Celebrity Gauhar Khan, an Actress also known for her win in Big Boss, and Yasir Hussain, a star from Pakistan, got introduced to the crowd and made their Filmfare entry as they walked up the beautiful bridge of Fort Island. 

The Sangeet evening then officially began; after entertaining the audience, the lovely MCs welcomed the sisters from the Groom’s side to bring in the Mehendi Trays like pure Royalty. The women walked in and got introduced to the guests as they placed these rich gold thalis on the stage. Soon after this, our Prince Aladdin made his entry which was one of the numerous highlights of the evening. Our Prince walked in like Royalty with his LED Drum Band, SFX, and Parade of Groomsmen; no Prince walks in alone, right?

As our Groom, Bilal Ahmed, was interacting with our Celebrity MCs, a special announcement was made. Our Princess Sania was about to join us. 

As all guests were asked to make their way to all corners of Fort Island, surrounded by a beautiful water body, they witnessed a spectacular show. Our Princess Sania was arriving on an Abra (A Royal Boat) with a parade of 12 boats behind her with dancers in beautiful costumes, such a magical sight to see! 

Our Shehzaadi Sania Mulk looked stunning in her attire; she looked straight out of the movie. As she waved the guests a hello and got off the boat, we again witnessed another beautiful show by the DANS team choreographed by Satyen Babla. Sania then slowly made her way up the bridge as the sparklers rose and guests applauded and welcomed her. 

Our MCs then interacted with our beautiful couple and welcomed the entry of a famous Pakistani power couple who flew in to greet the couple and this magical evening. This glorious couple was none other than AYEZA KHAN and DANISH TAIMOORI, celebrities from Pakistan. 

This incredible evening did not stop surprising us; the upcoming act blew severyone’s mind away. Most talented Indian dancer Parvati opened the Royal Kishti performance, a Royal gift exchange between the two families. She was definitely one of the bright stars of the evening! 

The much-awaited Sangeet performances began with all the friends and family performing for the couple on various tracks, leaving everyone in a fun-filled mood as the guests picked up their Mocktails from the Royal Abrahbah Mocktail Bar decked in golds with the local tastes. 

The evening continued as guests relished some Royal Arabic culinary experiences put together by the talented food and beverage team at Madinat Jumeirah. The evening ended with the famous Laduree Cart alongside a range of vast desserts. 

Finally, the much-awaited Night arrived, The Royal Mughal Baraat Raat. Drawing inspiration from the Mughal times, the guests were welcomed by over 50 soldiers lined up on both sides of the driveway. They saluted the guests through the driveway as their car pulled up to the beautiful Asateer tent of Atlantis on the Palm where they were further greeted by native soldiers from Africa. As the guests walked in, beautiful hostesses adorned in ethnic outfits greeted them with a Salaam – a traditional gesture of respect and welcome to the guests.

The venue was decked up like none other; one could smell hundreds of fresh roses all around the beautiful arena giving a rich royal feel to the evening. The Decor was inspired by Royal Mughal Palaces with Golds and Reds and a grand stage with handcrafted beautiful water fountains on each side. This event also featured custom-made plush furniture and designer tableware representing the richness of the evening, with some of the finest culinary experiences brought straight to the table like Royalty. 

This evening saw more VIPs, as team Vivaah ensured that all protocols were implemented. Celebrities, VIP families, The Royal family, and High Highness  Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan attended this spectacular evening to congratulate Mr. Shahji Nawab Ul Mulk and the newly wedded beautiful couple Sania Mulk and Bilal Ahmed. 

Once all the guests settled in, our Celebrity MCs, Gauhar Khan, and Yasir Hussain announced the commencement of the Royal Baraat procession. Our Groom’s Baraat procession was power-packed, with his entourage dancing their way through a 120-meter-long stretch pathway along the entrance of Asateer. The one-hour-long Baraat saw talent from over the globe with shows, stunts, and different experiences for the guests to enjoy. These dancers led the Baraat as the procession followed. Finally, we could see our Shahenshah enter on his Royal Horse, along with his Kingsmen. Over a 100 performers mesmerised the crowd, and it was definitely a Baraat you wouldn’t want to miss! 

Once the groom was welcomed in, he waited eagerly for his princess to arrive. Our Shehzaadi Sania’s entrance was nothing less than a grand spectacle. Suddenly, the lights of this gorgeous venue slightly dimmed, and a soldier came running in to hand over a scroll to the MCs to announce the Royal Entrance of our Padmavat inspired Bride. Dancers entered, dancing their way in, and performed a lovely act before our Shehzaadi walked in with her Shamadaan Dancers with her 5-meter veil behind her. She looked absolutely stunning in her Mughal Wedding Dress. Her Shahenshah walked over to the centre of the floor, and they met in the middle, surrounded by alluring flowers which reflected their love for each other. He lifted her veil, and they said their vows. Bilal then took Sania up on stage to continue the evening. The sight was surreal. 

The Night had just begun, and we had breathtaking performances lined up to make this evening unforgettable. One of the most talented dancer from Pakistan, Sara Loren, gracefully performed while she took the stage and left everyone speechless which her elegance. Surrounded by background dancers complimenting her moves on Dewaani Mastani from Bajirao Mastani, it looked like a sight straight out of a movie. 

The evening continued with a beautiful ring ceremony as beautiful roses were showered on the couple as they exchanged their wedding rings. 

The Night’s finale star performer had finally arrived. A performance that everyone was eagerly waiting for. This renowned actor and singer, who is recognised not only in Pakistan but also in India, flew to Dubai to make this evening special. It was none other than the sensational singer Ali Zafar! Guests got goosebumps as he mesmerised everyone with his soulful voice. This magical night ended with the emotional Bidai ceremony of Sania. 

The next day guests gathered to Celebrate Sania and Bilal’s love at their Walima evening. Amidst detailed centerpieces, plush floral installations, and a blanket of fairy lights, the ‘Night under the Stars’ Walima Evening had the guests in awe of the surreal settings on a chilly evening at the Ritz Carlton Dubai. 

With the views to the Ain Dubai, the couple entered as the night sky shined bright and was filled with a show-stopping fireworks display as the celebrations came to an end. 

The couple had their first dance, cut their gorgeous wedding cake, and danced the Night away with friends and family as DJ Sash spun behind the decks. 

All the themes, concepts, show flows, and artists were planned, conceptualized, and managed by Vivaah Celebrations.

Vivaah Celebrations is a premier Wedding Planning & Management company operating locally and globally for Destination Weddings under the leadership of Rahul Kumar, who has over a decade of experience planning and managing weddings globally. To plan your next event, connect with us at



Photo Credits: Micheal J. Scott, Delhi Velvet & Linda K. 


The Persian Poetry by Vivaah Celebrations

This Royal Persian Wedding was an amazing event at the luxurious Raffles Palace on the Palm Jumeirah – Dubai. The couple was celebrated by a large group of friends and family who flew in from around the world to be a part of the Iranian Wedding Celebrations.

Rahul Kumar, the CEO of Vivaah Celebrations along with Maggi Kewlani and the entire team of Vivaah Celebrations successfully planned, managed and delivered this lovely Iranian Wedding. This marks the foray of Vivaah Celebrations as Iranian Wedding Planners in Dubai.


Vivaah Celebrations fulfilled the couple’s dreams through conceptualizing eloquent themes, artists, unique performers, immersive experiences and much more to keep the audience enthralled. The Wedding Celebrations had a personal touch to offer each guest a memorable experience that they could cherish and remember for a long time to come. Every detail of the wedding celebration was essential and tailored to the tastes and preferences of our lovely couple.

At the opulent Palazzo Versace, we hosted a Welcome Dinner for our guests on the first evening. Guests were greeted as royalty as soon as they arrived at the breathtaking Palazzo Versace by a scintillating performance put up by an Award-winning international pianist. As the evening progressed, hostesses led the guests to Enigma, a renowned Iranian fine dining experience, where they all enjoyed wine and dinner with Persian music and elegant dances as the evening continued.

The following morning, all guests woke up to a royal breakfast at Raffles Palm before they got ready for the traditional Persian Sofreh Aghd ceremony.

The ceremony took place on the lawns of Raffles Palm facing the serene waters with the beautiful palace sitting as the backdrop of the venue. In the midst of the venue stood a gorgeous dome made of pure exquisite crystals where elements and accessories of the Sofreh Aghd were kept for the rituals. Items such as rose petals, pistachios, saffron, crystal candles, mirrors, sugar cones and much more with its own symbolic meaning was adorned in the dome. This was by far, one of the most gorgeous Sofreh Aghd ceremony in Dubai which was planned by the team at Vivaah Celebrations.

As the sunset golden hour begins, our gorgeous violinist welcomed the guests with her soft music as they had their refreshments and rich delicacies catered specially from Ladurée. Once the guests settled down, the toastmaster thanked everyone for being a part of such an important day in the couple’s life. As the violinist played her beautiful tunes, the couple entered the venue with their bridesmaids, groomsmen and adorable flower girls.

The commemorative Sofreh Aghd Ceremony is a ceremony dating back thousands of years to ancient Persia. The bride and groom sat in front of a Sofreh which is a symbolic wedding spread representing love, prosperity health and fertility. During the blessing ceremony, the wedding party held a traditional silk cloth over the head of the couple and grinded sugar cones together symbolizing sweet blessings raining down on the bride and groom. The magnificent ceremony then came to an end after the couple said their vows, exchanged rings and sealed it with a kiss.

On the third day, the guests got ready for the Royal Persian Reception Evening which took place at the Raffles Ballroom. Team Vivaah Celebrations was at work with the decor and production overnight to ensure all details were attended to as planned. The ballroom was decked up with beautiful grand blush floral installations, overhead decor concepts above the dance floor and gorgeous centerpieces cascading down from the tables adorned with candles. It was like walking into a fairy-tale.

Each plate had the guest’s name on it beautifully placed for them along with the royal dinner menu. Accompanied was a customized luxurious wedding favour that was gifted to all guests in the form of a ceramic pomegranate with customized love poems to take back with them as a momento.

The guests entered the stunning ballroom as the gates to the venue opened and they all settled in while waiting for the couple’s fairy-tale entry. The newly married couple entered with the gorgeous saxophonist leading them and they commemorated the evening by popping open a bottle of premium champagne and poured it down a tall elegant champagne tower followed by the magical first dance. The sight was definitely unreal. This was followed by a Four-Course Imperial Dinner with guests conversing as the saxophonist played her delightful music. The cake cutting ceremony took place before soon after followed by an engaging session on the dance floor with the bride’s sister performing the traditional Persian Knife dance. The cake cutting ceremony then took place followed by an unforgettable high-energy performance by a band flown in specially from Iran. They kickstarted the party and kept everyone on the dance floor till the early hours of sunrise.

All the themes, concepts, show flows and artists were planned, conceptualized and managed by Vivaah Celebrations. Vivaah Celebrations is a premier Wedding Planning & Management company operating locally and globally for Destination Weddings under the leadership of Rahul Kumar who has over a decade of experience planning and managing weddings globally. To plan your next event, connect with us at


Vivaah Celebrations at the DWP Congress 2022 in Bali

The 8th Destination Wedding Planners Congress was held in Bali from the 27th – 29th of September 2022, and Vivaah Celebrations had the honor of attending this prestigious event. The entire experience from the curation of the events to the hospitality was phenomenal as always. 

Upon arrival at the Depensar Airport in Bali, Vivaah Celebrations along with other renowned planners who flew in from different parts of the world were welcomed with true Balinese traditions. Flower Garlands and customised refreshing coconut water was handed out at airport before being driven in private chauffeured cars which took us to the Mulia Resorts in Nasa Dua – an elite and luxury area of Bali. 

We were given a tour of Bali’s famous sculptures and landmarks by our chauffeur as we sipped fresh coconut water on the way to our hotel. 

A greeting ceremony was held as soon as we arrived at the venue, which included gently placing a beautiful flower behind your ear. We were touched by the friendly people and the abundant hospitality all around us. 

Mulia Resorts is a gorgeous property with beautifully designed rooms facing the lush tropical views of Bali. Our room was spacious, contemporary with a nod to heritage, and it had a lovely balcony facing palm trees so we could enjoy Bali’s fresh air. We were most definitely pampered by all the presents and goodies which were gifted to us by the generous team at DWP and their partners.

We were all brought to a wonderful location with a tranquil view for the Boho Chic Welcome Cocktails event the same evening. As we arrived, we were greeted with a glass of champagne and could see the sun setting over the water, horses trotting down the shore, and mermaids swaying in the pool. We were in awe of the serene sight. The venue was exquisitely decorated, which gave the night a magical feel. The event saw prominent planners and friends like Mohomed Morani (@mohomedgmorani), Aaarti Manocha (@aartimanocha), Diane Khoury (@dianekhouryweddingsandevents), Mahesh Shirodkar (@bossyshirods), Jihane from the Oberoi (@jihanemsr), Froonck (@mr.froonck), Meltem (@meltemtepelerofficial) and many more who we danced the night away with.

The next morning was an early start, we headed over to the Westin for a day full of conferences and B2B meetings. A productive day with partners, planners and hoteliers from around the world who were exploring business synergies. 

The evening then continued with the Grand Gala Dinner, which our friend and top-notch event planner in Indonesia Innayat Khubchandani (@innazcommunique) decorated beautifully.

Balinese entertainers greeted us as we entered the gorgeous site. ONEmpire band from Mumbai opened the night after our delicious three-course supper, getting everyone on the dance floor and kept them on their toes till the wee hours.

After the conference, the next day, we were driven to a stunning estate located an hour away on a surreal mountain for the afterparty. Again, outstanding performers, delectable cuisine, and great company kept the night lively. 

We bid our goodbyes the following morning and we are now getting ready for the subsequent DWP being hosted in Qatar in March 2023!

Thanks DWP team (Dwp_congress) , Sid & Prachi for a wonderful experience.

Vivaah Celebrations is a premier Wedding Planning & Management company operating locally and globally for Destination Weddings under the leadership of Rahul Kumar who has over a decade of experience planning and managing weddings globally. To plan your next event, connect with us at


In the Spotlight with Rahul Kumar – Insights on Destination Weddings

Rahul Kumar is the CEO and Owner of Vivaah Celebrations, a destination wedding planning and management company. Over his 9 years of experience, he has successfully planned, managed and conceptualized weddings in over 23 countries; Including the first ever destination wedding at Disneyland Paris. Rahul Kumar is a world-renowned award-winning wedding planner, international speaker and trainer for hospitality groups.
Maggi K. from Vivaah Celebrations has had a candid discussion with Rahul Kumar, a celebrity Wedding Planner who is known globally to share his insights on Planning Destination Weddings.

1) When is the ideal time to send out invites to a wedding?

Thankfully, the concept of ‘Save-the-Date’ has been well adapted by different cultures. This is one of the most effective tools to draw your guests’ attention to the dates of your celebration much before you may have your venues booked or celebrations planned.

As the name suggests, it actually helps your guests save the date and mark their calendars for a potential attendance at your wedding. With formal invitations to follow, you can then list out the details of the event type, venues and timings for the same at a later date.

We see 6 months out of your wedding as an ideal time horizon to send the Save the Date and about 3 months out of your wedding as the ideal time to send the formal invitations whether E-invites or Print invites.

As for wedding websites, we would much rather suggest Apps as they are easier to navigate with handheld devices such as Smart Phones or Tablets. We have seen that a neatly designed wedding app comes in more handy and increases the engagement level of your guests before and during your wedding.

2)What should your guest list ideally be for destination weddings?

The most accurate answer to this would be, invite just the right number of guests that you can give your personal attention to. However, more often, such is not the case when it comes to wedding celebrations.

We have seen that the guest numbers vary with different cultures and demographics. A couple spending for their own wedding tend to keep their guest numbers limited as they care for a much warm and intimate celebration amongst their loved ones and the people that matter to them.

On the other hand, a business family paying for their son’s or daughter’s wedding have an endless list of guests as these include relatives, acquaintances, business guests and the extended community as the celebrations here is a status determinant for the host in this case.

3)When is it ideal to book venues and vendors for destination weddings?

The most ideal period is 10 – 12 months out from your wedding. This gives couples ample time to evaluate their options for venues and vendors. In addition to being better prepared, starting early gives couples a higher power of negotiating contracts and value deals with different stakeholders.

One of the valuable advice we give our couples is to space out the wedding planning process and enjoy the journey versus a rushed approach which can cause anxieties and get stressful for the family.

4)How important is it to hire experienced professionals for a destination wedding?

It is no wonder that the professions of a lawyer, doctor and a wedding planner can be spoken of in the same breath. With a holistic and calculated approach to their craft, each one of them are able to provide their clients with the most ideal solutions to forecast and manage situations well.

Without a doubt, professionals with in-depth experience can help strategize ahead of time and define processes accurately in order to ease out the burden during the days of the events and minimize any margin of error. It is important that all stakeholders work together and are of a similar calibre to enable a healthy synergy, so everything is precise like clockwork.

5) How can a couple manage the stress of a multi-day wedding celebration?

One of the most common mistakes couples make at destination weddings, is to host their first event as a full-format formal event. This is when guests have just arrived from different parts of the world and may need some time to refresh and renew their energies before actively engaging in any high energy events. 

We highly recommend hosting the first event as an easy ice-breaker casual event where both sides of the family meet each other, friends get acquainted and gradually feel the elevating vibes.

With a multi-day celebration, it is best to build up the hype, excitement and elevate the experience from one event to the other where guests are longing to see what’s next. Having said that, we advice our couples to allow for enough rest time between events to so your guests are not fatigued and burnt out quickly or you’ll see their energies and involvement decline.

Finally, at multi-day wedding celebrations, try and keep your themes varied, food and beverage options diverse and entertainment constantly engaging as your guests may not appreciate a monotonous experience.

6) What are the key pointers one should keep in mind when planning a destination wedding?

Hosting a wedding at foreign lands comes with its own share of challenges. When planning your destination wedding, it is important to take the following into consideration:

Hire experienced professionals

It is sensible to hire experienced professionals at your wedding destination or someone who is well versed with the destination. This ensures efficiency in communications, negotiations, logistics and decision making throughout the planning process. 

Ease of Access

Pick a destination which is convenient to get to. Avoid multiple connecting flights or extremely long flying hours. You do not want your guests to hit fatigue before they attend your wedding celebrations.


When picking your destination of choice for your wedding celebrations, pay close attention to the visa criteria that your guests will have to meet to ensure that you don’t miss out on important people at your wedding solely due to visa challenges.

Uncharted Territories

Is possible, stay away from new destinations that aren’t experienced or not well-versed with the service levels required for a destination wedding. The locations and venues may be gorgeous but if the service levels are compromised, your guests wont be happy about it and they will make themselves heard. 

Multiple Visits

It is essential that you visit the destination a few times before your actual wedding celebration to make sure everything is in place and the finer details have been looked into. This will save you the embarrassment during the days of your event and you can ensure a hassle-free celebration.

Seek Support

Lastly, try and seek support from government bodies, tourism boards and local community groups to enhance your destination wedding celebrations. Such connects help with facilitating permissions, ease out restrictions, elevate your guest experiences and leave you with lasting memories of a successful and happy wedding celebration.

Stay Tuned for more series of In the Spotlight where Vivaah Celebrations speaks to phenomenal individuals on their journey.

Vivaah Celebrations is a premier Wedding Planning & Management company operating locally and globally for Destination Weddings under the leadership of Rahul Kumar who has over a decade of experience planning and managing weddings globally. To plan your next event, connect with us at



VC Concept Book: The Chronicles of Narnia

Over time, brides have come to value distinctive themes and concepts now more than ever. Adding unique themes and conceptualizing an event with individualized touches based on the bride’s preferences enhances and elevates the celebration in many ways and gives the event a whole new dimension.

Designing intricate themes requires vision, detailing and flawless execution. At Vivaah Celebrations, our director Rahul Kumar has that eye for detail. He works with our couples to create innovative and unique themes that elevate the guest experience.

The Chronicles of Narnia is taken out of the VC Concept Book for today’s blog by Vivaah Celebrations to give you a glimpse of what your magical event can look like.

Let us transport you to The Chronicles of Narnia where the venue is revealed as an Ice Queen and King open the doors and welcome guests into the main arena.

Your guests will be entering through a giant frozen cave that has an oak effect and fox fur coats in it.

They will then emerge into a world that is covered in snow, and scented with pine. A venue where magic is all around, animal figurines can speak, and conceptualised artists bring your fairytale to life. Sleighs, lions, polar bears, snow-covered trees, light posts, and icicles are combined with other magnificent props to create a genuine representation of Narnia straight out of the movie.

Imagine a setting of low fog with light snowfall, frozen trees and a winter woodland backdrop for the ideal couple stage. And around the stage, exquisite white drapes with fairy lights adorned between trees and of course the classic Victorian lamppost. This could be the perfect sight for your guests to enter this beautiful Reception Evening.

We at Vivaah Celebrations handpick talent and ensure a spectacular ensemble of characters are chosen to put together the Narnia-themed evening. This includes aerial artists, circus performances, fire displays, magicians and much more. 

As your guests enjoy their evening with the hosts and performers, they could walk up to the Ice-carved bar and grab themselves a signature conceptualised drink from our renowned mixologists.  Dressed as the Ice Kings our mixologists create magic with the mist through their cryo and molecular concussions. 

As the evening progresses and you have your first dance on the crystal white dance floor, a chandelier cake descends down and wows your guests with another surprise. Your attendees will enjoy the fun filled evening with surprises and entertainment throughout. 

Connect with us at Vivaah Celebrations to help you in create your beautiful themes from beginning to end. We assist you in everything from decor, cocktails, detailing, entertainment and so much more. 

Vivaah Celebrations is a premier Wedding Planning & Management company operating locally and globally for Destination Weddings under the leadership of Rahul Kumar who has over a decade of experience planning and managing weddings globally. To plan your next event, connect with us at


In the Spotlight with Walter Scalzone

Hailing from Italy, Walter Scalzone is an international percussionist based in Dubai, UAE. With over 10 years of experience working in clubs in Italy, Spain, UK, USA China, UAE and more, he has also recorded for well-known DJs such as DJ Kryder, Peppe Citarella among others.

He performs on both acoustic and electronic percussion instruments, with over 600 sounds from all over the world allowing him the flexibility to switch between different styles of music, like house, samba, salsa, arabic, lounge, hip hop, rnb, on whim.Giving equal amounts of importance not only to sound but also delivery, Walter’s playing is energetic and only helps to enhance the visual effect of his performance. He can augment his show with the addition of multiple visual elements, among others, waterdrums, sound lasers, glow sticks which add a significant extra air of dazzle. Vivaah Celebrations has had the privilege to working with Walter and bringing him on for most of their Wedding Celebrations enhancing and bringing life to the Mehendi Afternoons, Sangeet Evenings and the After Parties, Walter has it all covered.

Maggi K. from Vivaah Celebrations had the pleasure of having a candid discussion with Walter and learning more about his opinions and insights into his industry.

1) When did you step into the world of music? What inspired you to pursue a career in the Music Industry? 

My first step into the world of music was when I was a child. When I was about 5 or 6 years old my mom used to bring me to the African community where she worked. The kids there were always entertained with  the African drums so that they could have contact with their culture. I was a little kid but already so fascinated by that sound of joy. Hence, I started joining them in, playing and following their rhythms. Since then I started to feel a true connection with this world and it opened my vision into my passion, something that was making me in line with myself and my dreams. My  life  into the music started  just with a drum with big dreams.

Drumming, playing music in general is more about feeling than technique for me and with the passing of time it motivated me to built my own style, to create unique drumming concepts in the Middle East and nowadays to develop a full music experience with a ONE MAN BAND, and a DJ set with some other extra music components to my drums. I started to pursue this carrier cause I had a a mission to give back to those African kids who sat with me and open my eyes and heart to my dreams. And today, all the people who believe in my music and its goals support my cause and I feel proud of what I have achieved so far.

2) Having performed around the world how do you connect with the crowd?

I believe the music is that univocal language in the world that if used with heart, it can reach everyone out there. When I play I am fully connected with my heart and I perceive that people feel it. I strongly believe this connects me to the crowd.

3) How do you keep evolving to keep your audiences engaged on social media ?

Since I started my live concept with the purpose to help WE AFRICA I realised how people travel through my shows and live experience via the videos I post on social media. I started to connect with people all over the world who wait for my next episodes, who follow  me in my dream in the daily gigs. I just feel I have a big family who supports my dream and I keep up on social media to stay connected with them and made them experience what maybe they can’t, as many of them are on the other part of the world.

4) What do you plan on achieving in the next few years of your career ?

I started playing the drums in a room of African kids and now I am playing in the best clubs and places in the world. I just wanna achieve to make more and more of my dreams come true.

I dream to play in so many other places in the world. I dream to help more with my music. And finally, the next step is to focus on music production and concerts. The best it yet to come.

Stay Tuned for more series of In the Spotlight where Vivaah Celebrations speaks to phenomenal individuals on their journey.

Vivaah Celebrations is a premier Wedding Planning & Management company operating locally and globally for Destination Weddings under the leadership of Rahul Kumar who has over a decade of experience planning and managing weddings globally. To plan your next event, connect with us at



The Big Summer Bash by Vivaah Celebrations

Henal and Chandan desired a really memorable wedding celebration with distinctive themes and top-notch performances. They had envisioned for it to be known as the “Big Summer Bash” and over the three days of festivities held in the Habtoor City complex, we at Vivaah Celebrations fulfilled their dreams through our innovative themes, artists, interactive performers, immersive experiences, and much more. Every detail of the wedding celebration was essential and tailored to the tastes and preferences of our lovely couple.

The first evening was the Sangeet Evening, which was themed as the Great Indian Carnival inspired by Moulin Rouge with light bulb frames, red and gold structures, an immersive heart photobooth and finally, at the end of the ballroom, a giant immersive gold bar counter with #ChuchiKiGujju, the hashtag of our gorgeous couple.

The bar was buzzing with molecular activity as our great mixologists amused the guests with their inventive concoctions. MC Abhijeet hosted this evening in a spectacular manner engaging the audience with fun games, musical chairs and much more.

The couple entered the party in a celebratory spirit with stunning hostesses in Moulin Rouge outfits. The duo went straight into the thrilling-energetic Sangeet performances choreographed by Riya Berry.  This evening’s highlight artist, ROOH Band brought the enthusiasm and elevated the event. The party went on till the early hours of the morning at the Amazing Ballroom of V Hotel while DJ Gautam enthralled the guests.

The wedding day began with Pujas and ceremonies, followed by the Groom’s Procession along the Habtoor Palace’s pathway in his luxury convertible Rolls Royce. The Royal Brass Band led the procession along the route as he made his entrance like Royalty. 

Our beautiful bride then arrived at the picturesque venue with her flower chaadar, while her Mandap was decked up with blush pinks and crystals. While the groom waited for her on the Mandap, she walked down the aisle in her Manish Malhotra outfit. Her aisle was a bed of blush ombre flowers beneath the transparent glass. This was truly a dream come true for both.

The third day was The Reception evening which was a black-tie gala. Hostesses in beautiful gowns handed out champagne to the guests while they entered the beautiful ballroom to reveal a magnificent Champagne Tower in front of the grand opulent stage for us. Aerial artists were swaying on both sides of the stage in their elegant gold gowns cascading down the floor. Henal and Chandan entered with a world-famous violinist who led them to the dance floor for their first dance. 

They then cut the cake and popped open a bottle of premium champagne and poured over the champagne tower with low fog, sparks, and other spectacular effects. The night then continued with the renowned artist Stebin Ben setting the stage on fire and the guests dancing to DJ Manoj’s beats.

All the themes, concepts, show flows and artists were planned, conceptualized and managed by Vivaah Celebrations. Vivaah Celebrations is a premier Wedding Planning & Management company operating locally and globally for Destination Weddings under the leadership of Rahul Kumar who has over a decade of experience planning and managing weddings globally. To plan your next event, connect with us at


In the Spotlight: With Bianca Louzado

Bianca Louzado is one of the most highly regarded Celebrity Make-up artists on the Beauty and Fashion circuit today based in Mumbai & travels worldwide. Bianca stepped into the entertainment Industry in 1999. After a brief stint at modelling and later a VJ with Channel for 3 years . She commenced her Make-up career at the “India Couture Week” for the Manish Malhotra and Shahab Duraazi collection in 2010. Her signature look is best described as fresh, flawless and luminous skin with an understated modern approach to beauty. Her natural talent and professionalism has kept her in high demand since the inception of her business and she continues to be one of India’s leading Make -Up Artists. With her vast experience and expertise she is regularly sought after for feature films, prestigious beauty pageants of our country, fashion shoots, high profile destination weddings, advertising campaigns and editorials, working alongside top Indian and International photographers.

She has been heading the Make-up & Hair department for Femina Miss India and Miss Diva Miss India Universe from 2015 to date.

Maggi K. from Vivaah Celebrations had the pleasure of having a candid discussion with Bianca and learning more about her opinions and insights into the her industry.

1) When did you step into the world of beauty?

I stepped into the entertainment industry in 1999. A brief stint at modelling wherein I shot for TV commercials and later a VJ with Channel [V] For 3 years . Thereafter I commenced my make-up career at the “India Couture Week” for the Manish Malhotra and Shahab Duraazi collection in 2010.

2) What inspired you to pursue a career as a Makeup Artist?

It was my late dad who saw potential in me. He found that I lost my way more than once into make up stores and loved make up. It was him who put the idea of learning make up Internationally. He funded my first make up kit and course and that was the beginning. He had mentioned and told me that one day I will work on famous faces like Priyanka Chopra. One week after he passed away, I got a call for Priyanka Chopra’s make up. 

2) Having beautified brides around the world, how do you connect with so many personalities?

After my modelling stint and right before becoming a make up artist, my  wanderlust also lead me to becoming a flight attendant. I would also attribute my instant personal connections with brides to this job that taught me wonderful client communication skills. I am able to anticipate what a client would require way before she even tells me about it.

3) How do you keep evolving to keep your audiences engaged on social media ?

I grow my page organically. I hate using filters and I love posting pictures clicked by me on my iPhone. I want my prospective brides to see things as they are, I love capturing moments of when I travel, the process of make up behind the scenes and the entire look thereafter. I am also a huge make up aficionado and love posting my new buys in my kit as well as reviews of how I like it !

4) How do you make a bride feel beautiful on her big day ?

After several zoom calls I understand the personality of the bride. Hence that makes my life a whole load easier. Most brides are always stressed or tired due to back to back events. I love playing music whilst I work and this calms them down. We chat about random things and I keep the atmosphere light. We take a few pictures post her make up and when she sees herself in the mirror and in her pictures she feels so beautiful & confident enough to take on the evening ahead. 

5) What do you plan on achieving in the next few years of your career ?

I already own a beauty brand and want to make it bigger. I enjoy my bridal work very much and our USP is doing a very skin finish look. I want to ensure that by word of mouth with great reviews, those who love a natural, subtle, elegant and timeless look on their wedding day reach out to us! I am a very passionate Artist and work from the heart and ensure that my bride looks and feels her Best !

Stay Tuned for more series of In the Spotlight where Vivaah Celebrations speaks to phenomenal individuals on their journey.

Vivaah Celebrations is a premier Wedding Planning & Management company operating locally and globally for Destination Weddings under the leadership of Rahul Kumar who has over a decade of experience planning and managing weddings globally. To plan your next event, connect with us at



In the Spotlight: With Shweta Subram

Shweta Subram, is a Canadian playback singer, known for her power-pact voice in the song “Jalebi Baby”. She primarily sings in Hindi, as well as Punjabi, Sindhi, Tamil, English and other languages. Shweta is the recipient of multiple award and was an active participant in the International Indian Film Academy Awards, performing with Bollywood music composer/director duo Salim–Sulaiman for IIFA Rocks in Toronto.

Maggi K. from Vivaah Celebrations had the pleasure of having a candid discussion with Shweta Subram and learning more about her opinions and insights into the her industry.

1) When did you step into the world of music? What inspired you to pursue a career in the music industry?

My entry into the world of music was not planned. I have a graduate degree in Commerce and a minor in Psychology. Singing was always a hobby for me, but then I kept winning awards in almost every competition. I won a global singing competition which was judged by Shankar Mahadevan and was also awarded as Best Singer in North America by the prestigious Sangam Kala Group. Then, I got the chance to perform with Salim-Sulaiman at IIFA Awards when it happened in Toronto and during a visit to Mumbai ended up recording a song with Ayushmann Khurrana for the movie Hawaizaada, which became my Bollywood debut. This is how it happened. As I performed at shows around the world, I really enjoyed interacting with my audience and making sure they had a good time with my performance. While no one inspired me to pursue a career in the music industry, I look upto Sonu Nigam and Shreya Ghoshal as role models in the industry.

2) Whats the story behind the sensational Jalebi Baby Girl? How do you think thats influenced your career within the industry?

Jalebi Baby just happened out of the blue. I’ve been a fan of Tesher’s music and we connected over Instagram. He asked me to be a background vocalist for Jalebi Baby, which is not something I would normally do. However, I agreed as I wanted to support a fellow Indo-Canadian musician who I knew was going to blow up. When the song came out though, my voice was not used as background but instead as the main hook of the song! It was great to see millions of people all over the world grooving to my voice, doing tiktoks and reels, and just enjoying the song. However, many people still do not really know that it’s my voice they’re grooving to and they’re surprised when they find out.

3) How do you keep evolving to keep your audiences engaged and interested in your performances?

I consider myself fortunate that I can easily connect with my audiences and entertain them through a wide range of songs, whether its through a romantic song like Pehla Nasha or an item number like Baby Doll or a classic like Damadum Mast Qalander. And of course, Jalebi Baby which I sing at every show now. At the same time, I believe that we need to continue evolving our performances and I experiment with different ideas that, based on my experience, I know the audience will enjoy. These ideas include mashups of popular songs or a mix of Hindi and English songs. While I have a band through which I can entertain audiences for hours, I have also seen a tremendous response to my acoustic sets as it really brings out my voice for soulful songs such as Dil Diya Gallan /Jeena Jeena or ghazals such as Aaj Jaane Ki Zid Na Karo.

4) You’ve recently focused your attention on growing your presence in the Middle East. What do you think about the response and opportunity here?

I think the Middle East is such an amazing market. You see such a great amalgamation of cultures and some incredible events and weddings take place here. The people here have given me a lot of love, especially as I was invited to perform for Dubai Expo 2020 by the India Pavilion at DEC Amphitheatre and by the Canada Pavilion at the Jubilee Stage. I was also the first female vocalist to perform at a Bollywood concert in Saudi Arabia alongside playback singer Shaan. Beyond this, I have been honored at various events and have met some amazing people. I would love to continue performing in the Middle East and continue basking in the love that people here shower upon me. Dubai has now become home and I hope to call this place home for a long time to come.

5) What aspirations and goals have you set for yourself for the future?

Although I’ve had my debut in Bollywood and in the Tamil film industry, I aspire to do more playback work for movies and shows, given the amazing content we see on OTT platforms. I would also love the opportunity to collaborate with promising and upcoming names in the industry. Beyond this, I want to keep doing what I love! Singing LIVE and making my audience groove whether it’s at a Diwali concert, a corporate party, or a sangeet!

Stay Tuned for more series of In the Spotlight where Vivaah Celebrations speaks to phenomenal individuals on their journey.

Vivaah Celebrations is a premier Wedding Planning & Management company operating locally and globally for Destination Weddings under the leadership of Rahul Kumar who has over a decade of experience planning and managing weddings globally. To plan your next event, connect with us at



Bridal Outfit Trends by Vivaah Celebrations

When it comes to determining what the bride should wear on her wedding day,  the bridal attire has always been a hot topic. Bridal clothes have altered dramatically in recent years as new styles have entered the market and old practices have been adjusted. 

The bridal gown is vital not only for the bride to look beautiful, but because of changing trends, brides and designers have begun to design outfits which represent the bride’s individuality. This has been done with various add-ons that make the bridal outfit stand out and showcase her beauty event more. 

Vivaah Celebrations, recognised as one of the best wedding planners in Dubai, identifies thee trending styles for your outfit for the Big Day. 



In recent years, bridal trousers and suits have gained popularity in the West, and designers have begun to promote pants in their designs. This has had an impact on women since no woman normally considers wearing a pant and suit attire for her wedding day. However, with new trends emerging and brides eager to try new designs, brides are now seen wearing these for their wedding day, displaying bold fashion and strength.


Sneakers are the most popular item this year, with an extraordinarily high growth rate all around the world. They have not only captured everyone’s attention, but they have also revolutionized people’s whole wardrobes. 

Brides are typically seen wearing heels on their wedding day or at other gatherings, but it is true that there must be a trendsetter, and we have seen a lot of brides experimenting with their appearances, clothing, and other aspects of their wedding day. The shoes are now tailored according to the bride’s preferences and event


Every event at a wedding is significant, and every outfit a bride wears is fashionable. However, brides and designers have begun to do things differently, and a trend has emerged in which it is no longer necessary to match the outfits to the theme of the event.

The contrast between the décor and the bridal attire is becoming increasingly visible nowadays, and it may be viewed in a variety of ways. Brides prefer being the limelight of the event, they choose to wear outfits in contract to the door but also the guests attending.


There are many various traditional dresses that are worn by brides during weddings; every single bride has a particular way of doing things and a different traditional clothing which they wear for weddings, and there are certain customs that must be followed in order for the wedding to take place. 

As a result of current trends and diverse designs that include traditional design and the essential elements, brides and designers have come up with a distinct and unique concept in which a modern costume may incorporate traditional elements that are important to them.


Colorful hues are now back in style this year.  A variety of pastel hues, pops of colors and vibrant, vivid flower themes have now come back in trend with Brides adoring such outfits.

There is a broad variety of wedding styles that may be implemented for your big day, planning ahead and following the fashion trends is the key. 

 Vivaah Celebrations is a premier Wedding Planning & Management company operating locally and globally for Destination Weddings under the leadership of Rahul Kumar who has over a decade of experience planning and managing weddings globally. To plan your next event, connect with us at



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