No Indian wedding is complete without a fun-filled Baraat. Families globally are beginning to understand the significance of making a wedding celebration fun and out of the box. A Baraat – the groom’s procession on the big day is an iconic moment as a part of the celebrations. Traditionally the groom enters on a white horse with a procession towards the Mandap. However at Vivaah Celebrations, we keep brainstorming unique ideas to have some fun as a part of your Baraat. Vivaah Celebrations identifies innovative ways in which you can enter and impress your guests at your Baraat as a part of your Wedding Celebration. 

The Stylish Baraat

The most stylish Baraat these days is when the Groom enters in his favorite Super-car dancing his way through. Make your Baraat impressive by selecting a Vintage car or a Supercar. 

The Royal Baraat 

Old is Gold they say. Till date the most Royal form of a Baraat is either on an Elephant or on a White Horse & Chariot. These concepts have been a tradition for years and still continue to impress your guests as your procession comes in. Enter with Royalty through these phenomenal concepts. A beautifully decorated Horse with its accessories elevates the whole look of this Royal entry of the Groom. 

The Grand Baraat Entry 

A Groom who wants to make a grand entry? Swoon your guests by entering with a parachute, yacht, helicopter, or even a Jet-ski and obtain your dream Baraat by doing the unexpected. Different venues may have different possibilities if you’re looking for a Unique out-of-the-box Baraat Concepts. 

The Bridal Baraat 

A Bride who wants a Baraat? Sure, why not. Bridal Baraats with their Bride squad has become a trend as well. Any of these concepts above; a car, horse, or even a Cinderella Chariot can make a mesmerizing Bridal Baraat for you. A magical one, or a fun one where you dance your way through, all depends on the vibe you’re looking for. 

Thinking of Unique Baraat Concepts may be challenging, however, the sky is the limit, there’s no right or wrong way to make your memorable entry. The whole experience that is put together is what makes an impression and is always appreciated and remembered by your guests and attendees. We at Vivaah Celebrations, conceptualise and create unique experiences for your Big Day!

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