In November 2019, Dubai (UAE) witnessed an extraordinary wedding celebration hosted by Prerna and Shaun, attended by over 400 guests from around the globe. The lavish affair took place at Habtoor City, spanning three luxurious hotel properties: Hilton, V Hotel, and Habtoor Palace, where guests were hosted in opulence. Planned, conceptualized, and impeccably executed by Vivaah Celebrations, a leading wedding planning company in the region, the festivities were a culmination of nearly a year’s meticulous planning.

Prerna and Shaun, both film directors known for their pursuit of perfection, spared no detail in ensuring each aspect of their wedding was flawlessly executed. Collaborating closely with Vivaah Celebrations, they aimed to convey the timeless nature of their love, transcending past and future boundaries.

Across three days, each event boasted a distinct theme, meticulously crafted by Vivaah Celebrations to reflect different eras. The Welcome Dinner, “Arabesque Haveli,” evoked the medieval Maharaja Era, complete with traditional souks and folk artists.

The Mehndi ceremony transported guests to an enchanting underwater realm with its ‘Under The Sea’ theme, hosted at the V Deck. The venue shimmered with a palette of iridescent and pastel hues including blue, pink, green, yellow, and purple, echoing the colors of the ocean. Guests embraced the theme with imaginative fancy-dress attire, enhancing the aquatic ambiance.

The bridal seating area was meticulously crafted, featuring a custom-made shell adorned with mermaid scale printed cushions, set atop a serene plunge pool framed by a stunning floral backdrop embellished with seaweed, faux coral, and dried gypsophila. A themed photo booth boasted gigantic sea coral and mermaid props, while tables were adorned with sequined, holographic tablecloths, vibrant floral arrangements, pastel napkins, whimsical seahorse ornaments, and elegant silver-rimmed charger plates.

The Sangeet Evening dazzled guests. The Al Joud Ballroom underwent a stunning transformation into the enchanting ‘Magic Heart Hotel,’ immersing guests in a sea of blue and purple tones. Vintage trunks, stereos, globes, telephones, old TV sets, crystal candle holders, colorful flowers, and antique books adorned the dinner tables, adding to the nostalgic ambiance. Concierge trolleys graced the entrance area, while a 3D heart served as the striking backdrop on stage.

A highlight of the event was the bespoke 6-meter-high Concierge Bar, resembling a classic hotel’s concierge desk, complete with tiny key-holder slots. Here, guests gathered to savor meticulously crafted cocktails, carefully selected for the occasion. Attendees adorned themselves in extravagant traditional couture, adding to the grandeur of the festivities.

The young After Party adopted an ‘Interstellar’ theme, transforming the Amazing Room into a space-inspired spectacle. Featuring quirky robotic elements, shimmering silver streamers, mirrored structures, and colossal disco balls, the event transported attendees to otherworldly realms. With mini astronauts as centerpieces, planet motifs, and constellation projections adorning the backdrop, guests embraced the futuristic atmosphere with their attire. A troupe of performers, adorned in LED-lit space-themed costumes, mesmerized guests with their captivating acts, adding to the allure of the cosmic ambiance.

The royal wedding unfolded in the majestic Palace Ballroom, adorned with exquisite decor that exuded timeless elegance. Pastel flowers, shimmering chandeliers, and crystal shamadans adorned the space, while white and champagne drapes created a captivating backdrop. A standout feature of the decor was the metallic and glass structures adorned with vibrant bouquets, reminiscent of enchanted flora. Inscribed on these structures were poignant words from Shakespeare’s Hamlet: “Doubt thou the stars are fire. Doubt that the sun doth move. Doubt truth to be a liar. But never doubt I love.” This poetic touch added a layer of romance and sophistication to the ambiance, elevating the atmosphere of the grand occasion.

The ultra-glamorous black-tie reception concluded the grand wedding festivities with a ‘Modern Rose’ theme, setting the stage for a memorable evening. The Al Joud Ballroom was adorned in whimsical and romantic decor, featuring a striking color palette of red and black complemented by sparkling crystal elements.

At the entrance, a photobooth adorned with green and red florals and vibrant neon signage reading ‘Till Death Do Us Party’ welcomed guests. The bar counter boasted a magnificent red and silver mirrored backdrop, making a bold statement against the backdrop. Tall candelabras, clear vases filled with vibrant red roses, silver cage structures, and suspended crystal chandeliers adorned the area, adding to the enchanting ambiance of the reception.

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