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Unveiling the Splendor: Pre-Wedding Celebrations of Radhika and Anant Ambani

As the world eagerly awaits the union of Radhika and Anant, scions of two influential families, the pre-wedding celebrations have set the stage for a grand affair that promises opulence and grandeur. Let’s delve into the intricate details that have made the Ambani pre-wedding celebrations a spectacle to remember through Vivaah Celebrations’ eyes.

The pre-wedding celebrations of Radhika and Anant Ambani ignited a global sensation as soon as a video of Rihanna arriving in India went viral. This sparked widespread interest and discussion across news outlets and social media platforms, drawing attention to the extravagant “pre-wedding” weekend that followed. The guest list boasted luminaries such as Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and Karlie Kloss, adding to the allure of the event.

Radhika Merchant, a prominent businesswoman and the fiancée of Anant Ambani, the youngest scion of Mukesh and Nita Ambani, embodies a blend of grace, intellect, and entrepreneurial spirit. Born in 1994 in Mumbai, Maharashtra, Radhika hails from a distinguished Gujarati Hindu family, steeped in rich cultural traditions and values. Anant Ambani, on the other hand, is the youngest son of India’s foremost business magnate and Reliance Industries chairman, Mukesh Ambani. Their union represents a convergence of two influential families, marked by a shared commitment to excellence, innovation, and societal progress. Radhika’s poised demeanor and astute business acumen complement Anant’s dynamic leadership and vision, forging a partnership poised to leave an indelible mark on the business landscape and society at large.

Anant Ambani, the energy vertical leader at Reliance Industries, and Radhika Merchant, marketing director at Encore Healthcare, were introduced in 2017 during a leisurely drive, sparking a special connection that blossomed into a romance. Their journey culminated in Anant’s proposal at the Shrinathji Temple in Nathdwara, Rajasthan, followed by a series of joyous celebrations, including a surprise engagement party at Antilla, the Ambani family home in Mumbai.

The couple’s renowned three-day pre-wedding weekend and hastakshar unfolded at the Ambanis’ home in Jamnagar, Gujarat, within the sprawling 750-acre compound that houses a mango orchard and Vantara, Anant’s animal sanctuary. This locale held deep significance, honoring their roots and family legacy, while also serving as a tranquil retreat from urban life.

Planning Process

Months of meticulous planning preceded the grand affair, with every detail meticulously curated to perfection. Their pre-wedding preparations spanned three months, meticulously orchestrated by Anant’s mother, Nita Mukesh Ambani, with Indian designer Manish Malhotra as the creative director. The event was a testament to their vision and dedication, resulting in a spectacular affair that captivated guests and spectators alike.

Set against the picturesque backdrop of Jamnagar, the pre-wedding festivities unfolded in opulent palaces and sprawling gardens, offering a blend of regal charm and natural beauty. Within the 750-acre compound of the Ambani family home in Jamnagar, guests experienced a setting imbued with cultural heritage and serene landscapes, including a mango orchard and Vantara, Anant’s animal sanctuary.

Luxurious accommodations awaited guests, offering a seamless blend of comfort and extravagance amidst the serene landscapes of Jamnagar. The guests were treated to world-class amenities and hospitality, ensuring a memorable stay throughout the celebrations.

Celebrities Attending and Performances

The pre-wedding celebrations saw a gathering of esteemed dignitaries, Bollywood celebrities, and prominent personalities from various walks of life. Their presence added a touch of glamour and grandeur to the festivities, with captivating performances that enthralled the audience. Notable attendees included Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and Karlie Kloss, while Rihanna’s arrival and performance became the talk of the town, elevating the event’s allure.

Food and Beverage

Culinary delights from around the world tantalized the taste buds of guests, with gourmet menus curated to perfection. From traditional delicacies to international cuisines, every dish was a gastronomic masterpiece crafted to delight the senses, reflecting the couple’s commitment to offering an exquisite dining experience.

Designers and Attire

Renowned designers lent their creative prowess to craft exquisite ensembles that epitomized elegance and style. Radhika’s attire, including a custom Versace gown and a concept saree by Tarun Tahiliani, showcased a blend of tradition and contemporary aesthetics, reflecting her impeccable taste and style. Let’s not forget the Manish Malhotra couture with Swarovski crystals that caught everyone’s eye. Anant’s attire, including custom Dolce & Gabbana ensembles, exuded sophistication and refinement.

While the exact figures remain undisclosed, the pre-wedding extravaganza was undoubtedly a testament to unparalleled luxury and extravagance. Speculation says, the Ambanis splurged an astounding £120 million on the pre-wedding festivities of Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant. From lavish decor to world-class entertainment, every aspect of the celebration showcased a commitment to excellence and refinement, underscoring the couple’s desire to create a memorable experience for all.

Each event was imbued with its unique theme, weaving together elements of tradition, culture, and modernity. From enchanting ceremonies to elaborate receptions, every moment was a testament to the couple’s love story and shared aspirations, creating an immersive experience for guests to cherish.

The festivities unfolded with surprises at every turn, including a glass palace evoking the Palm House in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, adorned in flowers from Jeff Leatham, and a captivating drone show narrating the story of Vantara, India’s largest drone show to date.

The weekend culminated in a formal hastakshar ceremony, where Radhika’s attire paid homage to Indian tradition with contemporary flair, while Anant exuded timeless sophistication in an ivory sherwani.

As the celebrations came to a close, Radhika expressed immense gratitude, recognizing the privilege of experiencing such a remarkable event. She hoped that their wedding would bring global attention to Vantara, reflecting their commitment to animal welfare and environmental stewardship.

The pre-wedding celebrations of Radhika and Ananth Ambani have set a precedent for grandeur and sophistication, offering a glimpse into a world of unparalleled splendor. As the festivities pave the way for their wedding in July 2024, the memories of this grand celebration will continue to linger, serving as a testament to love, unity, and the enduring spirit of togetherness. The event’s fusion of tradition, innovation, and personal significance leaves an indelible mark on the hearts of all who attended, setting a standard for grand celebrations to come.

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Vivaah Celebrations is a premier Wedding Planning & Management company operating locally and globally for Destination Weddings under the leadership of Rahul Kumar who has over a decade of experience planning and managing weddings globally. To plan your next event, connect with us at



A Celebration of Love and Adventure – Mannat and Dikshant’s Vibrant Wedding by Vivaah Celebrations

In the bustling heart of Dubai, a tale of love unfolded, meticulously crafted by Vivaah Celebrations. Mannat and Dikshant, whose connection flourished across continents, embarked on a journey that culminated in a spectacular celebration of their union. 

Their story, rooted in four years of devotion and digital connection, blossomed against the odds, leading to a vibrant wedding adorned with themes inspired by Mykonos and Venetian Masquerades.

The festivities commenced with a lively pool party, where guests basked under the sun and indulged in playful activities curated to spark joy and laughter. A dunk tank and glitter artist added whimsy, while a thrilling slide beckoned revelers into the refreshing waters, setting the tone for the festivities ahead.

At the Welcome Dinner, laughter echoed as guests danced the night away, enchanted by surprise performances and heartfelt moments shared among loved ones. The ambiance, infused with Moroccan flair, came alive with the rhythmic movements of belly dancers and the heartfelt re-proposal of Dikshant to Mannat.

The Mehndi, adorned in hues of blue and white reminiscent of the Mykonos sky, radiated with cheery vibes and spirited competitions. From a lively Wheel of Fortune to friendly challenges like push-up contests and dance-offs, every moment was infused with joy and camaraderie.

Transitioning to the Sangeet, guests were transported into a world of glamour and enchantment, where aerial artists, water drummers, and flaming shots ignited the night. The theme of ‘Glamor & Crystals’ shimmered throughout the evening, captivating hearts and igniting a sense of wonder.

As dusk fell, the grandeur of the Venetian Masquerade enveloped the reception, casting a spell of mystery and allure. Ornate crystal chandeliers illuminated the ballroom, while half-masked guests danced and reveled, capturing cherished moments amid whispers of enchantment.

Emotions ran high as heartfelt toasts and shared memories filled the air, punctuated by a champagne tower and spirited games that kept spirits soaring.

At Vivaah Celebrations, we were honored to orchestrate a symphony of love and laughter, weaving together moments that will forever resonate in the hearts of Mannat, Dikshant, and all who shared in their joyous celebration.

Vivaah Celebrations is a premier Wedding Planning & Management company operating locally and globally for Destination Weddings under the leadership of Rahul Kumar who has over a decade of experience planning and managing weddings globally. To plan your next event, connect with us at



A Cinematic Wedding by Vivaah Celebrations – Prerna & Shaun tie the Knot

In November 2019, Dubai (UAE) witnessed an extraordinary wedding celebration hosted by Prerna and Shaun, attended by over 400 guests from around the globe. The lavish affair took place at Habtoor City, spanning three luxurious hotel properties: Hilton, V Hotel, and Habtoor Palace, where guests were hosted in opulence. Planned, conceptualized, and impeccably executed by Vivaah Celebrations, a leading wedding planning company in the region, the festivities were a culmination of nearly a year’s meticulous planning.

Prerna and Shaun, both film directors known for their pursuit of perfection, spared no detail in ensuring each aspect of their wedding was flawlessly executed. Collaborating closely with Vivaah Celebrations, they aimed to convey the timeless nature of their love, transcending past and future boundaries.

Across three days, each event boasted a distinct theme, meticulously crafted by Vivaah Celebrations to reflect different eras. The Welcome Dinner, “Arabesque Haveli,” evoked the medieval Maharaja Era, complete with traditional souks and folk artists.

The Mehndi ceremony transported guests to an enchanting underwater realm with its ‘Under The Sea’ theme, hosted at the V Deck. The venue shimmered with a palette of iridescent and pastel hues including blue, pink, green, yellow, and purple, echoing the colors of the ocean. Guests embraced the theme with imaginative fancy-dress attire, enhancing the aquatic ambiance.

The bridal seating area was meticulously crafted, featuring a custom-made shell adorned with mermaid scale printed cushions, set atop a serene plunge pool framed by a stunning floral backdrop embellished with seaweed, faux coral, and dried gypsophila. A themed photo booth boasted gigantic sea coral and mermaid props, while tables were adorned with sequined, holographic tablecloths, vibrant floral arrangements, pastel napkins, whimsical seahorse ornaments, and elegant silver-rimmed charger plates.

The Sangeet Evening dazzled guests. The Al Joud Ballroom underwent a stunning transformation into the enchanting ‘Magic Heart Hotel,’ immersing guests in a sea of blue and purple tones. Vintage trunks, stereos, globes, telephones, old TV sets, crystal candle holders, colorful flowers, and antique books adorned the dinner tables, adding to the nostalgic ambiance. Concierge trolleys graced the entrance area, while a 3D heart served as the striking backdrop on stage.

A highlight of the event was the bespoke 6-meter-high Concierge Bar, resembling a classic hotel’s concierge desk, complete with tiny key-holder slots. Here, guests gathered to savor meticulously crafted cocktails, carefully selected for the occasion. Attendees adorned themselves in extravagant traditional couture, adding to the grandeur of the festivities.

The young After Party adopted an ‘Interstellar’ theme, transforming the Amazing Room into a space-inspired spectacle. Featuring quirky robotic elements, shimmering silver streamers, mirrored structures, and colossal disco balls, the event transported attendees to otherworldly realms. With mini astronauts as centerpieces, planet motifs, and constellation projections adorning the backdrop, guests embraced the futuristic atmosphere with their attire. A troupe of performers, adorned in LED-lit space-themed costumes, mesmerized guests with their captivating acts, adding to the allure of the cosmic ambiance.

The royal wedding unfolded in the majestic Palace Ballroom, adorned with exquisite decor that exuded timeless elegance. Pastel flowers, shimmering chandeliers, and crystal shamadans adorned the space, while white and champagne drapes created a captivating backdrop. A standout feature of the decor was the metallic and glass structures adorned with vibrant bouquets, reminiscent of enchanted flora. Inscribed on these structures were poignant words from Shakespeare’s Hamlet: “Doubt thou the stars are fire. Doubt that the sun doth move. Doubt truth to be a liar. But never doubt I love.” This poetic touch added a layer of romance and sophistication to the ambiance, elevating the atmosphere of the grand occasion.

The ultra-glamorous black-tie reception concluded the grand wedding festivities with a ‘Modern Rose’ theme, setting the stage for a memorable evening. The Al Joud Ballroom was adorned in whimsical and romantic decor, featuring a striking color palette of red and black complemented by sparkling crystal elements.

At the entrance, a photobooth adorned with green and red florals and vibrant neon signage reading ‘Till Death Do Us Party’ welcomed guests. The bar counter boasted a magnificent red and silver mirrored backdrop, making a bold statement against the backdrop. Tall candelabras, clear vases filled with vibrant red roses, silver cage structures, and suspended crystal chandeliers adorned the area, adding to the enchanting ambiance of the reception.

Vivaah Celebrations is a premier Wedding Planning & Management company operating locally and globally for Destination Weddings under the leadership of Rahul Kumar who has over a decade of experience planning and managing weddings globally. To plan your next event, connect with us at



Couture and Culture: A Palazzo Versace Wedding Saga by Vivaah Celebrations

As a premier Destination Wedding planning company, Vivaah Celebrations believes in turning dreams into reality. Our latest wedding at Palazzo Versace Dubai was nothing short sheer magnificence, planned managed and executed for Shilpi Gupta’s (a renowned leading fashion designer who excels in elegance, style and couture) daughters wedding. Nestled in the opulence of one of the world’s most luxurious hotels, our team orchestrated a 3 day celebration that showcased the expertise of a Destination Wedding Planner. Embark on an enchanting odyssey as we unveil the details of Vivaah Celebrations’ grand destination wedding planned and managed by the team at Vivaah Celebrations, led by Rahul Kumar, the CEO & Founder of Vivaah Celebrations, and Maggi Kewlani, the COO of Vivaah Celebrations. Every moment from the Dolce Vita Welcome Lunch, to the Grand Finale is a testament to the sophistication and glamour epitomized by legends such as Dolce & Gabbana, Roberto Cavalli and many more.

As guests arrived at Palazzo Versace, Vivaah’s touch was evident in the lavish welcome that set the tone for the extravagant festivities ahead. The air was filled with the enchanting tunes of a flautist in a resplendent gold gown, adding a touch of sophistication to the moment. The Arabian delicacies and refreshing treats served upon entry hinted at the culinary delights that awaited our esteemed guests, showcasing the meticulous planning of a Destination Wedding Planner.

Inspired by the charm of Italy and the iconic fashion house Dolce & Gabbana, the Dolce Vita Welcome Lunch was a culinary masterpiece crafted by Rahul Kumar. Hostesses adorned in Italian Dolce Vita dresses welcomed the guests, offering Limoncello in charming bottles presented on a stylish Italian display. This refreshing drink paved the way for a sensory journey through the lush greens, vibrant lemons, and an exquisite bar setup that embraced cryo and molecular techniques with an innovative approach.

The bar setup was where every detail was meticulously curated for an unparalleled experience. The bar, adorned with an array of fresh fruits and accessories, featured a stunning cryo effect that added a touch of theatrical magic to the ambiance with careful attention to detail. Guests were captivated by the molecular mixology, as our skilled bartenders crafted innovative concoctions, creating an unforgettable spectacle.

DJ Gautam set the stage on fire with his electrifying beats, creating an atmosphere that resonated with the vivacity of celebration. MC Priya Jethani from Zee TV engaged seamlessly with the guests, ensuring every moment was filled with joy and excitement. Overlooking the central pool, two talented Italian musicians enchanted the gathering with their soulful tunes, adding a melodic touch to the evening. The culinary experience was also a gastronomic journey that transcended boundaries, thanks to the collaboration with Le Chaat Factory, a renowned catering team flown in from India and the chefs at Palazzo Versace. The food display was a work of art, complemented by exquisite Italian sculptures, charming tables, and a picturesque gazebo reminiscent of the enchanting Italian gardens.

The opulent saga continued with the Sringaar Teeka High-Tea, a celebration of tradition and elegance set against the breathtaking backdrop of Palazzo Versace’s Mosaico Terrace. The air resonated with the soul-stirring melodies of traditional musicians, weaving a tapestry of cultural richness. As guests indulged in the Maharaja High Tea, served in exquisite Versace cups, an immersive experience awaited them at the scent-making perfume bar – a thoughtful touch by our Director Rahul Kumar, a renowned Destination Wedding Planner. Guests were invited to craft their unique scents from a selection of exotic fragrances, an elegant activity that added a personalized touch to the celebration. The fragrance bar, adorned with crystal decanters and delicate blooms, became a haven of sensory exploration, allowing guests to carry home a piece of the magical evening.

In a seamless transition, Vivaah Celebrations elevated the enchantment with an exclusive Sangeet Evening inspired by the legendary Roberto Cavalli, curated for Shilpi Gupta’s daughter. A crystal saxophone player serenaded guests in the pre-function area, creating an ethereal atmosphere beneath the starry night.

The ballroom metamorphosed into a vision of grandeur, adorned with majestic crystals and flourishing blooms. Fresh roses permeated the air, tantalizing the senses as guests stepped into a realm where culture and high energy collided. The atmosphere echoed an IIFA show, complete with spectacular performances that captivated the audience. The bar, alive with exclusive cocktails, became a hub of delight, blending seamlessly with the rhythmic beats of the celebration as the guests celebrated till sun-rise.

The next morning dawned with the sacred union at Como Garden, evoking the charm of a South Indian movie, precisely executed Vivaah Celebrations. Live stations crafted authentic dosas and uppmas, while the scent of jasmine flowers enveloped the venue. The mandapam, surrounded by water on all sides, featured steps leading to a surreal setting adorned with pink lotus flowers and hanging jasmines, creating an idyllic ambiance.

Traditional Nadaswaram performers filled the air with their melodious tunes as the bride and groom, accompanied by chenda melam drummers, embarked on their wedding ceremony. The kathakali dancers then graced the stage, infusing the event with cultural richness. The celebration continued with coconut waters bearing the customized logo of the couple, providing a refreshing respite.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, the Hindu pheras commenced, marking the pinnacle of the celebration. The groom, Aditya, led a grand royal baraat procession, complete with a vintage car, drummers, and a majestic band. A knight on a beautiful horse, adorned with the couple’s logo, added a regal touch to the procession. The highlight of this Baraat was a mesmerizing Dabke Dance performance, seamlessly fusing Arabian culture into the celebration.

As the baraat was welcomed onto the premises, beautiful hostesses sprinkled rose water on the guests, creating a sensory experience that heightened the anticipation. The groom then proceeded to his jaimala platform with his entourage, eagerly awaiting the entrance of the gorgeous bride, Honey. Dressed in a custom-made attire with a long 5-meter veil, curated with precision by her mother, Shilpi Gupta, a renowned fashion designer; Honey walked in under her flower chaader adorned with real peacock feathers and roses this was truly a sight to behold.

The Jaimala exchange unfolded in a spectacle of cold pyros and a flower petal blast, creating an atmosphere of pure romance. The couple then made their way towards the beautiful mandap, situated right in the center of the Palazzo Versace Pool, surrounded by peacock installations that added a touch of enchantment to the venue.

As the scents of aggarbattis purified the air and Krishna chants along with a beautiful Sitaar player resonated in the background, a renowned rangoli artist curated a Radha Krishna Rangoli, encapsulating the pure essence of the sacred ceremony. The High Tea that followed was inspired by Mathura. Chefs churned out makhan and served it with toasts and tea, while an array of sweets and delicacies from Mathura adorned the tables, creating a culinary journey through tradition.

As the Hindu Pheras commenced, Dharini Thakker, a celebrity performer, graced the event with her soulful singing, leaving guests in awe. The last phera unfolded, marking the completion of the wedding celebration. In a spectacular display, the sky lit up with fireworks, casting a magical glow over the venue and symbolizing the beginning of a new chapter for Honey and Aditya. The entire spectacle was a symphony of love, culture, and enchantment, brought to life by the expert touch of Rahul Kumar – Vivaah Celebrations.

The festivities culminated in a traditional Sajan Kot Dinner Reception, held in the resplendent ballroom adorned with fresh red roses. A palatial stage awaited star performer Adil Hussaini, whose sufi music resonated through the venue. As the couple entered, Adil Hussaini’s soulful melodies set the tone for their first dance and cake cutting, creating a magical moment etched in time.

The Marwari royal Sajan Kot was served and unfolded with grace, with majestic tanoura dancers swirling around the venue.  The evening concluded with the couple taking their seats amidst an atmosphere of love, laughter, and enchantment, as Vivaah Celebrations ensured that Shilpi Gupta’s dreams and those of their families materialized into a truly magical reality, all under the expert guidance of a Destination Wedding Planner – Rahul Kumar and Team Vivaah Celebrations.

Vivaah Celebrations is a premier Wedding Planning & Management company operating locally and globally for Destination Weddings under the leadership of Rahul Kumar who has over a decade of experience planning and managing weddings globally. To plan your next event, connect with us at



The Big Summer Bash by Vivaah Celebrations

Henal and Chandan desired a really memorable wedding celebration with distinctive themes and top-notch performances. They had envisioned for it to be known as the “Big Summer Bash” and over the three days of festivities held in the Habtoor City complex, we at Vivaah Celebrations fulfilled their dreams through our innovative themes, artists, interactive performers, immersive experiences, and much more. Every detail of the wedding celebration was essential and tailored to the tastes and preferences of our lovely couple.

The first evening was the Sangeet Evening, which was themed as the Great Indian Carnival inspired by Moulin Rouge with light bulb frames, red and gold structures, an immersive heart photobooth and finally, at the end of the ballroom, a giant immersive gold bar counter with #ChuchiKiGujju, the hashtag of our gorgeous couple.

The bar was buzzing with molecular activity as our great mixologists amused the guests with their inventive concoctions. MC Abhijeet hosted this evening in a spectacular manner engaging the audience with fun games, musical chairs and much more.

The couple entered the party in a celebratory spirit with stunning hostesses in Moulin Rouge outfits. The duo went straight into the thrilling-energetic Sangeet performances choreographed by Riya Berry.  This evening’s highlight artist, ROOH Band brought the enthusiasm and elevated the event. The party went on till the early hours of the morning at the Amazing Ballroom of V Hotel while DJ Gautam enthralled the guests.

The wedding day began with Pujas and ceremonies, followed by the Groom’s Procession along the Habtoor Palace’s pathway in his luxury convertible Rolls Royce. The Royal Brass Band led the procession along the route as he made his entrance like Royalty. 

Our beautiful bride then arrived at the picturesque venue with her flower chaadar, while her Mandap was decked up with blush pinks and crystals. While the groom waited for her on the Mandap, she walked down the aisle in her Manish Malhotra outfit. Her aisle was a bed of blush ombre flowers beneath the transparent glass. This was truly a dream come true for both.

The third day was The Reception evening which was a black-tie gala. Hostesses in beautiful gowns handed out champagne to the guests while they entered the beautiful ballroom to reveal a magnificent Champagne Tower in front of the grand opulent stage for us. Aerial artists were swaying on both sides of the stage in their elegant gold gowns cascading down the floor. Henal and Chandan entered with a world-famous violinist who led them to the dance floor for their first dance. 

They then cut the cake and popped open a bottle of premium champagne and poured over the champagne tower with low fog, sparks, and other spectacular effects. The night then continued with the renowned artist Stebin Ben setting the stage on fire and the guests dancing to DJ Manoj’s beats.

All the themes, concepts, show flows and artists were planned, conceptualized and managed by Vivaah Celebrations. Vivaah Celebrations is a premier Wedding Planning & Management company operating locally and globally for Destination Weddings under the leadership of Rahul Kumar who has over a decade of experience planning and managing weddings globally. To plan your next event, connect with us at

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