Your wedding celebration is one of the most important days of your life and you may have most definitely thought out your event experience and themes in detail. However, the guest experience begins much before the events are in progress.

First impressions matter the most and we guide you on how you can work on Wow-ing your guests with the Unexpected!

Our concept team constantly challenges their creative horizons to explore ideas that gets your guests gushing over even after the wedding celebrations are over. 

This time, VC Creative Studios takes you into the magnificent world of Wedding Collaterals & Stationery.

Designer Invitations

As a symbol of respect and admiration, the traditional invitation is still an important part of the Indian culture when it comes to weddings. The style, design and concept of the invites have evolved over time. An invitation card is still sent out or hand delivered to guests wherever possible despite all electronic versions of invitations available. You know your folks want it this way, make the best of it!

Your invitation is more often the first connect to your guest, possibly sitting at their coffee table for a few weeks for all to see. Let your invitation’s design and concept speak much about your personality, style, preferences and a taste of things to come during the celebrations.

Specialized Invitation Designers meet the Bride & Groom to understand their style, preferences and personalities. All of this is reflected in the kind of Invitation Card, Box or Hamper that is custom designed for you.


Airport Signage

At a destination wedding, your next touch point with your guests would most likely be the airport at destination. A customized and personalized Airport Welcome Signage held by the transport team at the Arrivals area of the destination airport is a delight for your guests to see. 

Welcome Letter

Wait till they see the sweet little Welcome Letter that the chauffer will hand over to them on their ride to the venue. Choose the most humble and welcoming verbatim for your Welcome Letter that can be handed over to the guest as soon as they’re seated in the cars or when they arrive at the venue.

Customized Water Bottles

When they reach out to refresh themselves with that bottle of water sitting in the cup holder, they would yet again see a hint of the wedding theme on the bottle label wrapper. Beware, keep it subtle with not a lot of information on this label.
Perhaps just the wedding logo of your initials on it and your social media hashtag would just be ideal.

Luggage Tags

Upon arrival at the hotel, your guests are assisted with their luggage by the Bell Desk team who strap on your customized wedding themed luggage tags which bears the wedding logo and dates on one side of it and information fields such as
Name and Room No. on the other side. You may provide these tags to the hotel ahead of time to use these for guest luggage instead of their regular tags.

Key Card Sleeves

One of the most helpful concepts, the key card sleeve is not just appreciated for its novelty factor but also for the practicality of it.
The hotel would usually provide your guests with a key card inserted into a foldable sleeve which mentions information on the hotel or its food and beverage outlets. Instead, you could choose to have your own key card sleeves designed and printed with the events information of the following days of the celebration. It comes in handy for your guests to know what is happening at which location at any hour of the day in terms of Flow of Events.

Welcome Notes

A smaller concise version of your Welcome Letter could be a Welcome Note that could be sitting on the coffee table in the room where your guest would check in or could be attached to the Room Hamper that you may be placing. This could be a personal message of a few sentences welcoming the guest to the venue and how you’re looking forward celebrating with them over the next few days.

Do Not Disturb Tags

The fun continues even during the snooze hours in between celebrations. Let people know you’ve had a great time partying the previous night and hence do not want to be disturbed. Themed DND tags with your logo and
hashtag can be placed in rooms for guests to hang them at their doorknob for a sound stylish sleep.

Directional Signage

Chances are that you may have opted for exotic spots in a venue for your celebration and getting there could be an exploration trip for your guest. Look at it as another opportunity to wow your guest with your wedding themed directional signage that could read for example ‘You’re only a few steps away from Awesomeness’ or something subtle like ‘This way to our Gateway of Happiness ’.

Ritual Booklets

You may have guests of different demographics, cultures and ethnicities on your big day. And it may become quite confusing for your guest to follow the rituals if they do not already know about them. It definitely adds a thoughtful touch to the ceremony when you provide them with small ritual booklets that tells them about each stage of the ceremony.

Food & Bar Menus

Themed Menu Cards is a good addition to your stationery suite as you can customize these according to the theme of each evening. You may even explore the idea of naming each dish differently as per your choice that may tell a story. But be sure, the same name appears at the Food Counters.

Beverage Napkins

If yours is a wedding where guests would spend a good enough time at the bar, it would be great to have custom printed beverage napkins placed there. Having a chat or two at the bar,
they constantly see and appreciate the detailing you’ve gone into with your wedding.

Instagram Boards

In today’s day and age, you’d love for your wedding to be spoken of, appreciated and remembered for a long time to come.
Thanks to social media and avid followers, your celebrations can be well documented by friends and family using
the wedding hashtag which you may place throughout the venue for guests to instantly post on the digital world.

Thank You Notes

Finally, to top it all, express your gratitude and appreciation to your guests with a beautifully designed Thank You note that you can place either on the dinner plates on the last event or even in their rooms before they check out of the hotel. This could be accompanied by a small wedding favour of your choice.

An important note is to keep the theme and colours consistent through all your stationery as you create a lasting impression with a recall value. You may even mention your social media hashtag on each of the stationery so guests can document your cherished moments every step of the way.

Vivaah Celebrations brings to you many more exciting concepts for your wedding in the next blog.


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