Charismatic Cyprus has a rich history of legendary romantic tales and unparalleled beauty, making the island an ideal choice for couples wishing to celebrate their big day in a Mediterranean offering.

With over 11,000 years of rich history, Cyprus is a vibrant time-capsule of sites, monuments and museums, where ancient stories of the many different civilisations that passed through the island can be felt. Multiple venues can be explored for your beautiful wedding celebrations at carefully maintains castles, mosaics, ruins, Venetian bridges, and other significant sites.

As the legend goes, Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love and Beauty came to life in this beautiful land. As she rose from the foam of the sparkling seawaters and took her first steps on the golden sands, she blessed the beautiful island of Cyprus with a romantic essence… so that couples around the world could explore their own fairy-tale here and commemorate their love story.

Enjoying year-round sunshine, a golden coastline and stunning mountains, Cyprus has some of the most fascinating landscapes ideal for proposals, weddings, honeymoons, anniversaries and intimate getaways.

Ease and Convenience

Cyprus has two modern, award-winning international airports at Larnaka and Pafos that operate regular flights to and from major cities in Europe and the Middle East, making travel to the island a breeze. Cyprus offers a wide range of accommodation types that perfectly match the requirements of different types of travellers with different budgets. 

Many couples choose to celebrate their big day at various venues dotted along the island. These could be luxurious resorts with large open spaces or a mesmerising seaside setting. In addition to this, there are many family style accommodations available that include swimming pools and children’s water attractions, spa and leisure facilities, in-house daytime and evening entertainment, and a multitude of dining and drinking options – including generous all-inclusive packages.

Other venue options include the classic backdrop of sand and sea; on public or hotel beaches, piers, harbours and yachts. More unusual or historic options are also available including traditional buildings; gardens and golf courses; ancient ruins and castles; wineries, galleries and museums – or any other location that is desired with the appropriate arrangements, for which the Municipal Offices or a professional Wedding Coordinator can assist with.

Picturesque Landscapes

The island’s stunning and natural beauty spots inspire photo opportunities in abundance. Breath-taking vistas unfold across golden beaches with crystal-clear seawaters; rugged rock formations; countryside bursting with blooms; mountains green with forest, and ripe orchards, olive groves and vineyards. And with some of the most captivating sunsets in the region, the fiery skies always add a dramatic flair to any shot.

Whilst the Mediterranean landscape is a favourite for many happy couples from abroad, there are also alternative options that can infuse authentic charm into photography. Capturing elements of the island’s traditions and ancient history will create a precious keepsake of your special celebration in Cyprus, and there is no shortage of fascinating archaeological ruins, old architecture, traditional buildings, museums and rustic villages to strike a passionate pose at.

Celebrations extending into Holidays

After your wedding celebrations are over, your guests may choose to continue their stay for a few more days to explore and experience the offerings of Cyprus at their leisure.

Cyprus is renowned for offering a good time around the clock. For those seeking the epic night out, the pulsating pubs, bars and nightclubs are waiting to be discovered within the eclectic old streets; the many town squares; bustling entertainment districts and even directly on the beach! Some of the trendiest venues attract big name DJs and well-known entertainment acts, earning them consistent rankings among the best nightspots in the world.

With an endless array of experiences to enjoy before or after the special celebrations, all the elements are in place for an unforgettable holiday, and everyone will find something to love about Cyprus! 

An ideal Honeymoon destination

Tying the knot in a dreamy island destination makes the long-awaited honeymoon seamless and immediate – and the most wonderful way to begin newlywed life!

Basking in the sun’s warm glow on one of the many golden, sandy beaches is always pure pleasure, whilst the large number of high-star hotels and luxury resorts offer an oasis of relaxation around their swimming pools. Combining this with pampering spa treatments and gentle activities such as sunrise yoga and barefoot walks on the sand is a delectable recipe for a honeymoon filled with quality couple time.

Couples hungry for explorations and adventure will find that the island is just waiting to be discovered. From its vibrant cities to its quaint villages and traditional mountain communities, each region has a unique character and charm. Days can easily be filled with sightseeing at archaeological sites, ancient monuments and museums filled with magic and mythology. The island’s favourable weather and natural beauty invites active pursuits in fresh air such as hiking, cycling, team and water sports. Fun experiences can be found in the many theme parks, water parks and animal parks, as well as in the sparkling nightlife comprised of drinking, dining and dancing. More mellow moments can be savoured at the vineyards, private wine estates and groves. And for a real flavour of Cyprus, the traditional handicrafts, folkloric entertainment and local cuisine will ensure that the island remains a fond memory always.

Culinary Experiences

The Mediterranean Diet is considered to be one of the healthiest and is simply bursting with fresh produce and full flavours. The local cuisine typically incorporates olive oil, pulses and legumes, local cheeses, cured and stewed meats, seafood, village breads, Cypriot potatoes, grains such as buckwheat, fresh salad vegetables, seasonal sunshine fruits and sticky desserts.

For a real taste of Cyprus, the traditional taverns where the famous ‘mezzeh’ meal is served are always a winning bet. Comprised of many, small dishes the mezzeh is perfect for sharing and for trying out the different local specialties. Or, why not try the well-balanced and nutritious ‘Cyprus Breakfast’? For the freshest fish, the harbours are the place to head for. Here the morning’s catch of the day is served in quaint restaurants overlooking the peaceful, bobbing fishing boats. 

Away from the local cuisine, the island offers an enormous selection of international and fusion dining options. Elegant, award-winning fine cuisine can be savoured amidst glamour and glitz, and casual or quick dining is served in modern cafes and quirky bistros with many popular, international franchises also available.

Traditional Experiences

Cyprus is steeped in tradition and many of its authentic pastimes are still practised to this day and safeguarded with their inclusion on the UNESCO List of Intangible Cultural Heritage, including that of handmade food and folkloric crafts. 

Traditional pastimes include iconography, woodworking, basketry, silversmithing, lace making, pottery, copper and iron works… and more. The rural and mountainous villages typically each practise their own distinctive traditions with locals happy to showcase their skills at their workshops; often offering the opportunity for a hands-on experience.

Culinary traditions include the handmaking of local delicacies using original methods and family recipes passed down for generations. Some of the most popular products are local cheeses like Halloumi and Anari; cured meats infused with wine and spices; crusty village bread and rusks; delectable treats made of carob and grape; preserved spoon sweets from local fruit, vegetables, peel and rind; sugar-powdered Cyprus delights with a romantic link to Goddess Aphrodite, and many more enticing products made with love and heritage. Organised cooking demonstrations and workshops are also available.

The island will surprise you with its beautiful flora and fauna which extends far beyond its coastline. The Troodos mountain range rises up majestically and is a green and cool oasis that is home to pine forests, crystal waterfalls, and rare and endemic creatures. Designated nature trails acquaint visitors with the many different species of plant and animal life and the crisp, fresh air is always a tonic.

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