Establishing unparalleled supremacy in the world of weddings, Vivaah Celebrations is positioned as one of the most renowned, credible, and premium wedding planning agency in the region. With having delivered over 100 weddings in more than 23 countries, the company is led by celebrity wedding planner Rahul Kumar, who has a keen eye for finesse and perfection.

On April 29th 2023, the city was buzzing with excitement as Vivaah Celebrations hosted a grand success party to mark the end of a successful wedding season. The CEO of Vivaah Celebrations, Rahul Kumar, and the COO, Maggi Kewlani, left no stone unturned to make the evening a memorable one.

The venue for the party was the exquisite 88 Terrace, located under the majestic AinDubai. The breathtaking skyline added to the charm of the evening, and the night was abuzz with socialites, top VIPs, and influencers from the UAE and around the world.

Rahul Kumar (@rahul_kumar_dxb), Maggi Kewlani (@maggikewlani) and the Reddy Sisters (@thereddysisterss)

Rahul Kumar (@rahul_kumar_dxb), Aastha Parekh (@aasthaparekh), Maggi Kewlani (@maggikewlani) and Shantanu Desai 

Rahul Kumar (@rahul_kumar_dxb), Meenakshi Talrani (@meenakshitalrani), Khushboo Sajnani & Rahul Sajnani (@moshiuae), and Maggi Kewlani (@maggikewlani)

The guests were welcomed by renowned mixologists who whipped up signature cocktails while the DJ spun lively music.

A remarkable Claw machine was set up, which was a hit among the guests as they tried their luck to win the Vivaah Celebrations teddy.

As the guests mingled and got to know each other, the celebrations kicked into high gear with performances by dancers and entertainers. The evening was a perfect mix of entertainment, fun, and celebration, and it was evident that everyone was having a great time.

The highlight of the evening was the celebratory cake, which was a masterpiece. Rahul Kumar cut the cake, and the dancers and entertainers carried it in with a bottle of champagne to mark the occasion while sparklers lit the entire venue up.

The night continued with more activities and drinks, and the DJ kept the guests grooving to the music. The party was a grand success, and everyone who attended had a blast.

Overall, the Vivaah Celebrations’ success party celebrated the magic the team had created throughout the wedding season. From the stunning venue to the lively entertainment and the unique Claw machine, everything was carefully planned to make the night a memorable one. The party was a fitting end to a successful season, and it was evident that the Vivaah team had outdone themselves yet again.

Rahul Kumar (@rahul_kumar_dxb), Manisha Advani (@cakesandquads), and Maggi Kewlani (@maggikewlani) 

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