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The Persian Poetry by Vivaah Celebrations

This Royal Persian Wedding was an amazing event at the luxurious Raffles Palace on the Palm Jumeirah – Dubai. The couple was celebrated by a large group of friends and family who flew in from around the world to be a part of the Iranian Wedding Celebrations.

Rahul Kumar, the CEO of Vivaah Celebrations along with Maggi Kewlani and the entire team of Vivaah Celebrations successfully planned, managed and delivered this lovely Iranian Wedding. This marks the foray of Vivaah Celebrations as Iranian Wedding Planners in Dubai.


Vivaah Celebrations fulfilled the couple’s dreams through conceptualizing eloquent themes, artists, unique performers, immersive experiences and much more to keep the audience enthralled. The Wedding Celebrations had a personal touch to offer each guest a memorable experience that they could cherish and remember for a long time to come. Every detail of the wedding celebration was essential and tailored to the tastes and preferences of our lovely couple.

At the opulent Palazzo Versace, we hosted a Welcome Dinner for our guests on the first evening. Guests were greeted as royalty as soon as they arrived at the breathtaking Palazzo Versace by a scintillating performance put up by an Award-winning international pianist. As the evening progressed, hostesses led the guests to Enigma, a renowned Iranian fine dining experience, where they all enjoyed wine and dinner with Persian music and elegant dances as the evening continued.

The following morning, all guests woke up to a royal breakfast at Raffles Palm before they got ready for the traditional Persian Sofreh Aghd ceremony.

The ceremony took place on the lawns of Raffles Palm facing the serene waters with the beautiful palace sitting as the backdrop of the venue. In the midst of the venue stood a gorgeous dome made of pure exquisite crystals where elements and accessories of the Sofreh Aghd were kept for the rituals. Items such as rose petals, pistachios, saffron, crystal candles, mirrors, sugar cones and much more with its own symbolic meaning was adorned in the dome. This was by far, one of the most gorgeous Sofreh Aghd ceremony in Dubai which was planned by the team at Vivaah Celebrations.

As the sunset golden hour begins, our gorgeous violinist welcomed the guests with her soft music as they had their refreshments and rich delicacies catered specially from Ladurée. Once the guests settled down, the toastmaster thanked everyone for being a part of such an important day in the couple’s life. As the violinist played her beautiful tunes, the couple entered the venue with their bridesmaids, groomsmen and adorable flower girls.

The commemorative Sofreh Aghd Ceremony is a ceremony dating back thousands of years to ancient Persia. The bride and groom sat in front of a Sofreh which is a symbolic wedding spread representing love, prosperity health and fertility. During the blessing ceremony, the wedding party held a traditional silk cloth over the head of the couple and grinded sugar cones together symbolizing sweet blessings raining down on the bride and groom. The magnificent ceremony then came to an end after the couple said their vows, exchanged rings and sealed it with a kiss.

On the third day, the guests got ready for the Royal Persian Reception Evening which took place at the Raffles Ballroom. Team Vivaah Celebrations was at work with the decor and production overnight to ensure all details were attended to as planned. The ballroom was decked up with beautiful grand blush floral installations, overhead decor concepts above the dance floor and gorgeous centerpieces cascading down from the tables adorned with candles. It was like walking into a fairy-tale.

Each plate had the guest’s name on it beautifully placed for them along with the royal dinner menu. Accompanied was a customized luxurious wedding favour that was gifted to all guests in the form of a ceramic pomegranate with customized love poems to take back with them as a momento.

The guests entered the stunning ballroom as the gates to the venue opened and they all settled in while waiting for the couple’s fairy-tale entry. The newly married couple entered with the gorgeous saxophonist leading them and they commemorated the evening by popping open a bottle of premium champagne and poured it down a tall elegant champagne tower followed by the magical first dance. The sight was definitely unreal. This was followed by a Four-Course Imperial Dinner with guests conversing as the saxophonist played her delightful music. The cake cutting ceremony took place before soon after followed by an engaging session on the dance floor with the bride’s sister performing the traditional Persian Knife dance. The cake cutting ceremony then took place followed by an unforgettable high-energy performance by a band flown in specially from Iran. They kickstarted the party and kept everyone on the dance floor till the early hours of sunrise.

All the themes, concepts, show flows and artists were planned, conceptualized and managed by Vivaah Celebrations. Vivaah Celebrations is a premier Wedding Planning & Management company operating locally and globally for Destination Weddings under the leadership of Rahul Kumar who has over a decade of experience planning and managing weddings globally. To plan your next event, connect with us at


In the Spotlight with Walter Scalzone

Hailing from Italy, Walter Scalzone is an international percussionist based in Dubai, UAE. With over 10 years of experience working in clubs in Italy, Spain, UK, USA China, UAE and more, he has also recorded for well-known DJs such as DJ Kryder, Peppe Citarella among others.

He performs on both acoustic and electronic percussion instruments, with over 600 sounds from all over the world allowing him the flexibility to switch between different styles of music, like house, samba, salsa, arabic, lounge, hip hop, rnb, on whim.Giving equal amounts of importance not only to sound but also delivery, Walter’s playing is energetic and only helps to enhance the visual effect of his performance. He can augment his show with the addition of multiple visual elements, among others, waterdrums, sound lasers, glow sticks which add a significant extra air of dazzle. Vivaah Celebrations has had the privilege to working with Walter and bringing him on for most of their Wedding Celebrations enhancing and bringing life to the Mehendi Afternoons, Sangeet Evenings and the After Parties, Walter has it all covered.

Maggi K. from Vivaah Celebrations had the pleasure of having a candid discussion with Walter and learning more about his opinions and insights into his industry.

1) When did you step into the world of music? What inspired you to pursue a career in the Music Industry? 

My first step into the world of music was when I was a child. When I was about 5 or 6 years old my mom used to bring me to the African community where she worked. The kids there were always entertained with  the African drums so that they could have contact with their culture. I was a little kid but already so fascinated by that sound of joy. Hence, I started joining them in, playing and following their rhythms. Since then I started to feel a true connection with this world and it opened my vision into my passion, something that was making me in line with myself and my dreams. My  life  into the music started  just with a drum with big dreams.

Drumming, playing music in general is more about feeling than technique for me and with the passing of time it motivated me to built my own style, to create unique drumming concepts in the Middle East and nowadays to develop a full music experience with a ONE MAN BAND, and a DJ set with some other extra music components to my drums. I started to pursue this carrier cause I had a a mission to give back to those African kids who sat with me and open my eyes and heart to my dreams. And today, all the people who believe in my music and its goals support my cause and I feel proud of what I have achieved so far.

2) Having performed around the world how do you connect with the crowd?

I believe the music is that univocal language in the world that if used with heart, it can reach everyone out there. When I play I am fully connected with my heart and I perceive that people feel it. I strongly believe this connects me to the crowd.

3) How do you keep evolving to keep your audiences engaged on social media ?

Since I started my live concept with the purpose to help WE AFRICA I realised how people travel through my shows and live experience via the videos I post on social media. I started to connect with people all over the world who wait for my next episodes, who follow  me in my dream in the daily gigs. I just feel I have a big family who supports my dream and I keep up on social media to stay connected with them and made them experience what maybe they can’t, as many of them are on the other part of the world.

4) What do you plan on achieving in the next few years of your career ?

I started playing the drums in a room of African kids and now I am playing in the best clubs and places in the world. I just wanna achieve to make more and more of my dreams come true.

I dream to play in so many other places in the world. I dream to help more with my music. And finally, the next step is to focus on music production and concerts. The best it yet to come.

Stay Tuned for more series of In the Spotlight where Vivaah Celebrations speaks to phenomenal individuals on their journey.

Vivaah Celebrations is a premier Wedding Planning & Management company operating locally and globally for Destination Weddings under the leadership of Rahul Kumar who has over a decade of experience planning and managing weddings globally. To plan your next event, connect with us at



Bridal Outfit Trends by Vivaah Celebrations

When it comes to determining what the bride should wear on her wedding day,  the bridal attire has always been a hot topic. Bridal clothes have altered dramatically in recent years as new styles have entered the market and old practices have been adjusted. 

The bridal gown is vital not only for the bride to look beautiful, but because of changing trends, brides and designers have begun to design outfits which represent the bride’s individuality. This has been done with various add-ons that make the bridal outfit stand out and showcase her beauty event more. 

Vivaah Celebrations, recognised as one of the best wedding planners in Dubai, identifies thee trending styles for your outfit for the Big Day. 



In recent years, bridal trousers and suits have gained popularity in the West, and designers have begun to promote pants in their designs. This has had an impact on women since no woman normally considers wearing a pant and suit attire for her wedding day. However, with new trends emerging and brides eager to try new designs, brides are now seen wearing these for their wedding day, displaying bold fashion and strength.


Sneakers are the most popular item this year, with an extraordinarily high growth rate all around the world. They have not only captured everyone’s attention, but they have also revolutionized people’s whole wardrobes. 

Brides are typically seen wearing heels on their wedding day or at other gatherings, but it is true that there must be a trendsetter, and we have seen a lot of brides experimenting with their appearances, clothing, and other aspects of their wedding day. The shoes are now tailored according to the bride’s preferences and event


Every event at a wedding is significant, and every outfit a bride wears is fashionable. However, brides and designers have begun to do things differently, and a trend has emerged in which it is no longer necessary to match the outfits to the theme of the event.

The contrast between the décor and the bridal attire is becoming increasingly visible nowadays, and it may be viewed in a variety of ways. Brides prefer being the limelight of the event, they choose to wear outfits in contract to the door but also the guests attending.


There are many various traditional dresses that are worn by brides during weddings; every single bride has a particular way of doing things and a different traditional clothing which they wear for weddings, and there are certain customs that must be followed in order for the wedding to take place. 

As a result of current trends and diverse designs that include traditional design and the essential elements, brides and designers have come up with a distinct and unique concept in which a modern costume may incorporate traditional elements that are important to them.


Colorful hues are now back in style this year.  A variety of pastel hues, pops of colors and vibrant, vivid flower themes have now come back in trend with Brides adoring such outfits.

There is a broad variety of wedding styles that may be implemented for your big day, planning ahead and following the fashion trends is the key. 

 Vivaah Celebrations is a premier Wedding Planning & Management company operating locally and globally for Destination Weddings under the leadership of Rahul Kumar who has over a decade of experience planning and managing weddings globally. To plan your next event, connect with us at


Exquisite Wedding Favours by Vivaah Celebrations

A wedding favor is the most significant way for couples to express their appreciation to their guests for being a part of their celebrations. Wedding favors can be given in a number of different ways and on a variety of occasions during the wedding events.

A wedding favor not only allows the couple to express their gratitude to their guests, but it also allows the couple to communicate to their guests how much they value their presence on their special day. Vivaah Celebrations, recognised as one of the best wedding planners in Dubai, finds the perfect favors for their couple to amaze their guests.


Face masks are currently the most popular item everywhere, and what better way to keep everyone safe than to give the guests individual washable face masks that they can use after the wedding.


Because aroma is linked to memories, and memories bring back happiness, giving the guests scented candles makes it very special since they will remember the memorable day every time they light it up.


Edible food products are a popular favor since they never fail to impress the guests, the possibility to customize the cookies and different edibles is endless and it’ll always touch their hearts.


Teabags are a fantastic way to provide your guests with a pleasant, relaxing experience; several flavours can be chosen to make it unique. The tea bags can even be taken home by the visitors and enjoyed during their leisure time.


Personalized blankets are a unique option for a favor, but they will remind guests of your big day every time they use them. When it gets cold during the ritual, these blankets can be utilized to keep the guests warm.

Thank you bags are typically distributed at the end of the wedding’s last day. Thank you bags can be customized, and they can be filled with whatever you choose. Chocolates, thank you notes, personalized envelopes.

There is a broad variety of wedding favors that may be used, and overall, giving wedding favors to guests creates a positive impression and helps the attendees feel content, which in return creates a strong relationship with the couple.

 Vivaah Celebrations is a premier Wedding Planning & Management company operating locally and globally for Destination Weddings under the leadership of Rahul Kumar who has over a decade of experience planning and managing weddings globally. To plan your next event, connect with us at


Vivaah Celebrations proud to be the Event Partners of EWPC 2022

Exotic Wedding Planning Conference 2022 – Dubai UAE

Connect – Collaborate – Celebrate 

The Exotic Wedding Planning Conference Dubai is the one-stop-shop for wedding planners, hospitality vendors, tourism boards, travel experts and other wedding suppliers from around the world which enables them to build new business connections across the globe.

We, Vivaah Celebrations were honoured to be the Official Event Partners to shape up EWPC 2022 to make it a larger & grander celebration post the COVID crisis. Taking place from the 1st to the 4th of March 2022. EWPC was hosted at Sofitel the Obelisk, with evening events held at exclusive venues such as Jumeirah Zabeel Saray, JA Resorts, and Address Beach Resort Fujairah. 

This conference was attended by the worlds top wedding planners and event professionals. The 3-day sold-out event was an exclusive gathering of the industry’s best. EWPC 2022 brought together and connected over 200 wedding planners from around the world. The conference was designed to give attendees the opportunity to network and form long-lasting relationships and explore business synergies.

The first day started with registration and a welcome from Rishikesh Shetty, founder of Exito and EWPC, in the Sofitel’s Obelisk Ballroom.  Following that, Dubai Tourism welcomed the delegates to the city and spoke about the UAE’s future. 

With his opening Key Note Speech, our Director and CEO Rahul Kumar had the honor of kicking off the conference. He presented his knowledge with the group by using numerous real-life situations and business strategies.

Throughout the day, we saw our peers on panel discussions and key note presentations.

The evening then transported visitors to Jumeirah Zabeel Saray for the Mission Impossible-inspired ‘Welcome to Arabia’ cocktails evening. Dancers on the podiums in the center of the lobby welcomed guests as they entered the gorgeous site with a central bar and live stations curated by the exceptional chefs, and the wonderful hospitality of the Jumeirah group.

The highlight of the evening was a spectacular performance by Shweta Subhram bringing all the attendees on the dance floor with her phenomenal voice through her renowned song ‘Jalebi Baby’ and many more. The evening then led the attendees to the terrace for Shisha, as the night continued. 

The next morning, the conference at Sofitel the Obelisk resumed early. Keynote addresses, panelists, and much more took place on the final day of conferences along with B2B meetings where planners connected with suppliers and hoteliers.  

When the attendees broke into their lunch session, the doors opened to reveal an immersive tropical experience. The afternoon saw Walter the Percussionist on his drums, Hula Island girls grooving to his beats, and a huge range of exotic cuisine to choose from. This afternoon, the attendees enjoyed their lunch while sipping on refreshing cocktails. 

The evening then welcomed guests to JA Resorts’ Grand Gala Dinner. Timeless Events adorned the beachside site beautifully with mirrored tables and stunning red roses. Arthur, the UAE’s only crystal saxophone musician, greeted the guests with amazing music. The Exito crew then presented the Gala Awards, after which the stunning and talented Lina Ammor captivated the night with her phenomenal energy and talent. The guests had a wonderful time dancing the night away with her power-pact performance.

After the 2 days of conference, a select few top industry professionals were hosted for a retreat to unwind and relax at the Address Beach Resort Fujairah where friends united to create some unforgettable memories.

EWPC 2022 was an exceptional experience in association with wonderful partners that presented a shown never seen before. We’re now looking forward to EWPC 2023 which will be brought back in the UAE and held at Ras Al Khaimah. 

Vivaah Celebrations is a premier Wedding Planning & Management company operating locally and globally for Destination Weddings under the leadership of Rahul Kumar who has over a decade of experience planning and managing weddings globally. To plan your next event, connect with us at



A Dreamy Affair by Vivaah Celebrations

Meetha and Prashant’s wedding celebrations was no short of ‘A Dreamy Affair’, it was among the most anticipated weddings of 2022; the celebrations for our Sabyasachi Bride took shape over a nine – month detailed planning and conceptualizing journey managed by Vivaah Celebrations under the leadership of globally renowned wedding planner Rahul Kumar in Dubai. 

The Royal Habtoor Palace hosted the destination wedding over a three-day period, with guests enjoying a variety of events as part of the lavish celebrations. It all began with our energetic bride’s desire for a spectacular fairytale wedding. Every element and aspect of this wedding celebration was significant and personalized to our bride and groom’s likes and preferences.

The first event was the Puja and Behrana where there was spiritual singing by traditional folk artists to commence the auspicious occasion.

The following morning, guests went to Firefly Terrace for a colourful, classy and chic Mehendi Lunch. The immersive tunnel with hanging dreamcatchers and other traditional ornaments kicked off the guest experience. Before entering the colourful venue, attendees passed through this tunnel on their way to the Indian Kitsch Art Photo-booth. Interactive artists such as the bangle maker with cart and setup, the peanut maker, the paan waala and many others added to the overall experience. Our mixologists also added to the colour with their vibrant cocktails and coolers. Throughout the day, there was a lot of dancing while DJ Nitesh was spinning at the decks.

The evening went on to an elevated Bollywood Oscars themed extravaganza. This evening featured illuminated posters of the couple as well as a red carpet media wall with MC Abhijeet interviewing guests. The guests were amazed by the large trophy sculptures that were displayed throughout the pre-function area. 

Once guests entered the V Hotel’s Amazing room, they were astounded by the arrangement, which included a beautiful fairy light dance floor and a lit up stage with lightbulbs around it. Elegant centrepieces with trophies, clapboards, movie reels, and more portraying the theme of Bollywood and the Oscars were also a part of this elegant setup. Finally, at the end of the ballroom, a giant immersive gold bar counter with sparkles, shimmer, and #PrashuKuchMeethaHojaye, the hashtag of our gorgeous couple was incorporated. Our outstanding skilled mixologists had a lot of molecular activity going on at the bar and kept the guests entertained with their unique creations.

The evening began with the couple’s romantic reveal from the balcony while exchanging rings. The magnificent sight appeared to be straight out of a Bollywood movie. The duo then took came down and joined the audience for the high-energy sangeet performances choreographed by DANS.

Their engagement was commemorated by a spectacular cake and the popping of a champagne bottle. The dance floor party continued until sunrise, with interactive artists joining them on the dance floor.

The wedding day began with Pujas and ceremonies, followed by the Groom’s Procession along the Habtoor Palace’s pathway in his vintage vehicle. The Royal Brass Band led the procession along the route as he made his entrance like a Maharaja. 

Our Sabyasachi bride entered the lovely site with her flower chaadar, which was adorned with red flowers. As our bride stepped in dressed as a Maharani, it was yet another scenario straight out of a Bollywood film.

The Grand Reception was the most anticipated, magical, and dreamy affair. For this Ethereal affair, Cinderella was used as inspiration. Meetha, our bride, was dazzling in her opulent gleaming gown. Our groom found her shoe and slipped it on, knowing she was the one, and they wowed the guests with their white horse and carriage as they made their grand entry. For all of the guests, this was a surreal sight to see. 

As soon as Meetha and Prashant arrived at the venue, they cut the cake and popped the bottle, pouring champagne on the champagne tower with low fog, sparks, and other spectacular effects, followed by their first dance. As their first dance came closer to the end, they invited the remaining couples to join them on the dance floor to recreating the Cinderella scene on the romantic song.

While the night progressed into party mode, we had Walter Scalzone, a renowned percussionist, join us and provide an unforgettable experience for the guests by performing a champagne performance with water drums.

All the themes, concepts, show flows and artists were planned, conceptualized and managed by Vivaah Celebrations. Vivaah Celebrations is a premier Wedding Planning & Management company operating locally and globally for Destination Weddings under the leadership of Rahul Kumar who has over a decade of experience planning and managing weddings globally. To plan your next event, connect with us at



7-Days ‘MEGA WEDDING CELEBRATION’ creates Buzz in the Events Industry

Touted as the ‘Mega Wedding of the Year 2021’, the celebrations for Kashika and Anish took shape over a 10-months detailed planning and conceptualizing journey managed by Vivaah Celebrations under the leadership of globally renowned wedding planner in Dubai; Rahul Kumar. 

The destination wedding venue was the prestigious Jumeirah Zabeel Saray on Palm Jumeirah where guests were accommodated for the entire week as they enjoyed multiple events as part of the elaborate celebrations.

With over 70 operations executives, 100 fabricators, 12 florists, 60 chefs, 40 different menus and above all, over 35 performing artists, this 7-day wedding celebration was truly a spectacle that was witnessed by 400 guests attending from various parts of the world

It all began with the auspicious Ganesh Puja at the Groom’s residence seeking blessings before embarking on a life-long journey of love and happiness. This event was attended by close family members and marked the beginning of the festivities to follow.  

The Chura Ceremony kickstarted the celebrations for the Bride’s side of the family. Hosted at The Address Montgomerie, this outdoor event saw the Bride being adorned with the traditional wedding ornaments and jewellery. The entertainment for the evening was provided by DJ Gautam.

The Family Sufi Dinner was held at AMALA – the top-rated Indian fine dining restaurant at Jumeirah Zabeel Saray. With a limited number of guests in attendance, the traditional Indian culinary fare was much appreciated by the guests as they enjoyed a soulful Sufi performance by recognized local talent, Fahmil Khan.

A 24-hour French Patisserie was set up for all days of the wedding celebration. Active and operational all throughout the day, the pastry chefs constantly prepared and served authentic French delicacies for guests who would choose to enjoy a light bite in a truly French setting with ambience music serenading them. A special highlight contribution was brought in each day by renowned Cake & Confectionery Designer, 

The Venetian themed Welcome Dinner was held at The IMPERIUM at Jumeirah Zabeel Saray. This event had all guests in attendance since many travelled in and checked-in to the hotel on the morning of. The guest experience began even before they got to the opulent venue as they entered an immersive experiential tunnel displaying Italian art, sculptures and paintings from the Renaissance Era. In addition to this, interactive artists such as trained actors, hostesses and emotional catering professionals elevated the multi-sensory experience for all. Entertaining the audience with their mesmerizing voice was local sensation Jin Flora.

The evening further continued into a high energy event inspired by the finest Parisian Night Clubs. The ‘Evening in Paris’ event was held at THE MUSIC HALL in Jumeirah Zabeel Saray. This event featured custom-made plush furniture and designer bars that represented a VIP Night Club. With some of the finest cigars, cheese and wine offered on every table, this was a swanky affair! World-famous, award-winning group PARIS SELECT were the lead performers for this event. Having flown in specially for this performance, they put up a great show that had guests asking for more. Belting out top chart numbers they wowed the audience with their power packed performance. To top it all up, the audience went up in roars when the band performed two specially rehearsed Bollywood numbers LIVE for the audience. Elevating the experience further was DJ Bosco and the renowned percussionist Walter Scalzone.

One of the most vibrant events at this wedding was the Mehendi Bash where the venue of PLAJ at Zabeel Saray was converted into an Amazon Rainforest. With dense green forest entrance walkways, artificially created waterfalls and rivers, exotic birds, tree barks and raw earth elements, this Mehendi setting was unlike any seen before. The culinary offerings at this event were unique and based on easy portion sized bites. The beach was transformed into a games and chill zone where guests could feel the sand and sea at their feet. LIVE entertainment was provided by the very talented duo Hari & Sukhmani whose stylized version of folk numbers had everyone swaying to their tunes literally.

The much-awaited Sangeet took place at the open green lawns of Zabeel Saray with the backdrops of the beach. Drawing inspiration from Roberto Cavalli bling and opulence, this event saw a heavy use of crystal chandeliers, hand blown glass elements and deep mirror installations to truly define the theme of ‘Night Under the Stars’. The statement piece was the immersive entrance tunnels adorned with Swarovski crystals overhead as well as the floor. The couple commemorated the evening with a Champagne Tower standing 8 levels tall where they poured their favourite bottle of champagne to rejoice with their guests. Adding the entertainment quotient to the evening was MC Abhijeet who is one of the most recognized voices on the radio with a massive fan following. The family performances were choreographed by Satyen Babla of DANS.

The showcase of the week-long celebration was the afterparty on this evening. LIVE in performance was the living legend, the maestro RAHAT FATEH ALI KHAN who mesmerized the guests in the Royal Mughal settings at THE MUSIC HALL of Zabeel Saray. The night continued into the early hours of the morning with DJ Bosco spinning at the decks.

The wedding day morning began with the Haldi ceremonies for the Bride and the Groom, each held separately in AL NAFOORAH and AMALA respectively. The themes of Orange Hues and Lemon Hues saw innovative use of oranges and lemons that formed part of the delicate décor to complement the event. 

The Wedding Lunch at The IMPERIUM was a typical Marwari-Rajasthani Thali with the use of traditional kitchenware and cutlery. The guests thoroughly enjoyed the specially crafted menus at every event, but this particular lunch took guests to the comfort of their meals at home, the traditional way. The culinary team at Zabeel Saray ensured that every event had the right match to their Food and Beverage offerings. The food styling, display and service concepts truly heightened the guest experience.

The Groom’s Baraat procession was power packed with his entourage dancing their way through a 400-meter long stretch pathway along the beach. The hour long Baraat had the Groom sat on a Horse Chariot while the 6-piece Brass Band provided for the traditional fanfare to hype up the Baraat. The Bride entered under a blanket of flowers leading up to the Jaimala stage where the couple exchanged garlands to commemorate the evening. 

Amidst detailed tablescapes, plush floral installations, an iconic floral sculpture bar and some of the finest spirits on offering, the Reception Evening had the guests in awe of the surreal settings on a chilly evening. As guests indulged in fine culinary offerings, the evening was set for Instrumental Traditional music being performed LIVE by a trio of musicians flown in from Jaipur.

Finally, the main event – the Wedding Pheras took place under a gorgeous floral Mandap with a glass aisle that made for the most beautiful Bride entry. Situated over the beach, the Mandap sat pretty with the backdrops of the Arabian Sea. The rituals and ceremonies ended late at night as the guests blessed the lovely couple for a happy married life ahead.

All the themes, concepts, show flows and artists were planned, conceptualized and managed by Vivaah Celebrations.

 Vivaah Celebrations is a premier Wedding Planning & Management company operating locally and globally for Destination Weddings under the leadership of Rahul Kumar who has over a decade of experience planning and managing weddings globally. To plan your next event, connect with us at



Exquisite Tablescapes

The significance of unique tablescapes has grown over time. It elevates the event in various ways and brings life to the overall theme. It takes the right eye to design tablescapes that go well with the theme and enhance it further. Vivaah Celebrations identifies beautiful ways in which tablescapes are used to wow guests at your Wedding Celebrations.

It is always recommended to complement the existing theme or colour scheme of a venue space rather than fighting against it and create tablescapes that may look out of place or be an eyesore. We guide the couples with which shades would look good in daylight and which designs will shine in its sheer magnificence for the evening events.

The choice of linen is always the first pick as its sets the base for everything else to flow over it. Depending on the theme, you could choose to go abstract art or classic. Both have their own charm. It is essential to pick carefully to ensure that the tablescapes complement the theme rather than being disruptive. Once the base linen has been picked, everything that sits atop can be customized. From charger plates to candelabras, floral arrangements, name tags, napkins, and a lot more. It is ideal to have a continuous theme throughout the event from tablescapes to entrance décor, stage design and the bar design. This provides the guests an immersive and a wholesome experience.

Trends are dynamic and season-specific. More recently, we have seen the couple choose more earthy colours and wild elements such as Pampas Grass, Old Potpourri, Raw Wooden elements, and so forth. The theme here is sustainability and minimal wastage. The couples these days choose to use elements that can be easily obtained rather than creating pieces using materials that are toxic to the environment.

Cotton, Silk, Sheer, and Velvet have been used over the years as staple tablescape base linens. However, lately, we see couples opting for their favourite designers to work on their tablescapes for their big day starting from the base linen which incorporates their signature design. This creates a more luxe feel to the entire wedding event setting.

Interactive features such as ‘Build your own Salad’ or ‘Cook your own Meal’ have become one of the favourites in the recent past. This helps break the ice between guests seated on a table and makes way for fun activities throughout the evening. The concept of Interactive Tables is now quite a hit.

Detailing and personalization is possible in almost all areas of a wedding celebration these days. However, we recommend not to overdo it. We have seen that it gets a bit too much when guests are made to see the couples’ branding everywhere from napkins to linens to cocktails, stage designs, etc. We believe in ‘Less is More’. Keep it classy and elegant. It is good to accentuate certain elements such as the wedding cake or the photo corner.

The number of ways one can incorporate unique tablescapes is countless. Wow, your guests with an experience as no other by implementing these tablescapes at your Celebrations. 

Vivaah Celebrations is a premier Wedding Planning & Management company operating locally and globally for Destination Weddings under the leadership of Rahul Kumar who has over a decade of experience planning and managing weddings globally. To plan your next event, connect with us at


Maestros at Work

A candid discussion with the best Wedding Filmmakers and Photographers

Weddings are once in a lifetime celebration which has its own special moments that a couple can reminisce for a lifetime. To capture these unforgettable moments, there exists a team of mavericks who have the knack of timing, lighting and more importantly, story-telling. 

Vivaah Celebrations spoke to some of the finest talent in the world of Wedding Photography and Filmmaking to understand the thought process and inspiration behind some of the most iconic wedding films and images. This art truly deserves its recognition to the levels of the Oscars as every emotion, celebration and joyous moment is captures for eternity. Precious moments can be cherished for a long time to come, only if they’re captured by talented and passionate professionals.

We asked one of the most renowned and sought-after wedding photographers in India, the Award-winning duo Sam & Ekta (IG: @sam_and_ekta); What are the key essentials they expect from a couple to be able to capture their special moments in their signature style.

“We like to break the ice with our couples before the wedding – we try to catch up with them over dinner or an evening out, so we get to know each other beyond just emails, messages & phone calls. This helps us connect with them on a personal level. Since we do not follow a template approach, we expect the couple to have complete trust in our approach toward photography & wedding films and go with the flow. The couples who get us on board always understand that we work with a childlike curiosity in a wedding, observing and documenting everything we find interesting.

Lastly, we want our couples to enjoy their wedding as much as they can, so that our documentary approach in photos & films can truly capture their experience of their own wedding – every choice we make is designed toward enabling this.” – Sam & Ekta

Avid travellers and thrill seekers, Noopur and Anish of Happy Flashbacks (IG: @happy_flashbacks) have been wanderers and explorers in search of adventure all their lives. This has influenced their style of capturing and presenting wedding photos and films. We asked them when they discovered their passion for wedding films and photography and if their journey has been an easy sail or a bumpy road?

“We at Happy Flashbacks believe in honest storytelling. Our goal with HFB is to document stories in a way that is thrilling and fun, making the couple the protagonists of their own film. 

It all started with a dream and a conversation over a cup of morning tea. The inception of the name ‘Happy Flashbacks’ that morning is what propelled us to pursue this idea, and it was helped by the fact that we wanted to take on a new creative journey as a couple. And so we began, in 2015, with the wedding shoot of our first ever couple and there was no looking back. 

Today, we’re proud to see how far we’ve come. But our thirst for good stories hasn’t been satisfied. And we’re always on the lookout for interesting stories. We capture moments as they happen – spontaneous and unvarnished. We capture details that are often overlooked; personal moments, the little oddities, and a relationship unscripted. 

It surely has been a bumpy ride, with few challenges out of our control, however these have been a great learning, making us manoeuvre and come up with better solutions and effective approaches towards our work. The journey so far has been adventurous and that’s how we both like it. 

The bumps on the way are what truly makes us better and we feel fortunate to experience it all.” – Noopur and Anish

Delhi-based Lakshya Chawla of Shutterdown Photography (IG: @shutterdownphotography) is a genius when it comes to using the best state of the art technology to produce captivating content. In discussion with Megha K of Vivaah Celebrations, Lakshya tell us what major shift in trends he sees going forward in wedding films and photography at destination weddings.

“With technology progressing leaps and bounds, we see that the clients today are willing to embrace and accept our recommendation for something path breaking and innovative. The technology I strongly believe in and presently working on is – Virtual Reality. We are seeing Virtual Reality as the next big thing in Wedding Photography and Filming. More than just seeing the films on screen, people would love the experience the entire wedding. Have a 360-degree experience of the property where the wedding took place and literally being a part of the Baraat and Sangeet is something that everyone would want and love to experience in the coming few years.” – Lakshya Chawla

Luv Israni and Megha Israni, the brother-sister duo of Israni Photography (IG: @israniphotography) have a rich legacy of Photography and Films as a profession in their family across generations. Luv is known to be someone who guides and mentors the young breed of photographers and filmmakers. Vivaah Celebrations asked him what advice would he like to give to those looking at exploring the world of wedding films and photography?

“Wedding Photography and Filmmaking is a wonderful job that allows you to be a part of the couple’s most memorable moments. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and a treasured memory! For some starting new I would like to say, “Don’t treat it like a job; instead, become engaged on a personal level and treat the family like your own. Also make sure you are always on your toes so you don’t miss out on capturing any key moment or emotion. One must consider the genre in terms other than profession; I truly believe that we must respect the fact that someone has invested a significant sum of money in capturing this very special moment in their life, and as professionals, we must ensure that the smile on their face remains even after the event is over, because the moment may be gone, but the memories we have created for them will live on.” – Luv Israni

Dubai-based Anish Ahuja of Imprint Studio (IG: @imprintwedding) has shot some of the most beautiful weddings around the world. We asked him if he sees any difference in expectations from clients from the Middle East vis-a-vis clients from the Indian subcontinent.

“Having covered over 180 weddings in the last 10 years in beautiful destinations like Switzerland, France, Thailand, Bali, Ibiza, Delhi, Jaipur, Mumbai, Goa, Turkey, Oman, Baku, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah & our home turf – Dubai, we feel our clients from the Middle East market are not so different from the Indian market. A wedding is a special occasion in the lives of the couple and their families. They all want the same thing in terms of preferences & style which is Creative Candid Wedding Photography & Contemporary Storytelling Cinematic Wedding Films.

As a team of professionals, we have always raised the bar and challenged ourselves to provide the most heart-warming photos and films that our clients cherish for a lifetime.” – Anish Ahuja

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Divas on the Decks! – An Insight into the new breed of talented Female DJs

Top Female DJs in the region exploring Destination Weddings

Wedding Celebrations are synonymous with music and dance extravaganzas, fun sessions on the dancefloor and high energy performances. It is seldom seen that the talent facilitating and making all of this happen is recognized at all. Some behind the scenes, some on the forefront, this community of talent is one aspect of the wedding we cannot function without. Yes, these are our beloved DJs!

Staying up endless hours, constantly belting out chart hits, attending to guest requests and keeping the momentum going is all a part of their daily lives ensuring that their audience have an ecstatic time. 

Another breed of talent slowly and gradually making their way into the mainstream foray is a bunch of talented Female DJs who can definitely give their counterparts a run for their money. Not just pretty faces, these ladies are the total package of confidence, attitude and immense talent.

Leading wedding planners in Dubai, Vivaah Celebrations spoke to some of the finest Female DJs in the region to get their two cents on the evolution of the music scene in the events and wedding industry and what the future holds for them. 

DJ Panache (IG: @djpanachedubai) is a sensation amongst her fans, mesmerizing audiences with innovative mixes at the clubs and with her creative music production skills. Having conceptualized and featured in several music videos, she is unstoppable. We asked her what made her opt for DJing as a career.

“I have always been passionate about music. Keeping in mind the latest trend of music, I learnt to DJ. It just began as a hobby when I was at university. But when I started performing and the crowd would ask for more, I knew I could never quit DJing. I like being different, so I started performing audio visual acts that would fascinate the crowd. I also release my mixes very often and play them as a part of my set. All I want to do right now is wait for clubs to allow dancing on the floors…so I can hit the decks and make the crowd groove to my beats. A career that lets you travel, meet new people and play some banger music- I’d be crazy not to choose it!” – DJ Panache

Another super talent creating ripples in the music scene is DJ Tripti (IG: @djtripty). Hailing from India, she is currently one of the most popular Bollywood DJ based in Dubai. She experiments with her vibrant style of blending Bollywood, Hip-Hop, Reggaeton, Arabic and Afrobeat keeping the music scenario fresh, exciting and energetic. Vivaah Celebrations asked her how she managed to make a mark for herself in a predominantly male dominated industry and the challenges she has faced along the way.

‘’Similar to all other industries, music and entertainment industry also happens to be predominantly male dominated and women have to go that extra mile with their display of talent to prove their worth to win the attention and respect of their audience.

Without a doubt, it is easier to get an entry being a female DJ, but it is much harder to sustain from there on. High expectations, rolling eyeballs and heavy criticism comes from the closest people who would like to see you quit. But, you also find a lot of music lovers in your journey who will believe in you and inspire you to grow big despite of the gender roles. Over the years I’ve come to understand that it is important to have fun while playing and entertaining the crowd which has definitely helped me the most to evolve.

Music is dynamic and ever-changing. I enjoy my career playfully which helps me grow and groom along the way. It brings me great happiness to see people groove at my fingertips. As a DJ, that is my motto.” – DJ Tripty

In a candid conversation, we asked one of the most renowned DJs in India, Akanksha Popli (IG: @djakankshapopli) whether she prefers playing for an audience at the clubs or mesmerising guests at a destination wedding.

“For me, playing in the clubs has always been my first love because that’s where I started my career. After appreciating my music internationally, families and couples started hiring my services for their weddings. While I enjoy entertaining audiences of all kinds, the only difference is that in clubs we don’t get to connect with the crowd emotionally and directly. We can most definitely play their favours tracks and keep them engaged. But when you are playing in a wedding you feel like a part of the family; you get to meet them, you can talk to them and shake a leg with them, specially in a destination wedding. In my opinion, a DJ’s career should parallelly exist at clubs as well as weddings. I personally cannot favour one over the other.” – DJ Akanksha Popli


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