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A Gastronomic Journey: Designing a Delicious Menu for Your Wedding

When it comes to an Indian wedding, the flavors of the cuisine play a vital role in creating lasting memories for both the couple and their guests. The aromas, tastes, and presentation of the food are essential elements that contribute to the overall experience of the celebration. In this blog, we’ll delve into the art of designing a delectable menu that reflects your cultural heritage while satisfying the taste buds of everyone in attendance. We at Vivaah Celebrations assist you with curating the best suitable menu which will ‘wow’ your guests. 

Embrace the Diversity of Indian Cuisine

Indian cuisine is a treasure trove of flavors, each region boasting its own unique specialties. Consider incorporating dishes from various parts of India to showcase the country’s culinary diversity. From the rich biryanis of Hyderabad to the spicy curries of the South, you can offer a culinary journey that caters to different palates.

Start with the Classics

Begin your menu with beloved classics that are sure to please. Include appetizers like samosas, pakoras, and chaats to set the tone for the feast. These familiar favorites will create a warm and inviting atmosphere, ensuring your guests feel right at home.

Offer Modern Twists on Tradition

While tradition is important, don’t be afraid to infuse modern twists into your menu. Experiment with fusion dishes that combine Indian flavors with contemporary culinary trends. This could include dishes like paneer sliders, tandoori quesadillas, or gourmet street food-inspired canapés.

Cater to Dietary Preferences

Incorporate options for different dietary preferences, such as vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free dishes. A thoughtfully curated menu ensures that every guest can enjoy the festivities without any culinary concerns.

Elevate the Presentation

Just as the visual aesthetics of your wedding décor matter, the presentation of your food should be equally captivating. Work with your caterer to design exquisite food displays that complement the overall theme and decor of your wedding. Elaborate food stations, live cooking counters, and interactive dessert bars can add an element of excitement.

Don’t Forget About Drinks

Pair your delectable dishes with an equally enticing selection of beverages. Offer a mix of traditional and modern options, including mocktails, signature cocktails, and flavorful mocktail alternatives. A dedicated drink menu can enhance the overall dining experience.

Create a Sensory Experience

Engage all the senses by considering the texture, aroma, and color of your dishes. Think about the contrast of textures in a buffet, the aroma of freshly baked bread, and the vibrancy of colorful salads and curries. These sensory details enhance the culinary journey.

Dessert Delights

Indian weddings are known for their sweet treats. End your feast on a high note with an array of traditional Indian desserts like gulab jamun, jalebi, and rasgulla. For a contemporary twist, include fusion desserts that combine Indian flavors with Western pastries or cakes.

Collaborate with Culinary Experts

Collaborate with experienced culinary experts and chefs who specialize in Indian cuisine. Their knowledge and creativity will help you craft a menu that not only satisfies the taste buds but also leaves a lasting impression on your guests.

Offer a Late-Night Snack Surprise

Surprise your guests with a late-night snack station, offering comfort foods like mini dosas, pav bhaji, or Indian-style sliders. This unexpected treat ensures that your guests remain energized and entertained throughout the night.

Trust Your Planner: Crafting Culinary Magic with Vivaah Celebrations

Planning an Indian wedding involves a multitude of details, and your choice of wedding planner can make all the difference. At Vivaah Celebrations, we understand that every love story is unique, and so are the preferences of each couple. Our in-house Food and Beverage Specialists are dedicated to curating menus that transform your wedding feast into a culinary masterpiece.

Our team of experts is well-versed in the art of culinary curation. We recognize that taste is subjective and personal, and that’s why we take the time to understand your preferences, dietary needs, and cultural background. Whether you’re looking for traditional delicacies or innovative fusion creations, our FnB Specialists work closely with you to bring your vision to life.

By carefully curating your wedding menu, you’re not only offering a gastronomic journey but also weaving an important cultural thread into your celebration. The memories of your wedding will linger not only through visuals but through the lingering taste of the delightful dishes you choose to share with your loved ones.

Vivaah Celebrations is a premier Wedding Planning & Management company operating locally and globally for Destination Weddings under the leadership of Rahul Kumar who has over a decade of experience planning and managing weddings globally. To plan your next event, connect with us at



Thunder in Paradise: Simran & Siddhant’s Wedding Bash

Get ready to be swept away on a rollercoaster of love, laughter, and unforgettable moments as we delve into the magical world of Simran and Siddhant’s wedding celebrations at the Intercontinental Ras Al Khaimah. Planned and managed by the team at Vivaah Celebrations, led by Rahul Kumar – a professional with over 10 years of experience conceptualising and creating unparalleled wedding experiences around the world, he left no stone unturned at this fun wedding bash. From flamingo-themed mehendi to a mesmerizing Moroccan Sangeet, and finally, a grand wedding ceremony complete with a Bollywood-inspired surprise, this wedding was nothing short of a fairytale come true.

The festivities kickstarted with a heartwarming welcome dinner, bringing close family and friends together to mingle and celebrate the beginning of this joyous journey. Laughter filled the air as stories were shared and memories were made, setting the tone for the days ahead. The next morning, the poolside at Intercontinental Ras Al Khaimah transformed into a vibrant and playful flamingo-themed paradise. Glitter artists added a touch of sparkle, samba dancers got everyone grooving, and Walter the percussionist and DJ Gautam had the party in full swing. The flamingo-themed bar and shisha lounge added a tropical twist to the celebration, making it a day to remember.

As the sun set, the Sangeet evening transported guests to the enchanting land of Morocco. Candleabras and lamps lit up the night, while camels and Moroccan lamps adorned the floral centerpieces. Moroccan hostesses welcomed guests with warm hospitality, and a breathtaking photobooth captured the magic of the evening. The dance performances were the highlight, and MC Abhijeet kept the energy soaring. Celebrity performers Sukriti and Prakriti left everyone awestruck, and with the LED Dhols and DJ Gautam taking over, the night turned into a dance party that lasted till sunrise.

The next morning, hues of yellow filled the lawns as Simran and Siddhant celebrated their Haldi event. Dressed in stunning Papa Don’t Preach outfits, they were the epitome of happiness. The attention to detail was impeccable, with fresh coconut water and an ice pops cart to beat the heat. Love was in the air as friends and family showered the couple with blessings and love.

The moment everyone had been waiting for had arrived – the grand wedding baraat procession. With the whole family and a host of artists and entertainers, the procession was a sight to behold. Friends danced with unbridled joy, making it an unforgettable spectacle.

Under the mystical floral aisle, our radiant bride, dressed in Manish Malhotra attire, walked towards her groom. A beautiful glass acrylic mandap awaited them, and a surprise performance curated for Siddhant, inspired by Kiyaara and Siddharth, left everyone in awe. The wedding pheras were magical, and as the ceremony concluded, a shower of roses filled the sky, sealing their love in the most auspicious way. After the ceremony, guests enjoyed light bites, including the iconic Laduree Cart that symbolized the couple’s special connection. The grand wedding dinner was a feast fit for royalty, and laughter filled the air as loved ones shared stories and celebrated the union of two souls.

To end the night on a high note, the couple and their guests headed to Levant and Nar, a floating venue at Intercontinental Ras Al Khaimah. The couple’s entrance with a grand fire show set the tone for a night full of drinks, dancing, and fun. The Moet and Chandon photobooth added a touch of glamour, creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

Simran and Siddhant’s wedding celebrations were nothing short of a magical adventure. From the playful flamingos to the mesmerizing Moroccan ambiance and the Bollywood-inspired wedding pheras, every moment was filled with love, laughter, and joy. As the festivities came to an end, the couple embarked on their happily ever after, forever cherishing the memories of their dreamlike wedding.

Vivaah Celebrations is a premier Wedding Planning & Management company operating locally and globally for Destination Weddings under the leadership of Rahul Kumar who has over a decade of experience planning and managing weddings globally. To plan your next event, connect with us at



Unique Entertainment Concepts to Wow Your Wedding Guests

Your wedding day is a celebration of love and a perfect opportunity to create extraordinary memories for both you and your guests. To make your wedding truly unforgettable, consider incorporating unique and interactive entertainment ideas that will leave your guests in awe. We at Vivaah Celebrations identify the right concepts which are the best fit for your Big Day and ensure to wow your wedding guests making your special day truly exceptional.

Interactive Food Stations

Go beyond traditional catering by offering interactive food stations that engage your guests’ senses. Consider a live cooking station where a skilled chef prepares personalized dishes, a gourmet tasting bar with a variety of flavors and pairings, or a hands-on dessert station where guests can create their own sweet treats. These interactive food experiences not only provide delicious delights but also create a memorable and interactive culinary journey for your guests.

Live Art Performances

Elevate the artistic atmosphere of your wedding by featuring live art performances. Hire talented artists to create captivating works of art during the event, such as a live painter who captures the essence of the celebration on canvas, a skilled calligrapher who beautifully inscribes guests’ names or well wishes, or a professional sand artist who creates intricate and mesmerizing designs. These live art performances will not only entertain your guests but also provide unique keepsakes and conversation starters.

Surprise Emotional Catering

Surprise your guests with emotional catering experiences that touch their hearts. Our F&B managers assist and create personalized menus inspired by significant moments in your relationship or dishes that hold sentimental value. Share the stories behind each dish through personalized menus or table cards, allowing your guests to feel a deeper connection to your love story. We also assist in bringing in experienced artists and interactive methods to serve your significant dishes. This emotional catering approach adds an extra layer of meaning and creates a memorable dining experience for everyone.

Interactive Artists

Bring interactive artists to your wedding to engage and entertain your guests throughout the event. Consider hiring a talented magician who can perform mind-bending tricks and illusions, a close-up magician who can mingle with guests and leave them amazed, or a roaming caricature artist who can create fun and personalized sketches for your guests to take home as souvenirs. These interactive artists provide unique entertainment and create an immersive experience that will leave a lasting impression.

Virtual Reality Experiences

Transport your guests to extraordinary virtual realms by incorporating virtual reality experiences into your wedding. Set up VR stations where guests can embark on thrilling adventures, such as exploring exotic destinations, flying through space, or even experiencing virtual roller coasters. These virtual reality experiences offer a cutting-edge form of entertainment and allow your guests to escape into incredible virtual worlds, leaving them awestruck and engaged.

Fireworks or Drone Shows

Add a grand finale to your wedding celebration with a breathtaking fireworks display or a mesmerizing light show. Coordinate the fireworks or light show with carefully chosen music to create a harmonious and captivating experience. These awe-inspiring visual spectacles will create a magical atmosphere and leave your guests in awe, ensuring that your wedding ends on a high note.

 Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion, and incorporating unique and interactive entertainment ideas will make it truly remarkable. From interactive food stations and live art performances to surprise emotional catering and captivating interactive artists, there are countless ways to wow your wedding guests and create lasting memories. Let your imagination soar, infuse personal touches, and make your wedding an extraordinary event that will be cherished by both you and your guests for years to come.

Vivaah Celebrations is a premier Wedding Planning & Management company operating locally and globally for Destination Weddings under the leadership of Rahul Kumar who has over a decade of experience planning and managing weddings globally. To plan your next event, connect with us at



An Exquisite Birthday Bash: Vivaah Celebrations COO Maggi Celebrates in Style

When it comes to creating extraordinary events, Vivaah Celebrations knows how to leave a lasting impression. Recently, the Chief Operating Officer of Vivaah Celebrations, Maggi Kewlani, celebrated her birthday with an exclusive gathering of friends, and it was a testament to her vibrant personality and innovative approach to celebrations. Let’s delve into the details of this stylish and fun-filled event that left everyone in awe.

The venue for Maggi’s birthday celebration was none other than the trendy and chic Claw BBQ at the Hilton on the Palm. With its lively atmosphere, Claw BBQ provided the perfect backdrop for a private celebration. The venue’s captivating ambiance took the guests on a journey back to the cowboy era, setting the stage for an unforgettable experience.

The guest list at Maggi Kewlani’s birthday celebration included some of the city’s top socialites. Known for their impeccable taste and influence in the social scene, their presence added an extra touch of glamour to the event. With their vibrant personalities and stylish attire, these distinguished guests elevated the celebration to new heights. As they mingled and interacted with one another, the atmosphere became even more vibrant, filled with lively conversations and laughter.

As guests arrived at their seats, they were greeted with personalized GAMEBOYS featuring their names on them. This thoughtful gesture not only sparked nostalgia but also served as a delightful keepsake that would forever remind them of this special occasion. The guests couldn’t help but be transported back to their childhood, igniting a sense of excitement and anticipation for what was to come.

Maggi left no stone unturned in curating a birthday celebration that captured the essence of fun and games. The venue was an arcade wonderland, complete with classic arcade games, hoops, and a pool table. Laughter and cheers filled the air as guests indulged in friendly competitions and enjoyed the thrill of childhood games. Maggi’s Street Fighter arcade birthday cake was a showstopper, symbolizing her passion for creativity and attention to detail.

No birthday celebration is complete without a toast to the guest of honor. Champagne bottles were elegantly popped, symbolizing Maggi’s remarkable success both as an individual and as a vital part of Vivaah Celebrations. The effervescent bubbles mirrored the joy and excitement that permeated throughout the event, creating an atmosphere of celebration and appreciation.

As the brunch drew to a close, the guests engaged in a series of exciting games that further enhanced the festive spirit. One highlight was the famous Bull, where participants showcased their balance and determination in attempting to stay on the mechanical bull as long as possible. The adrenaline-filled activity brought laughter and camaraderie, strengthening the bonds among the friends and leaving them with cherished memories.

Maggi Kewlani’s birthday celebration was a testament to her remarkable creativity and flair for event planning. With Claw BBQ providing the perfect setting, guests were immersed in a world of arcade games, nostalgia, and fun. The personalized game boys, Street Fighter arcade cake, and exhilarating activities ensured that everyone had an unforgettable time. This extraordinary celebration exemplified Vivaah Celebrations’ commitment to delivering unique and memorable experiences, making Maggi’s birthday an event to be remembered for years to come.

Vivaah Celebrations is a premier Wedding Planning & Management company operating locally and globally for Destination Weddings under the leadership of Rahul Kumar who has over a decade of experience planning and managing weddings globally. To plan your next event, connect with us at



Unique Wedding Venues for Indian Wedding Ceremonies: Palaces, Beaches, and Beyond

When it comes to planning an Indian wedding, the venue plays a significant role in setting the stage for a grand and memorable celebration. While traditional banquet halls and hotels are popular choices, why not think outside the box and consider unique wedding venues that add an extra touch of magic to your special day? At Vivaah Celebrations, we explore some extraordinary venues for Indian wedding ceremonies that go beyond the ordinary. From majestic palaces to stunning beaches and other breathtaking locations, these venues will provide an enchanting backdrop for your dream wedding. Our director, Rahul Kumar ensures to assist our couples to identify the perfect fit for them.

Royal Grandeur: Palaces and Heritage Properties
Step into a fairytale world by hosting your wedding in a magnificent palace or a heritage property. Explore the opulent halls, regal courtyards, and sprawling gardens that exude grandeur and charm. These venues offer a perfect blend of history, architecture, and luxury, creating a regal ambiance that will leave your guests awe-inspired.

Serene Beachside Celebrations
For couples who envision a romantic and picturesque wedding, a beach venue is an excellent choice. The gentle sound of waves, the golden sands, and the breathtaking sunsets provide a serene and captivating setting for your vows. Whether it’s a private beach resort or a secluded coastal location, a beach wedding promises a truly unforgettable experience.

Nature’s Splendor: Gardens and Outdoor Spaces
Embrace the beauty of nature by selecting a wedding venue nestled in lush green gardens or surrounded by scenic landscapes. The vibrant colors, fragrant blooms, and open-air ambiance create a refreshing and ethereal atmosphere. These venues are perfect for couples seeking a natural and idyllic backdrop for their wedding ceremonies.

Cultural Landmarks: Temples and Historic Sites
For couples looking to infuse their wedding with cultural and spiritual significance, hosting the ceremony at a temple or historic site can be a meaningful choice. These venues carry deep historical and religious significance, adding a sacred aura to your wedding celebrations and creating lasting memories for you and your guests.

Destination Delights: Exotic Locations
For those seeking an adventure-filled wedding experience, consider hosting your wedding in an exotic destination. Whether it’s a tropical island, a serene mountain retreat, or a vibrant city abroad, destination weddings offer a unique blend of exploration, relaxation, and celebration. Create a fusion of cultures by incorporating local traditions into your wedding festivities.

Your wedding venue sets the tone for your entire celebration, and opting for a unique location can make your Indian wedding truly extraordinary. Whether you choose a palace, a beach, a garden, a cultural landmark, or an exotic destination, these unconventional venues provide a captivating backdrop that reflects your love story. So, step away from the ordinary and embark on a journey to find the perfect venue that will make your wedding day a cherished and unforgettable experience for both you and your guests.

Remember, consult with a professional wedding planner who specializes in Indian weddings to ensure that all the logistics are taken care of and your dream venue becomes a reality. Your special day deserves nothing less than a venue as unique and remarkable as your love story.

Vivaah Celebrations is a premier Wedding Planning & Management company operating locally and globally for Destination Weddings under the leadership of Rahul Kumar who has over a decade of experience planning and managing weddings globally. To plan your next event, connect with us at



Vivaah Celebrations Success Party

Establishing unparalleled supremacy in the world of weddings, Vivaah Celebrations is positioned as one of the most renowned, credible, and premium wedding planning agency in the region. With having delivered over 100 weddings in more than 23 countries, the company is led by celebrity wedding planner Rahul Kumar, who has a keen eye for finesse and perfection.

On April 29th 2023, the city was buzzing with excitement as Vivaah Celebrations hosted a grand success party to mark the end of a successful wedding season. The CEO of Vivaah Celebrations, Rahul Kumar, and the COO, Maggi Kewlani, left no stone unturned to make the evening a memorable one.

The venue for the party was the exquisite 88 Terrace, located under the majestic AinDubai. The breathtaking skyline added to the charm of the evening, and the night was abuzz with socialites, top VIPs, and influencers from the UAE and around the world.

Rahul Kumar (@rahul_kumar_dxb), Maggi Kewlani (@maggikewlani) and the Reddy Sisters (@thereddysisterss)

Rahul Kumar (@rahul_kumar_dxb), Aastha Parekh (@aasthaparekh), Maggi Kewlani (@maggikewlani) and Shantanu Desai 

Rahul Kumar (@rahul_kumar_dxb), Meenakshi Talrani (@meenakshitalrani), Khushboo Sajnani & Rahul Sajnani (@moshiuae), and Maggi Kewlani (@maggikewlani)

The guests were welcomed by renowned mixologists who whipped up signature cocktails while the DJ spun lively music.

A remarkable Claw machine was set up, which was a hit among the guests as they tried their luck to win the Vivaah Celebrations teddy.

As the guests mingled and got to know each other, the celebrations kicked into high gear with performances by dancers and entertainers. The evening was a perfect mix of entertainment, fun, and celebration, and it was evident that everyone was having a great time.

The highlight of the evening was the celebratory cake, which was a masterpiece. Rahul Kumar cut the cake, and the dancers and entertainers carried it in with a bottle of champagne to mark the occasion while sparklers lit the entire venue up.

The night continued with more activities and drinks, and the DJ kept the guests grooving to the music. The party was a grand success, and everyone who attended had a blast.

Overall, the Vivaah Celebrations’ success party celebrated the magic the team had created throughout the wedding season. From the stunning venue to the lively entertainment and the unique Claw machine, everything was carefully planned to make the night a memorable one. The party was a fitting end to a successful season, and it was evident that the Vivaah team had outdone themselves yet again.

Rahul Kumar (@rahul_kumar_dxb), Manisha Advani (@cakesandquads), and Maggi Kewlani (@maggikewlani) 

Vivaah Celebrations is a premier Wedding Planning & Management company operating locally and globally for Destination Weddings under the leadership of Rahul Kumar who has over a decade of experience planning and managing weddings globally. To plan your next event, connect with us at



Vivaah Celebrations at the Arabian Travel Market 2023

Arabian Travel Market, known as ATM, is a travel and tourism event, organized annually in Dubai to provide a platform for inbound and outbound tourism professionals in the Middle East and gives information on tourism destinations, accommodation options, tourism attractions and aviation industry in the Middle East and around the world.

Vivaah Celebrations, the renowned wedding planning and management company, had a significant presence at the Arabian Travel Market 2023 in Dubai.

The CEO Rahul Kumar and COO Maggi Kewlani, were invited to events across the city hosted by different hotel groups.

Rahul Kumar and Maggi Kewlani were invited to the glamorous cocktails reception evening at the SLS hotel. The stunning skyline of Dubai set the perfect backdrop for this magical event, which the Accor group hosted. This exclusive event saw familiar industry peers mingling over champagne, oysters, and other mouth-watering delicacies. The highlight of the evening was the impressive Champagne Tower that mesmerized everyone.

The Vivaah Celebrations team attended a networking breakfast organized by Arabia Weddings at Fairmont on the Palm the following day. The event was an excellent opportunity for industry peers to connect and collaborate over a sumptuous breakfast. The Vivaah Celebrations team used this platform to network with other event planners, venues, and tourism boards while reconnecting with friends in the industry.

After the networking breakfast, the team headed to the Arabian Travel Market at the World Trade Center, Dubai. The team spent three days at the event, meeting industry partners and exploring new business synergies with tourism boards, destinations, and venues. Rahul Kumar, CEO of Vivaah Celebrations, spoke about his unique approach to event planning and formed new connections within different parts of the world.

One of the event’s highlights for the Vivaah Celebrations team was attending the Jumeirah party. This year, the Jumeirah group hosted the Beach Edition at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel. The breathtaking views of the Burj al Arab and the serene sea made it a spectacular venue. Paris Select, a renowned band known for their energetic performances, elevated the evening with their electrifying show. The evening also saw some of the top Michelin-starred pop-ups from the Jumeirah group.

Overall it was a successful Arabian Travel Market 2023 in Dubai. The experiences and events were an excellent opportunity to connect with their peers in the industry and explore new business synergies.

Vivaah Celebrations is a premier Wedding Planning & Management company operating locally and globally for Destination Weddings under the leadership of Rahul Kumar who has over a decade of experience planning and managing weddings globally. To plan your next event, connect with us at



Indoor venues in the UAE that feel like Outdoor

As one of the top destination wedding planning companies based in the United Arab Emirates, we understand the importance of finding the perfect wedding venue. While outdoor venues are popular for their scenic views and natural beauty during the cooler months, the blazing heat calls for indoor venues, which still give you the same feel. 

If you’re considering the UAE for your Wedding Destination during the summer, you must consider indoor options, as you and your guests won’t be able to enjoy the outsides while it’s humid. We at Vivaah Celebrations present a few venues in the UAE that offer the same outdoor ambiance, making them a prevalent choice among couples. Here are some of our favorites;

Le Patio, Habtoor Palace

Le Patio is a stunning venue located in the heart of Dubai at the Habtoor Palace. Le Patio is a chic open-air lounge and restaurant with a courtyard vibe. The perfect venue with an open roof, which is covered over the hot months in Dubai. This venue provides a garden feel with seating, lamp posts, and beautiful lush floral walls. A perfect space that can cater to up to 250 guests for your big day. 

Wazuzhu, Zabeel Saray Palm

Wazuzhu is a beautiful indoor outlet located in Zabeel Saray on the Palm. It is designed to look like an outdoor space, with its high glass walls facing the serene ocean. This outlet has different zones which can be explored and used for your guests with a central stage. This outlet has two levels and can cater to up to 250 guests. Wazuzhu is perfect for couples who want a wedding that feels like it is outdoors without worrying about the weather. 

Dana Ballroom, Four Seasons Jumeirah Beach

The Dana Ballroom is a beautiful indoor venue in the Four Seasons Jumeirah Beach. The venue features floor-to-ceiling windows that offer stunning views of the sea and beachfront. The ballroom can accommodate up to 320 guests and provides a setting of luxury and drama and is accessed through a grand staircase shimmering silver, blue and cream overlooking Dana Garden and opening onto a beachfront terrace.

Levant & Nar, Intercontinental Ras Al Khaimah

Levant & Nar at Intercontinental Ras Al Khaimah is a gorgeous venue elevated in the middle of the serene waters. With daylight coming in from all sides and views of their magnificent terrace and the endless ocean, you can celebrate your big day in Ras al Khaimah. This venue offers stunning views of the sea and beachfront, making it perfect for couples who want a unique and memorable wedding experience.

Prime at Meydan Hotel Dubai

Prime is an elegant venue facing Dubai’s green royal racecourses and skyline. The sleek interior makes room for private dining rooms and a cigar lounge with fine tobacco. Prime is an elegant venue for your Big Day and offers excellent delicacies. 

The Meydan Hotel also has other venues, such as the Al Maha Ballroom, with daylight shining through, giving it an open-airy outdoor feel. 

Laslty, the Glasshouse is a unique venue located in Al Barari Dubai. The venue is designed to look like a greenhouse, with a beautiful glass roof that allows natural light to flood, creating a bright, airy atmosphere. The venue can accommodate up to 250 guests and features a lovely garden area that offers stunning views of the surrounding greenery.

Several indoor venues in the UAE offer the same outdoor ambiance, making them a popular choice among couples. Whether you’re looking for a venue with a garden or a beautiful sea view or even a racecourse. The UAE has something in hand for everyone. 

Vivaah Celebrations is a premier Wedding Planning & Management company operating locally and globally for Destination Weddings under the leadership of Rahul Kumar who has over a decade of experience planning and managing weddings globally. To plan your next event, connect with us at



When North Meets South – By Vivaah Celebrations

A union not only between two families but between two different cultures. Yes, we’re talking about when North meets South.

Our South Indian Bride fell in love with a Punjabi North Indian Man. The two families entrusted Vivaah Celebrations to ensure all was planned, managed, and executed to its best level for their celebrations. Rahul Kumar from Vivaah Celebrations, fused various aspects, traditions and rituals to this wedding celebration to ensure that both cultures were comfortable and enjoyed their events.

A memorable few days where both sides of the family could infuse their cultures was what the couple desired.

This was a three-day celebration hosted at the Fairmont Bab Al Bahr- Abu Dhabi, facing the beautiful waters of the Grand Canal and the splendid grand Mosque.

As the guests started checking in, our Dhol waalas greeted them with a blast while 2 south Indian hostesses in beautiful sarees guided them to their check-in desk.

On the first evening, we hosted a serene Welcome Dinner at a gorgeous venue by the waters. Decorated with subtle fairy lights and an array of candles giving it a warm ambiance, the celebrations started on a lighter note.

As the guests entered the venue, they were welcomed with sumptuous arabian delicacies with mediterranean canapes being passed around and authentic live stations from the region.

The evening continued with a renowned duo who sang the night away as the guests enjoyed their dinner.

The following morning, guests made their way towards the Falcon Lawn for a colorful Mehendi and Haldi afternoon. This event was the pure description of North meets South. Subtly both cultures were infused through live station counters, floral selections, color schemes, and much more.

The venue was beautifully decorated with hanging tassels and other traditional ornaments. As the guests entered, they approached a cart with a variety of gifts to choose from. This included items like colorful bangles from the North to jasmine flowers for the guests’ hair from the South of India.

Our mixologists also added to the colors with their vibrant cocktails and coolers, giving flavors of India through their kalakhatta, paan, and other exciting cocktails.

There was a lot of dancing throughout this event while DJ Gautam- An internationally renowned DJ-was spinning at the decks. Soon after, our beautiful couple entered, adorned in the traditional South Indian attire, the women from both sides of the family performed on Sopana Sangeetham – an elegant form of classical music originating in the temples of Kerala. It was beautiful to see both cultures together.

The evening went on to an elevated disco-themed Sangeet. This evening featured silver mirrored disco balls and an opulent bar with a shiny glass body. Moreover, the guests were amazed by the photo booth built outside in the pre-function area of the ballroom. It all began when MC Punit took over the stage and interacted with the guests while they enjoyed their light bites and molecular drinks.

The couple made their entrance and went straight into a north and south dance-off, leading into the enthusiastic Sangeet dance performances by family and friends.

This was just the beginning of the evening; the night took a turn when our renowned international percussionist arrived and took over the floor. Walter Scalzone was the night’s highlight with his LED roaming drums on the dance floor, and his spectacular water drums show.

The evening ended with the famous paan wala serving paan to the guests, after which they danced the night away till the early morning hours.

The next morning commenced with our chirpy bride getting ready for her Big Day, the Wedding Day. The Wedding Ceremony took place at the Grand staircase with views of the iconic structure- Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, and the backdrop of the royal fountains giving it a palatial feel.

After safa-tying for all the guests, our director Rahul Kumar got the Baraat Procession ready to begin; he led the Baraat along with our Groom in his Excalibur Vintage car. All the guests were amazed to see this rare vehicle as they danced away throughout the Baraat.

On the other hand, our COO Maggi Kewlani ensured the bride’s family was equipped and ready for the grand traditional South Indian welcome of the baraatis and Groom.

The Groom was welcomed in with the traditional brass lamps from the temples of Kerala along with pearl garlands, after which he entered the Mandap and eagerly awaited for his Maharani.

Our brides’ entry was nothing less; she looked breathtaking as she walked down the stairs holding her father’s arm alongside her bridesmaid showering rose petals. Was surreal to see this emotional sight on the Grand Staircase of Fairmont Bab al Bahr.

The rituals then began from the Jaimalas to the Wedding Pheras while colorful fruit pops were served to cool down the heat.

After the Wedding, guests made their way, enjoyed a traditional lunch, and prepared for the last event of the celebrations.

Finally, the much-awaited night arrived; the Grand Reception was a dreamy affair. Tania, our bride, was glowing in her opulent white gown as she walked in with Akash. The venue was decked up like none other, with fresh white rose arrangements giving the entire ballroom a mystical look.

The couple had their first dance, commemorated with their cake cutting and popped a bottle of champagne, and all the guests danced the night away with friends and family as DJ spun behind the decks.

All the themes, concepts, show flows, and artists were planned, conceptualized, and managed by Vivaah Celebrations.

Vivaah Celebrations is a premier Wedding Planning & Management company operating locally and globally for Destination Weddings under the leadership of Rahul Kumar, who has over a decade of experience planning and managing weddings globally.

To plan your next event, connect with us at #TheREALvivaahteam


Photography by Claude Loren 



EWPC 2023 – Ras Al Khaimah

Exotic Wedding Planning Conference 2023 – Ras Al Khaimah 

Connect – Collaborate – Celebrate 

The Exotic Wedding Planning Conference (EWPC) by Exito is a premier conference with a B2B setup, panel discussions, keynote speeches, with a lot more engaging content and networking opportunities for wedding planners, hospitality groups, tourism boards, travel experts, and other wedding suppliers from around the world, enabling them to build new business connections across the globe.

Vivaah Celebrations was privileged and honoured to be a special guest at this year’s version in Ras Al Khaimah after having successfully played co-hosts at the 2022 version in Dubai. The event was attended by our CEO Rahul Kumar and our COO Maggi Kewlani.

It was a pleasure to see EWPC hosted in the beautiful emirate of Ras Al Khaimah, where the gorgeous sea facing resort, Intercontinental Ras Al Khaimah played accommodation host. All the excursions, conferences and events took place around various venues in the emirate. 

EWPC 2023 brought together the world’s top wedding planners and event professionals. The 3-day sold-out event was an exclusive gathering of the industry’s best. EWPC 2022 brought together and connected over 200 wedding planners worldwide. 

The first day commenced with the world’s top 20 planners being spoiled with exclusive experiences courtesy Ras Al Khaimah Tourism Development Authority (RAKTDA).

The morning started early before sunrise with a beautiful hot air balloon excursion overseeing the gorgeous emirate.

The day then continued with excursions in the emirate which concluded with a traditional dinner hosted by RAKTDA at the Ritz Carlton Al Wadi in the middle of the dunes and desert with live entertainment and delicious delicacies. 

The next day was more relaxed while our friends were flying in from all around the world. The Welcome Cocktails was held in the unique bohemian venue, Ula at the Movenpick Ras Al Khaimah. Filled with fun entertainment and delicious food, we enjoyed the evening and were happy to see the industry come together once again.

The following day began with registrations and a welcome from Rishikesh Shetty, founder of Exito and EWPC. We saw our peers on panel discussions and keynote presentations throughout the day with B2B meetings and entertainment during the lunch hours. 

The evening then transpired into the Gala Dinner at the Intercontinental Ras Al Khaimah where the APEX awards were also announced and presented honoring the excellence in different specialisations of weddings. The ambiance, food, and entertainment were all glamorous. We relished our meals on the table while mingling with our peers. 

The subsequent day, the conference resumed early. Keynote addresses, panelists, and much more took place on the final day of conferences, along with B2B meetings where planners connected with suppliers and hoteliers.  

This day saw a spectacular panel discussion with leaders of the Industry, Teddy Manuel, Nicolas Barelier, and Rahul Kumar. These individuals shared their inspirational journeys and how they reached where they are today. The audience enjoyed this panel and applauded as Rahul Kumar and others spoke about their lives and were able to engage with the crowd and ensure they could relate and be inspired by the same. 

That evening transported all attendees to the Sonara Camp for the Closing Dinner party at the Desert. Being welcomed with a refreshing towel a day champagne, the settings with the dunes was surreal while the oud player played his tunes.

During the cocktail hour, attendees mingled with each other and enjoyed the falcon show, camel experiences, and much more.

Breathtaking fire shows and traditional entertainment welcomed the guests as we headed to the main arena with delicacies stations curated by exceptional chefs and excellent hospitality.

The highlight of the evening was a spectacular performance by Kevin from a renowned band called FireandIce, bringing all the attendees to the dance floor with his phenomenal voice through.

EWPC 2023 was an exceptional experience in association with incredible partners, and every year; we look forward to the next exotic wedding planners conference. 

Vivaah Celebrations is a premier Wedding Planning & Management company operating locally and globally for Destination Weddings under the leadership of Rahul Kumar who has over a decade of experience planning and managing weddings globally. To plan your next event, connect with us at


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