When it comes to determining what the bride should wear on her wedding day,  the bridal attire has always been a hot topic. Bridal clothes have altered dramatically in recent years as new styles have entered the market and old practices have been adjusted. 

The bridal gown is vital not only for the bride to look beautiful, but because of changing trends, brides and designers have begun to design outfits which represent the bride’s individuality. This has been done with various add-ons that make the bridal outfit stand out and showcase her beauty event more. 

Vivaah Celebrations, recognised as one of the best wedding planners in Dubai, identifies thee trending styles for your outfit for the Big Day. 



In recent years, bridal trousers and suits have gained popularity in the West, and designers have begun to promote pants in their designs. This has had an impact on women since no woman normally considers wearing a pant and suit attire for her wedding day. However, with new trends emerging and brides eager to try new designs, brides are now seen wearing these for their wedding day, displaying bold fashion and strength.


Sneakers are the most popular item this year, with an extraordinarily high growth rate all around the world. They have not only captured everyone’s attention, but they have also revolutionized people’s whole wardrobes. 

Brides are typically seen wearing heels on their wedding day or at other gatherings, but it is true that there must be a trendsetter, and we have seen a lot of brides experimenting with their appearances, clothing, and other aspects of their wedding day. The shoes are now tailored according to the bride’s preferences and event


Every event at a wedding is significant, and every outfit a bride wears is fashionable. However, brides and designers have begun to do things differently, and a trend has emerged in which it is no longer necessary to match the outfits to the theme of the event.

The contrast between the décor and the bridal attire is becoming increasingly visible nowadays, and it may be viewed in a variety of ways. Brides prefer being the limelight of the event, they choose to wear outfits in contract to the door but also the guests attending.


There are many various traditional dresses that are worn by brides during weddings; every single bride has a particular way of doing things and a different traditional clothing which they wear for weddings, and there are certain customs that must be followed in order for the wedding to take place. 

As a result of current trends and diverse designs that include traditional design and the essential elements, brides and designers have come up with a distinct and unique concept in which a modern costume may incorporate traditional elements that are important to them.


Colorful hues are now back in style this year.  A variety of pastel hues, pops of colors and vibrant, vivid flower themes have now come back in trend with Brides adoring such outfits.

There is a broad variety of wedding styles that may be implemented for your big day, planning ahead and following the fashion trends is the key. 

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