Hailing from Italy, Walter Scalzone is an international percussionist based in Dubai, UAE. With over 10 years of experience working in clubs in Italy, Spain, UK, USA China, UAE and more, he has also recorded for well-known DJs such as DJ Kryder, Peppe Citarella among others.

He performs on both acoustic and electronic percussion instruments, with over 600 sounds from all over the world allowing him the flexibility to switch between different styles of music, like house, samba, salsa, arabic, lounge, hip hop, rnb, on whim.Giving equal amounts of importance not only to sound but also delivery, Walter’s playing is energetic and only helps to enhance the visual effect of his performance. He can augment his show with the addition of multiple visual elements, among others, waterdrums, sound lasers, glow sticks which add a significant extra air of dazzle. Vivaah Celebrations has had the privilege to working with Walter and bringing him on for most of their Wedding Celebrations enhancing and bringing life to the Mehendi Afternoons, Sangeet Evenings and the After Parties, Walter has it all covered.

Maggi K. from Vivaah Celebrations had the pleasure of having a candid discussion with Walter and learning more about his opinions and insights into his industry.

1) When did you step into the world of music? What inspired you to pursue a career in the Music Industry? 

My first step into the world of music was when I was a child. When I was about 5 or 6 years old my mom used to bring me to the African community where she worked. The kids there were always entertained with  the African drums so that they could have contact with their culture. I was a little kid but already so fascinated by that sound of joy. Hence, I started joining them in, playing and following their rhythms. Since then I started to feel a true connection with this world and it opened my vision into my passion, something that was making me in line with myself and my dreams. My  life  into the music started  just with a drum with big dreams.

Drumming, playing music in general is more about feeling than technique for me and with the passing of time it motivated me to built my own style, to create unique drumming concepts in the Middle East and nowadays to develop a full music experience with a ONE MAN BAND, and a DJ set with some other extra music components to my drums. I started to pursue this carrier cause I had a a mission to give back to those African kids who sat with me and open my eyes and heart to my dreams. And today, all the people who believe in my music and its goals support my cause and I feel proud of what I have achieved so far.

2) Having performed around the world how do you connect with the crowd?

I believe the music is that univocal language in the world that if used with heart, it can reach everyone out there. When I play I am fully connected with my heart and I perceive that people feel it. I strongly believe this connects me to the crowd.

3) How do you keep evolving to keep your audiences engaged on social media ?

Since I started my live concept with the purpose to help WE AFRICA I realised how people travel through my shows and live experience via the videos I post on social media. I started to connect with people all over the world who wait for my next episodes, who follow  me in my dream in the daily gigs. I just feel I have a big family who supports my dream and I keep up on social media to stay connected with them and made them experience what maybe they can’t, as many of them are on the other part of the world.

4) What do you plan on achieving in the next few years of your career ?

I started playing the drums in a room of African kids and now I am playing in the best clubs and places in the world. I just wanna achieve to make more and more of my dreams come true.

I dream to play in so many other places in the world. I dream to help more with my music. And finally, the next step is to focus on music production and concerts. The best it yet to come.

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