A wedding celebration is no short of a narrative for a beautiful story telling. Every celebration has that one precious moment that gets forever etched in the memories of those present at the event. These are called Commemoration moments.

Special moments such as the Bride’s entrance, the couple’s first dance, cake cutting ceremony and the likes of such call for a commemoration ceremony which can be symbolized in many unique ways.

The experts at Vivaah Celebrations bring to you a few innovative concepts to highlight that iconic moment at your celebration and yes, your guests can participate too.


Cake Reveal

Create a hype and buzz around your cake cutting ceremony. Your wedding cake can be revealed in many innovative and unique ways such as descending from the ceiling or emerge from a hidden panel.

Lately, the cake reveal has been incorporated as part of an entertainment act where the artists reveal the cake as part of a choreographed performance.



Champagne Tower

Flowing champagne down a pre-set pyramid tower makes for a interactive and captivating concept for the participants as well as the onlookers. By filling the cup right on top, the overflowing champagne trickles down into all levels and then served to all the guests.



Balloon Release

Involve your guests in exciting and fun activities at your wedding. With the release of balloons into the open skies, the guests commemorate the union of the couple and wish them best in their lives ahead.



Butterfly Release

To highlight a special moment during an event, all guests may open their small soft box that contains a butterfly each to create the most gorgeous sight of all. Beautiful Monarch Butterflies spread their wings as they soar up in the sky. These are handled with care by professionals.



Dove Release

To commemorate their wedding, the couple releases a pair of Doves into the sky marking the beginning of their new life as man and wife while the guests in attendance can raise a toast to acknowledge. This symbolizes purity, peace and happiness for life.


Champagne Sabre

Do it the old-fashioned way like royalty. Move over popping open the champagne. The groom can sabre
the top of the champagne bottle with a well edged sword. Prior training by professionals is highly recommended.


Written by: Rahul Kumar – Director (Vivaah Celebrations)

For more information: info@vivaahcelebrations.com