Your wedding is one of the most important celebrations in your life. Entrusting someone to meticulously plan and execute for your big day is crucial. Ensuring that all your vendors, service providers and the host property are on the same page and synced can be quite a challenge. Here are some of the things your Wedding Planner wished you did when you sign them on and seal the deal.

Talk to Us
Speaking candidly with your wedding planner can help ease out the entire planning and conceptualizing process. It is vital to develop a rapport and comfort with your wedding planner over the weeks and months leading up to your big day. We’d love to know involved you’d like to be in every detail so we can assess how much and how often we bring information back to you for decision making. Every couple has a different level of involvement through their wedding planning depending on the work schedules, time zones and other commitments. On the other hand, some couples are hands-on with the day-to-day planning. Some even choose to entrust the responsibilities to other family members to liaise with their planners on the behalf. 

Tell us your essentials and wishlists. This allows us to have a better insight and keep a keen eye on your non-negotiables. We’d love to know about your smallest details that may mean the world to you and your family. Finally, tell us your story, your experiences, how you met your partner, your likes and dislikes as it helps us shape up your big day adaptive to your personalities.

Let’s envision together
Come prepared for a meeting with your planner. We love to see what inspires you whether it be photos, colour swatches, past event references, cinema, art – whatever you desire really. As planner, we love it when the couple is involved in the concepts and details of their wedding. We’re all ears for you to tell us whatever you have dreamed of. We then look into feasibilities, enhancements and steer your ideas in a direction better suited for your wedding celebrations.

We understand that you’re excited about your big day and would like to incorporate everything in it. As ‘experienced planners, we will be able to provide insights and tips on enhancing your selections. 

Trust your Planners
An experienced wedding planner would have seen it all, the good, the bad and the ugly. Their valuable recommendations and suggestions most definitely help shape up a flawless celebration. A credible wedding planner is calm and at ease when scenarios play out differently than planned and will have backup plans to fix them. The essentials, things to avoid, all the ‘wow’ factors and so much more can come from your wedding planners as they have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share. Choose a planner who is willing to advice rather than just merely follow your instructions.

Don’t hesitate to ask for references
It is totally alright to ask your planner for references of past work or past clients to get more comfort and endorsement if required. A successful, experienced and credible planner should be able to furnish this without any hesitation. After all, there is no better endorsement than a previous client’s recommendation.

If you’ve picked your venue, you could ask them for recommendations for vendors. Since your chosen venue may have hosted many celebrations in the past, they will be able to recommend vendors that they’ve worked with before and vouch for their work and credibility. Vendors who are
comfortable working with each other results in a memorable celebration with minimal or no challenges.

Believe in the process
Through tried and tested processes, we guide our couples through the most effective, efficient and easy way to plan their big day. Through a pre-set pattern, your wedding has a roadmap that we follow with carefully defined timelines. Every little detail has been thought through and will be attended to with precise timing. The right planners should have the entire process mapped out to ensure you’re at peace right from the start and are kept informed of all the progress along the way.

Inform your planners of all your vendors
Sometimes, you may choose to confirm the services of vendors you may know in person or may have worked with in the past. Make sure you inform your wedding planner of this; preferably even before you finalize the services of these vendors so your planner can help negotiate contracts and manage expectations on both sides. Informing your planners of all your vendors and providing contact details will ensure a hassle free coordination and smooth operations during the days of the events.

Let your planners know about key decision makers
We understand weddings are an important ceremony in the lives of the couple and their families. Planning for such events can be overwhelming and may involve many family members. We love that everyone wants to be a part of the wedding and have contribute their bit. However, it would make it easier and efficient to have one point of contact who will make the final decision on different aspects of the wedding.

Be candid about your Budgets
‘You get what you pay for’ – this stands true for eternity. However, an experienced Wedding Planner can definitely get you best value for your money or simply put, more bang for your buck. We understand there may be budget constraints or an allocation you may have earmarked for your celebration. It is our job to deliver the most memorable celebration of your life without going overboard. We assist with re-balancing the budget allocations to use your money optimally. Spend on things that are most important to you personally and then look into your wishlist.

There’s more after your wedding
As wedding planners, our job isn’t done when your wedding is over. We ensure that we provide you with our post event services which would include settlement of accounts, thank-you letters to your guests and vendors, following up with your photo-video teams to make sure your magical moments are delivered to you in time. We are truly with you from Inception to Wrap-Up.

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