Sikh Punjabi weddings are known for their vibrant traditions, rich cultural rituals, and extravagant celebrations. When it comes to hosting these grand events in the opulent city of Dubai, Vivaah Celebrations emerges as the premier Sikh wedding planner. Specializing in Sikh destination weddings, Vivaah Celebrations seamlessly blends traditional customs with a touch of luxury, creating unforgettable moments for the bride, groom, and their families.

Akhand Path Sahib

The celebration kicks off with an Akhand Path Sahib, a continuous recitation of the Guru Granth Sahib, bringing blessings and positive energy to the wedding festivities. Vivaah Celebrations ensures a serene and spiritually uplifting environment for this sacred ceremony.


   The Jaggo event is a spirited pre-wedding ritual where family and friends come together, carrying lit clay lamps and singing traditional songs. Vivaah Celebrations infuses this night with energy and excitement, creating an atmosphere of festivity and anticipation.


   The Maiyyo event, symbolizing the application of turmeric paste to the bride and groom, is a joyous occasion filled with laughter and camaraderie. Vivaah Celebrations orchestrates this pre-wedding ritual with flair, infusing the gathering with the warmth of traditions.

Mehendi and Sangeet Night

The vibrant colors of Punjab come alive during the Mehendi and Sangeet night. Vivaah Celebrations orchestrates a lively celebration with traditional music, dance performances, and exquisite decor, transforming the venue into a joyous haven.

Anand Karaj Ceremony

The heart of the Sikh Punjabi wedding is the Anand Karaj ceremony. Vivaah Celebrations meticulously plans and executes this sacred union, providing a picturesque setting for the couple to embark on their journey together.

Reception Evening

The grand finale is the reception gala, where the newlyweds are welcomed with splendor. Vivaah Celebrations transforms the venue into a majestic space, combining traditional elements with modern luxury to create an enchanting atmosphere.

A few of the many offerings by Vivaah Celebrations 

Personalized Planning and Management

  As a leading Sikh wedding planner in Dubai, Vivaah Celebrations offers personalized planning services tailored to the couple’s preferences. From venue selection to decor, every detail is meticulously curated.

Cultural Integration

  Vivaah Celebrations understands the significance of cultural integration. The team ensures that each event reflects the essence of Sikh traditions while incorporating the opulence of Dubai’s surroundings.

Logistical Excellence

  Managing a destination wedding requires exceptional logistical planning. Vivaah Celebrations takes care of transportation, accommodation, and other essential details, allowing clients to focus on enjoying the celebration.

Innovative Decor

  Blending traditional elements with modern aesthetics, Vivaah Celebrations creates innovative decor that captivates the senses. The result is a visually stunning celebration that leaves a lasting impression.


Sikh Punjabi weddings in Dubai, orchestrated by Vivaah Celebrations, are a perfect fusion of tradition and luxury. From the sacred ceremonies to the grand reception, every moment is crafted with precision, ensuring an unforgettable experience for the couple and their guests. As the go-to Sikh wedding planner in Dubai, Vivaah Celebrations continues to set the standard for destination weddings, creating memories that last a lifetime.

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