Priya Jethani, a television anchor, emcee, actor, and model, a magnetic personality. Here’s a sneakpeak of her wonderful journey so far. Indeed, she is a role model for countless young women.

Maggi K. from Vivaah Celebrations had the pleasure of having a candid discussion with Priya Jethani and learning more about her opinions and insights into the her industry.

1) When did you step into the world of events? What inspired you to pursue a career as a Emcee/Host? 

It happened a year after I made my debut in the media industry as a presenter for ZEE TV Middle East’s lifestyle television show, Zee Connect. People began to recognize me as a television personality and began approaching me about hosting live events for them. I believe one of my very first performances was a 25th wedding anniversary party for a couple from my hometown. Knowing that I’ve had the opportunity to speak with some major celebrities for my program, and that I’ve done interviews in one take, has given me the confidence to host a large crowd and keep it engaging for my viewers.

2) Having hosted events around the world, what do you personally prefer – corporate events or private celebrations? 

Each event, every audience is different. I have hosted private celebrations to corporate shows to even sports leagues. There is always some pressure because as a host you have to ensure the event not only flows in a structured way but also that people have a good time. The energy always has to be high in the room whatever event that may be. My efforts pay off when people from the audience and organizers say how much they loved my work on stage. that’s what I love.

3) How do you keep evolving to keep your audiences engaged on social media ? 

Social media is ever evolving and you have to keep up with the trends. I take my audience through my day almost everyday. And I look for creative ways to do that so they are not bored. I love creating content whether it is about showcasing my outfits from my shoots and events, my moments with celebrities, my hectic working hours and behind the scenes, my workout routine or even my acting skills through funny videos.

4) How do you increase interaction levels between both sides of the family?

I try to gather as much info I can about the families and the couple so I can bring in a personal connect during the wedding. Knowing the relationships and anecdotes helps to add a fun element to the wedding that everyone enjoys. To that I add my own creativity and bring in impromptu interactions and activities once I have gauged the audience response.

5) What’s your opinion on co-hosting celebrations?

It’s fun to do that sometimes (provided client has the budget for 2 hosts haha) But on a serious note, I have co-hosted some celebrations with other professional emcees or someone from the family itself and it has been super fun.

6) What do you plan on achieving in the next few years of your career ?

I always feel there’s a long way to go. Won’t deny how far I have come in establishing myself but I do intend on getting myself across the world, do more destination weddings and shows across countries and grow further in the presenter/emcee space.

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