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How do you envision your big day? – Megha Kewlani, COO of Vivaah Celebrations

Does the Palais du Versailles mesmerize you or fun-filled Disneyland? Does a beach/yacht wedding against the backdrop of the colour changing Mediterranean sea makes your heart skip a beat? Or you’d like the shor-sharaba of a big fat royal Indian wedding in a Jaipur haveli? Megha Kewlani, the COO of Vivaah Celebrations, an avid traveler and aesthete, then, should be on your speed-dial. Raised in Poland, educated in London, having worked in Paris and Madrid, she is now in Dubai doing what she loves best – heading a destination wedding planning/event company Vivaah Celebrations.

Recognised as The Most influential Women 2021 by FilmfareMe. 

What has been your career path thus far and how have you achieved so much at such a young age?

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. I’ve just only begun and have a long way to go. I’ve had an interesting international journey so far; originally from India, born in UAE, brought up in Poland. I then decided to pursue my further studies in London, which opened avenues for me to work in other cities such as Paris, Madrid and now I’m realizing my dream in Dubai. My family has been my strength throughout my journey in achieving what I have. Being a woman, traveling across the globe to find my forte is not a privilege everyone gets. They’ve been supportive throughout my journey and always encouraged me to explore new avenues and do more. I also believe that identifying opportunities and making the best of it is an essential factor. Nothing comes easy; one must grasp on to the opportunities, work on it passionately and consistently exceed expectations. I have been blessed to be surrounded by reputable individuals who saw the potential in me and gave me opportunities to prove what I am capable of. I’m empowered, focused and driven to revolutionize the business of events and forge a new path where others will follow. I still have a long way ahead of me. I aspire to create my own footprints, make my family proud and inspire the next generation of businesswomen.

When did you realize your passion for event management?

Event management has grasped my attention from as early as my childhood. I was always on the forefront to bring the neighborhood kids together and organize small parties or events just because I wanted to have a fun celebration. Occasions such as Halloween, birthday parties and evening teas was something I would ideate and put together in a small simple way when I was in school. No matter the scale of the event I’ve always been intrigued and interested in the way everything was organized. I was interested in knowing what goes on behind the scenes; how much human resource was required, the operations, the management and the finer details. Growing up I knew I wanted to be a part of the events industry. I came across a 4-years Bachelors and Honors degree in International Events Management at Regents University London and decided to pursue a formal education before I embarked on a professional career.

Entrepreneurship runs in your family. How do you see that osmotically enter your career as well?

I must say, it definitely has been inspiring to see my family be successful entrepreneurs who have achieved immense success. However, I never took it for granted nor did I ever expect things to be handed over to me easily. My family has brought me up with strong principles that have defined that anything worth having, does not come easy. Since childhood up until now, I have had to prove my worth, skills and acumen to enjoy the respect and accolades from my family. This has made me independent, strong and focused in my vision. Every accomplishment and milestone I achieve is something my family can be proud of as I work hard towards it and do not take an easy route. I’m blessed to have the support and encouragement from my family to go out there and contribute my best towards the business in the prime years of my life. Every day is interesting and the journey has been fulfilling thus far.

Which is the most memorable wedding you have worked for and why?

Hands down, it has to be the first ever destination wedding in Disneyland Paris which we planned and managed a couple of years ago. It is still one of the most recognized events globally in the portfolio of Vivaah Celebrations.This truly was the real definition of a fairy-tale wedding. Disneyland Paris played host to one of the most magnificent Indian wedding celebrations where some of the finest memories were created that every attendee would cherish for a lifetime. With over 300 guests from around the world dressed in their finest outfits and ensemble, this was truly a magical wedding. We worked closely with the Disneyland Paris teams to ensure an unparalleled event – one that would go down the history books as the first and one of the finest wedding celebrations held at Disneyland Paris.

You travel across continents for your work. What aspects of this world travel gets reflected in your work?

I have always believed that travel opens your heart, broadens your mind and fills your life with stories to tell. This is exactly what we do with our weddings. Having traveled the world, I have learned to explore different cultures, traditions, cuisines, hospitality, nuances and habits that I eventually fuse into wedding celebrations somewhere in the future. I owe this to the extensive travels I have done of across many different cities and countries around the world. Quite often, we get asked to plan and conceptualize a cross-cultural wedding where bride and groom belong to different ethnicities. They feel much at ease and comfort with me as I can relate to much of what they share with me about their cuisines, rituals and expectations since my travels have educated and enriched me. I look forward to returning to my travels and exploring lots more around the world.

How do you manage your professional and personal life when it comes to the business of events?

In the business of events, you can never draw a line with professional and personal life. With undefined hours and unpredictable workdays, our team including myself spend a lot of time planning and conceptualizing events without any track of weekdays or weekends. Furthermore, most events are usually held on weekends and more often in the evenings. This limits my personal time quite a bit. I do make time for my fitness and meditation as it helps me rejuvenate and maintain an equilibrium. Quite simply, we sacrifice our own personal events, ceremonies, family time to shape up someone else’s big day. And I do not regret it one bit as the satisfaction we get after having delivered a successful event is unparalleled.

Apart from the business background, are you inclined towards social work? Which sector would you want to contribute to?

For me, this most definitely has to be women empowerment. Being a woman in the business of events, I have seen first-hand how women are seen and judged when you are out there working late at nights, traveling alone or conducting meetings with top professionals globally. For a woman, it takes a long list of achievements, accolades, appreciation and recognition to finally win the respect of colleagues and peers. Having worked with multiple firms in different parts of the world, I finally found comfort and a nurturing nest with Vivaah Celebrations where every team member is empowered to think, ideate and share opinions. Furthermore, women in our team are given an equal platform to compete with their male counterparts which in-turn enhances the product and service offering to our clients. In my individual capacity, I have already formed a network of entrepreneurial women in this region where we meet once a month to share best practices, accomplishments and future plans.

What are the unique demands that your clients put forth and how have you managed them?

Most couples come to us asking for something different or unique at their wedding; something that has never been done before. This stimulates our team to get their creative juices flowing. Having said that, unique concepts more often mean ideating something from scratch or innovating a fresh creation which requires time, energy and supporting budgets. Every wedding or event is dynamic as every client has a different set of requirements or expectations. This constantly makes us hit the reset button and begin from scratch. We do not believe in a ‘one size fits all approach’ and continuously like to challenge ourselves to raise the bar and achieve something that the client and the team can be proud of.

What advice would you like to give young aspiring entrepreneurs looking and creating a mark for themselves?
The young breed of entrepreneurs is ambitious, eager to learn and focused to make a difference. The future of the business world looks limitless and there is much evolution around the corner.Especially with new age businesses engulfing unconventional business streams that have only sprung up in the past decade or so, just like our business of events and weddings. Over the years, the destination weddings industry has blown out to be a multi-billion dollars industry. Our profession is now recognized globally with formal associations, conferences and congresses held internationally. Follow your passion, work hard and aspire to make a mark. These should be the motivating factors for a career drive. For such young entrepreneurs, sky is the limit.

To plan your Wedding with the leading wedding planners in UAE, contact Vivaah Celebrations on: or visit Instagram: @vivaahcelebrations


What your Wedding Planner expects from you

Your wedding is one of the most important celebrations in your life. Entrusting someone to meticulously plan and execute for your big day is crucial. Ensuring that all your vendors, service providers and the host property are on the same page and synced can be quite a challenge. Here are some of the things your Wedding Planner wished you did when you sign them on and seal the deal.

Talk to Us
Speaking candidly with your wedding planner can help ease out the entire planning and conceptualizing process. It is vital to develop a rapport and comfort with your wedding planner over the weeks and months leading up to your big day. We’d love to know involved you’d like to be in every detail so we can assess how much and how often we bring information back to you for decision making. Every couple has a different level of involvement through their wedding planning depending on the work schedules, time zones and other commitments. On the other hand, some couples are hands-on with the day-to-day planning. Some even choose to entrust the responsibilities to other family members to liaise with their planners on the behalf. 

Tell us your essentials and wishlists. This allows us to have a better insight and keep a keen eye on your non-negotiables. We’d love to know about your smallest details that may mean the world to you and your family. Finally, tell us your story, your experiences, how you met your partner, your likes and dislikes as it helps us shape up your big day adaptive to your personalities.

Let’s envision together
Come prepared for a meeting with your planner. We love to see what inspires you whether it be photos, colour swatches, past event references, cinema, art – whatever you desire really. As planner, we love it when the couple is involved in the concepts and details of their wedding. We’re all ears for you to tell us whatever you have dreamed of. We then look into feasibilities, enhancements and steer your ideas in a direction better suited for your wedding celebrations.

We understand that you’re excited about your big day and would like to incorporate everything in it. As ‘experienced planners, we will be able to provide insights and tips on enhancing your selections. 

Trust your Planners
An experienced wedding planner would have seen it all, the good, the bad and the ugly. Their valuable recommendations and suggestions most definitely help shape up a flawless celebration. A credible wedding planner is calm and at ease when scenarios play out differently than planned and will have backup plans to fix them. The essentials, things to avoid, all the ‘wow’ factors and so much more can come from your wedding planners as they have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share. Choose a planner who is willing to advice rather than just merely follow your instructions.

Don’t hesitate to ask for references
It is totally alright to ask your planner for references of past work or past clients to get more comfort and endorsement if required. A successful, experienced and credible planner should be able to furnish this without any hesitation. After all, there is no better endorsement than a previous client’s recommendation.

If you’ve picked your venue, you could ask them for recommendations for vendors. Since your chosen venue may have hosted many celebrations in the past, they will be able to recommend vendors that they’ve worked with before and vouch for their work and credibility. Vendors who are
comfortable working with each other results in a memorable celebration with minimal or no challenges.

Believe in the process
Through tried and tested processes, we guide our couples through the most effective, efficient and easy way to plan their big day. Through a pre-set pattern, your wedding has a roadmap that we follow with carefully defined timelines. Every little detail has been thought through and will be attended to with precise timing. The right planners should have the entire process mapped out to ensure you’re at peace right from the start and are kept informed of all the progress along the way.

Inform your planners of all your vendors
Sometimes, you may choose to confirm the services of vendors you may know in person or may have worked with in the past. Make sure you inform your wedding planner of this; preferably even before you finalize the services of these vendors so your planner can help negotiate contracts and manage expectations on both sides. Informing your planners of all your vendors and providing contact details will ensure a hassle free coordination and smooth operations during the days of the events.

Let your planners know about key decision makers
We understand weddings are an important ceremony in the lives of the couple and their families. Planning for such events can be overwhelming and may involve many family members. We love that everyone wants to be a part of the wedding and have contribute their bit. However, it would make it easier and efficient to have one point of contact who will make the final decision on different aspects of the wedding.

Be candid about your Budgets
‘You get what you pay for’ – this stands true for eternity. However, an experienced Wedding Planner can definitely get you best value for your money or simply put, more bang for your buck. We understand there may be budget constraints or an allocation you may have earmarked for your celebration. It is our job to deliver the most memorable celebration of your life without going overboard. We assist with re-balancing the budget allocations to use your money optimally. Spend on things that are most important to you personally and then look into your wishlist.

There’s more after your wedding
As wedding planners, our job isn’t done when your wedding is over. We ensure that we provide you with our post event services which would include settlement of accounts, thank-you letters to your guests and vendors, following up with your photo-video teams to make sure your magical moments are delivered to you in time. We are truly with you from Inception to Wrap-Up.

To plan your wedding with the leading wedding planners in UAE, contact Vivaah Celebrations on: or visit Instagram: @vivaahcelebrations



Vivaah Celebrations concludes a week-long Milestone Anniversary celebration of Polish-Indian businessman with a Grand Finale at Palazzo Versace


When Polish-Indian business tycoon Raju Kewlani decided to celebrate his 30th wedding anniversary, it had to be grand affair. The man who wears many hats certainly knows how to party and how! Having hosted numerous luxurious parties around the world, Raju decided on Dubai as destination for a week-long celebration to commemorate his milestone anniversary celebration.

Renowned for hosting some of the most stylish events, his guest lists boasts of recognized international businessmen, accomplished government delegates and famous celebrities. With that in view, Dubai was the most ideal choice of destination for his recent extravagant celebrations. 

What began as a series of private events at some of the hot spots in the city ended in a grand finale at the prestigious Palazzo Versace where he also has active investments. Being a patron of the Versace brand and his long-standing love for fashion and style, the event was no short of a showcase. The celebrations saw the crème de la crème of the business community in attendance who are also close friends of Raju Kewlani.

The evening at Palazzo Versace began with a special appearance from one of the close friends of the family, Raghav Sachar, an award-winning record holder musician, who walked in the couple leading them with his enchanting tunes on his saxophone. The moment appeared picked straight out of a fairy tale. The couple commemorated the evening with a Champagne Tower which mesmerised the audience.

To heighten the guest experience, International Acts and Artists were brought in with innovative breath-taking acts that had the guests enthralled including a specially choreographed Cake Reveal that mesmerized the guests. The highlight of the evening was a scintillating performance by the talented Dubai based band – ROOH which had the guests engaged and asking for more till the late hours. 

Interactives zones such as the customized photo wall bearing the legacy family logo had the guests clicking away pictures all night/ The Palazzo Versace signature bar was in full motion with the region’s finest talented mixologists creating magic behind the bar with specialities such as Infused Caviar, Infused Pearls and innovative cocktails prepared using Cotton Candy, Chocolate Syrups and real Gold flakes.

World-renowned event planners and celebration specialists, Vivaah Celebrations had the privilege to conceptualize, plan and manage the week-long extravaganza. The team led by highly experienced and recognized planner Rahul Kumar, yet again spun the magic of creativity and immersive experiences synonymous with all their past events. Vivaah Celebrations have delivered several iconic events in over 20 countries around the world including the First Ever Destination Wedding in Disneyland Paris in 2019. 


To explore their world of magnificent events, follow Instagram: @vivaahcelebrations or visit


A Legendary Property with a Fresh Stylish Offering – JA Resorts

Ideal for Destination Weddings in Dubai


A true escape from the city vibe of Dubai, JA Beach Hotel has always offered a resort feel with a surrounding expanse of greenery and wildlife, a private marina and a host of family activities to suit all generations. An intrinsic landmark in the history of Dubai’s rapid development, the JA Beach Hotel, once known as the Jebel Ali Beach Hotel, was one of the first leisure hotels built in the city. Described as the ‘original heritage hotel at the heart of the action, JA Beach Hotel has completed a makeover and will reopen for hosting memorable events this summer. 

The renovation included sleek all-glass balconies ensuring panoramic sea views of the beach, new bedrooms and a host of new restaurants. With over 1 million square metres of lush, landscaped greenery, JA Resort – Dubai’s Largest Experience Resort is set along 800-metres of private beach.

Positioned to be one of the sought-after venues for hosting destination weddings in the UAE, the resort is located 10 minutes from Dubai Parks & Resorts, 20 minutes from Dubai’s buzzing JBR and 30 minutes from the iconic Dubai Mall. The 5-star JA Beach Hotel accompanies the new JA Lake View Hotel and the Mediterranean villa suites of JA Palm Tree Court to become Dubai’s Largest Experience Resort. 

Guests staying at the three unique properties will enjoy seven landscaped swimming pools with four swim up bars, a choice of 25 restaurants and bars, a floodlit driving range, putting and pitching greens and Leadbetter Golf Academy Dubai, 4 tennis courts and a tennis academy, squash courts, badminton courts, beach volleyball facilities, horse-riding stables, mini-golf course, watercooled watersports centre with water-skiing, banana boats, catamarans, laser sailboats and a private marina offering fishing trips, boat trips and seaplane flights. It also boasts 6 shooting ranges, the Calm Spa, a bio-garden, Kids Club, crèche and Babysitting services.


Looking at a colourful Mehendi celebration at the terrace, or a Haldi bash at the lawns, perhaps a Sangeet by the sea till the late hours and a lovely beachside wedding celebration in Dubai – look no further. The JA Resort is positioned to be the most ideal venue for your wedding in Dubai. With over 20 venues to choose from in just one property, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to stunning wedding venues in Dubai. 


To host your lovely wedding celebration with us at JA Resorts, please write to us at: or visit


Destination Weddings in Fairmont Ajman


Fairmont Ajman is a beachfront five-star hotel beautifully situated in Ajman, the Sincerely Emirati emirate, just 30 minutes away from the bustling metropolis of Dubai. Ajman offers an exciting mix of beaches and mangroves to museums and malls that will entice travellers of all ages. Combining hospitality and elegance with impeccable service, Fairmont Ajman promises a truly memorable experience for your destination wedding celebrations. 


Featuring 252 guestrooms and suites complete with ample space and stunning views of the Arabian Gulf, guests will enjoy events at multiple stunning venues with the world class service of Fairmont Hotels & Resorts.



One of the best sunsets in the country can be witnessed from the Badr Lounge which is ideal for Welcome Cocktails or a Sundowner Soiree for your guests. This venue offers panaromic views of the Arabian Gulf where a solo musician can serenade your guests as they sip on cocktails during the early hours of the evening till sunset. It makes for a great start to the celebrations that wait ahead.



Ideal for an Arabian or Mediterranean themed event, the Kiyi Lounge has been innovatively used as a venue to host a Mehendi event as part of the wedding celebrations. This venue is a Turkish restaurant that boats of delicious Ottoman cuisine as well as rich traditional interiors which play the perfect setting for an Arabian themed Mehendi Evening. 



For an Afterparty, head over to the new swanky sports club called The Cave. True to its name, its situated in the basement of the hotel and you will have to make your way through a short tunnel to get to this venue. Equipped with a full-fledged bar, open spaces, pool tables, dart boards and a DJ deck, this place is ready to rock and roll. The most ideal setting for your Afterparty.



The morning breakfast is served at Spectrum which is a large all-day dining. This outlet has plenty of daylight flowing in as well as outdoor seating spaces overlooking the sea and resort gardens. With a separate section for the little ones, kids can enjoy a fun delicious array of offerings for their morning bites. For the young at heart, the kitchen offers a large spread of breakfast of some of the finest dishes to begin the day. 



Escape to the beach for a lovely BBQ afternoon with your guests. Enjoy the pristine beachfront with crystal clear waters. Live band performances, an interactive bar, delicious canapes and more while enjoying the sun, sand and sea.



The Grand Ballroom serves as the perfect venue for an extravagant Sangeet Evening. The spacious venue can comfortably fit up to 300 guests and also provides for a pre-function foyer area where the food can be served. This ballroom has had multiple wedding celebrations hosted here in the past where guests have rejoiced with artists, entertainers and performers till the early hours of the morning.



For the Wedding Pheras, the Helipad is one of the most sought after and stunning locations to hold the ceremony. Some of the most iconic wedding photos have been captured at this venue that is surrounded by sea on all sides. The access to this venue is a 200 meter long walkway that stretches into the sea which can also be used as the Baraat path to reach the Mandap that sits on the Helipad. Words will fall short when describing this stunning location where many blessed couples have commemorated their union.



Finally, we introduce the Pearl Garden; a large oval piece of lush green venue with the backdrop of the sea. This venue has been used many a times to host a Grand Reception Evening outdoors. With great food, live performances, speeches and the ceremonious First Dance, this venue is sure to mesmerize your guests as they prepare to wrap up after days of lovely celebrations at the majestic Fairmont Ajman.

To host your lovely wedding celebration with us at Fairmont Ajman, please write to us at:


Commemoration Concepts By Vivaah Celebrations

A wedding celebration is no short of a narrative for a beautiful story telling. Every celebration has that one precious moment that gets forever etched in the memories of those present at the event. These are called Commemoration moments.

Special moments such as the Bride’s entrance, the couple’s first dance, cake cutting ceremony and the likes of such call for a commemoration ceremony which can be symbolized in many unique ways.

The experts at Vivaah Celebrations bring to you a few innovative concepts to highlight that iconic moment at your celebration and yes, your guests can participate too.


Cake Reveal

Create a hype and buzz around your cake cutting ceremony. Your wedding cake can be revealed in many innovative and unique ways such as descending from the ceiling or emerge from a hidden panel.

Lately, the cake reveal has been incorporated as part of an entertainment act where the artists reveal the cake as part of a choreographed performance.



Champagne Tower

Flowing champagne down a pre-set pyramid tower makes for a interactive and captivating concept for the participants as well as the onlookers. By filling the cup right on top, the overflowing champagne trickles down into all levels and then served to all the guests.



Balloon Release

Involve your guests in exciting and fun activities at your wedding. With the release of balloons into the open skies, the guests commemorate the union of the couple and wish them best in their lives ahead.



Butterfly Release

To highlight a special moment during an event, all guests may open their small soft box that contains a butterfly each to create the most gorgeous sight of all. Beautiful Monarch Butterflies spread their wings as they soar up in the sky. These are handled with care by professionals.



Dove Release

To commemorate their wedding, the couple releases a pair of Doves into the sky marking the beginning of their new life as man and wife while the guests in attendance can raise a toast to acknowledge. This symbolizes purity, peace and happiness for life.


Champagne Sabre

Do it the old-fashioned way like royalty. Move over popping open the champagne. The groom can sabre
the top of the champagne bottle with a well edged sword. Prior training by professionals is highly recommended.


Written by: Rahul Kumar – Director (Vivaah Celebrations)

For more information:


Rent Your Event – Reshaping the world of events in India, Dubai & Thailand

A platform that Re-defines procurement for personal and professional events


And the world was never the same again! The COVID-19 reshaped and made us rethink the future and the past both in the same breath. The way we conduct our daily lives and celebrate our events were amongst that would go through a massive paradigm shift. This pandemic brought the world to a grinding halt. The celebrations and events across the globe were impacted and the distances were felt even more glaringly. As resilient we are as humans and a society, we bounced back and trotting slowly back on the track. The opening up of the global economies lent a ray of hope across sectors. More importantly, the event, experiential, and LIVE entertainment industry was now transformed. 

Raring to bring its former glory, it had to be re-imagined. The distances between the consumer and the vendors had to be bridged. The world was closer now with technology playing a key role. Amidst this metamorphosis, the seed of Rent Your Event was born. A brainchild of Ananya Kapur and Preeti Singh, who hail from a celebrated career in the event industry saw this as a much-needed gap to fill. As a tribute to the ever-evolving Industry of events and celebrations, they present to you Rent Your Event. Be ready to witness a new platform, that will revolutionize the way this industry is looked at. Rent Your Event is the ‘new kid’ on the block with a vision of transforming this industry. Up until now, the event industry was characterized as a fragmented market with highly stiff geographical limitations. These limitations are now challenged by this new platform.

Founded by two young women entrepreneurs with an idea to re-shape the world of events, re-imagine the event space and re-define the event manager in you!

This is a one-of-a-kind digital platform aimed to connect consumers with the right event partners for them to plan an event effortlessly. This unique model helps users, both individual and agency, plan and execute events seamlessly with easy availability of event partners within their budgets and across geographies, in just a few clicks.

Rent Your Event aids consumers to directly tap on the website, search for their requirements from a plethora of partners listed, connect with partners via the online directory, and enjoy the experience of effortless events.

To quote the words of the founders, Ananya Kapur and Preeti Singh

“We fervently believe this platform will be pivotal in connecting potential buyers and sellers from across the globe and will help revolutionize the way events will be planned in the future

This well thought yet the simple platform is a celebration and tribute to the craftsmanship of the makers of the event industry, created to re-shape the future of the event industry in UAE, India, and Thailand to begin with”

To know more about Rent Your Event, visit



Vivaah Celebrations plans the First Covid-19 Compliant wedding celebration in Dubai

Vivaah Celebrations plans the First Covid-19 Compliant wedding celebration in Dubai



It is overwhelming and heart-warming to see that the weddings and events industry is slowly gathering momentum after the much-awaited guidelines were released recently. After months of a hiatus, the return of weddings and events is finally a reality in Dubai. 

With a common voice across the globe and most definitely a strong petition from Middle East wedding community, the collective voice has echoed and reached the right authorities who have now sanctioned weddings and events in the country while adhering to certain guidelines and parameters. 

Vivaah Celebrations planned, managed and conceptualized the first full-fledged COVID-19 compliant wedding celebrations last week at The Meydan Hotel. The experienced team led by Rahul Kumar welcomed about 150 guests in attendance following strict hygiene and social distancing guidelines as provided by Dubai Tourism and Dubai’s Supreme Committee of Crisis and Disaster Management. 



The evening saw an elegant display of décor, production and unparalleled guest experience. The staff  at the venue was compliant with all the new norms while extending the same warmth and hospitality that the The Meydan Hotel is renowned for. 

Food and Beverage service was controlled and catered within the parameters of the guidelines laid out while the entertainment was seamlessly infused with the flow of events in the evening. 



Overall, the event was a great success and was very well received by the guests as well as all stakeholders involved. It sets a precedent for all events to follow in the coming weeks till further ease in restrictions are announced.

We welcome this move from the government and the related authorities. The wedding fraternity is excited to embark on a journey of creating memorable experiences for couples yet again. 

With a varied and large diaspora of families residing in the country, the hospitality industry has seen a surge in demand for hosting private celebrations at their premises. Furthermore, with air travel easing out in the forthcoming months, this demand could further see a growth. 


In addition to signing up new business, the venues are presently engaged in the process of accommodating and re-scheduling events that were displaced from earlier months of the year. This is great news for all service providers and support vendors to the wedding industry as it contributes towards job creation, revenues for businesses as well as business continuity. 

For more information on Vivaah Celebrations and our services, check our content page on Instagram: @vivaahcelebrations


DELLA RESORTS – An enchanting destination for weddings


In search for an enchanting and alluring destination for your wedding celebrations?

Allow us to introduce to you – Della Resorts in India, the ultimate getaway destination located in the verdant landscapes of Lonavala, India. A short drive from both Mumbai and Pune, this five-star, luxury resort offers guests a one-of-its-kind experience, coupling luxury with impeccable service and world-class amenities which will truly be appreciated by your guests at your wedding.

Boasting of picturesque landscapes, the sprawling complex spans over 50 acres of pure bliss and stimulating event spaces. Della offers six different resort properties within its premises, all individually designed to cater to every conceivable need of each guest who visits. 

271 luxuriously-appointed rooms across 27 room categories offer the best of luxury, adventure and even glamping. Della is ideal to host that dream wedding celebration that you may have envisioned all your life in a serene and fascinating setting.

The entire property of Della encompasses over 10 indoor banquets, 12 outdoor wedding venues, 1000 pax amphitheatre, 24 hours dining facilities, and so much more!

Those looking for a distinctively different location for a destination wedding will benefit from Della’s variety of flexible events spaces, which offer a mix of large and more intimate venues, both indoor and outdoor. Complete with seamless service and a flair for creativity, the Della events team will work to ensure that every wedding event leaves you and your guests with memorable moments to return back for a relaxing experience again. 

A range of restaurants, bar lounges and even a nightclub, all offering the finest food and beverage, will keep guests well-entertained, and the property’s 50 private gardens ensure that guests will feel ensconced in lush greenery and connected to nature throughout their stay.

To explore this destination further, please visit or connect with us on:


GORGEOUS ISLAND WEDDINGS in CYPRUS – A fast-growing destination for weddings

Charismatic Cyprus has a rich history of legendary romantic tales and unparalleled beauty, making the island an ideal choice for couples wishing to celebrate their big day in a Mediterranean offering.

With over 11,000 years of rich history, Cyprus is a vibrant time-capsule of sites, monuments and museums, where ancient stories of the many different civilisations that passed through the island can be felt. Multiple venues can be explored for your beautiful wedding celebrations at carefully maintains castles, mosaics, ruins, Venetian bridges, and other significant sites.

As the legend goes, Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love and Beauty came to life in this beautiful land. As she rose from the foam of the sparkling seawaters and took her first steps on the golden sands, she blessed the beautiful island of Cyprus with a romantic essence… so that couples around the world could explore their own fairy-tale here and commemorate their love story.

Enjoying year-round sunshine, a golden coastline and stunning mountains, Cyprus has some of the most fascinating landscapes ideal for proposals, weddings, honeymoons, anniversaries and intimate getaways.

Ease and Convenience

Cyprus has two modern, award-winning international airports at Larnaka and Pafos that operate regular flights to and from major cities in Europe and the Middle East, making travel to the island a breeze. Cyprus offers a wide range of accommodation types that perfectly match the requirements of different types of travellers with different budgets. 

Many couples choose to celebrate their big day at various venues dotted along the island. These could be luxurious resorts with large open spaces or a mesmerising seaside setting. In addition to this, there are many family style accommodations available that include swimming pools and children’s water attractions, spa and leisure facilities, in-house daytime and evening entertainment, and a multitude of dining and drinking options – including generous all-inclusive packages.

Other venue options include the classic backdrop of sand and sea; on public or hotel beaches, piers, harbours and yachts. More unusual or historic options are also available including traditional buildings; gardens and golf courses; ancient ruins and castles; wineries, galleries and museums – or any other location that is desired with the appropriate arrangements, for which the Municipal Offices or a professional Wedding Coordinator can assist with.

Picturesque Landscapes

The island’s stunning and natural beauty spots inspire photo opportunities in abundance. Breath-taking vistas unfold across golden beaches with crystal-clear seawaters; rugged rock formations; countryside bursting with blooms; mountains green with forest, and ripe orchards, olive groves and vineyards. And with some of the most captivating sunsets in the region, the fiery skies always add a dramatic flair to any shot.

Whilst the Mediterranean landscape is a favourite for many happy couples from abroad, there are also alternative options that can infuse authentic charm into photography. Capturing elements of the island’s traditions and ancient history will create a precious keepsake of your special celebration in Cyprus, and there is no shortage of fascinating archaeological ruins, old architecture, traditional buildings, museums and rustic villages to strike a passionate pose at.

Celebrations extending into Holidays

After your wedding celebrations are over, your guests may choose to continue their stay for a few more days to explore and experience the offerings of Cyprus at their leisure.

Cyprus is renowned for offering a good time around the clock. For those seeking the epic night out, the pulsating pubs, bars and nightclubs are waiting to be discovered within the eclectic old streets; the many town squares; bustling entertainment districts and even directly on the beach! Some of the trendiest venues attract big name DJs and well-known entertainment acts, earning them consistent rankings among the best nightspots in the world.

With an endless array of experiences to enjoy before or after the special celebrations, all the elements are in place for an unforgettable holiday, and everyone will find something to love about Cyprus! 

An ideal Honeymoon destination

Tying the knot in a dreamy island destination makes the long-awaited honeymoon seamless and immediate – and the most wonderful way to begin newlywed life!

Basking in the sun’s warm glow on one of the many golden, sandy beaches is always pure pleasure, whilst the large number of high-star hotels and luxury resorts offer an oasis of relaxation around their swimming pools. Combining this with pampering spa treatments and gentle activities such as sunrise yoga and barefoot walks on the sand is a delectable recipe for a honeymoon filled with quality couple time.

Couples hungry for explorations and adventure will find that the island is just waiting to be discovered. From its vibrant cities to its quaint villages and traditional mountain communities, each region has a unique character and charm. Days can easily be filled with sightseeing at archaeological sites, ancient monuments and museums filled with magic and mythology. The island’s favourable weather and natural beauty invites active pursuits in fresh air such as hiking, cycling, team and water sports. Fun experiences can be found in the many theme parks, water parks and animal parks, as well as in the sparkling nightlife comprised of drinking, dining and dancing. More mellow moments can be savoured at the vineyards, private wine estates and groves. And for a real flavour of Cyprus, the traditional handicrafts, folkloric entertainment and local cuisine will ensure that the island remains a fond memory always.

Culinary Experiences

The Mediterranean Diet is considered to be one of the healthiest and is simply bursting with fresh produce and full flavours. The local cuisine typically incorporates olive oil, pulses and legumes, local cheeses, cured and stewed meats, seafood, village breads, Cypriot potatoes, grains such as buckwheat, fresh salad vegetables, seasonal sunshine fruits and sticky desserts.

For a real taste of Cyprus, the traditional taverns where the famous ‘mezzeh’ meal is served are always a winning bet. Comprised of many, small dishes the mezzeh is perfect for sharing and for trying out the different local specialties. Or, why not try the well-balanced and nutritious ‘Cyprus Breakfast’? For the freshest fish, the harbours are the place to head for. Here the morning’s catch of the day is served in quaint restaurants overlooking the peaceful, bobbing fishing boats. 

Away from the local cuisine, the island offers an enormous selection of international and fusion dining options. Elegant, award-winning fine cuisine can be savoured amidst glamour and glitz, and casual or quick dining is served in modern cafes and quirky bistros with many popular, international franchises also available.

Traditional Experiences

Cyprus is steeped in tradition and many of its authentic pastimes are still practised to this day and safeguarded with their inclusion on the UNESCO List of Intangible Cultural Heritage, including that of handmade food and folkloric crafts. 

Traditional pastimes include iconography, woodworking, basketry, silversmithing, lace making, pottery, copper and iron works… and more. The rural and mountainous villages typically each practise their own distinctive traditions with locals happy to showcase their skills at their workshops; often offering the opportunity for a hands-on experience.

Culinary traditions include the handmaking of local delicacies using original methods and family recipes passed down for generations. Some of the most popular products are local cheeses like Halloumi and Anari; cured meats infused with wine and spices; crusty village bread and rusks; delectable treats made of carob and grape; preserved spoon sweets from local fruit, vegetables, peel and rind; sugar-powdered Cyprus delights with a romantic link to Goddess Aphrodite, and many more enticing products made with love and heritage. Organised cooking demonstrations and workshops are also available.

The island will surprise you with its beautiful flora and fauna which extends far beyond its coastline. The Troodos mountain range rises up majestically and is a green and cool oasis that is home to pine forests, crystal waterfalls, and rare and endemic creatures. Designated nature trails acquaint visitors with the many different species of plant and animal life and the crisp, fresh air is always a tonic.

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