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Rent Your Event – Reshaping the world of events in India, Dubai & Thailand

A platform that Re-defines procurement for personal and professional events


And the world was never the same again! The COVID-19 reshaped and made us rethink the future and the past both in the same breath. The way we conduct our daily lives and celebrate our events were amongst that would go through a massive paradigm shift. This pandemic brought the world to a grinding halt. The celebrations and events across the globe were impacted and the distances were felt even more glaringly. As resilient we are as humans and a society, we bounced back and trotting slowly back on the track. The opening up of the global economies lent a ray of hope across sectors. More importantly, the event, experiential, and LIVE entertainment industry was now transformed. 

Raring to bring its former glory, it had to be re-imagined. The distances between the consumer and the vendors had to be bridged. The world was closer now with technology playing a key role. Amidst this metamorphosis, the seed of Rent Your Event was born. A brainchild of Ananya Kapur and Preeti Singh, who hail from a celebrated career in the event industry saw this as a much-needed gap to fill. As a tribute to the ever-evolving Industry of events and celebrations, they present to you Rent Your Event. Be ready to witness a new platform, that will revolutionize the way this industry is looked at. Rent Your Event is the ‘new kid’ on the block with a vision of transforming this industry. Up until now, the event industry was characterized as a fragmented market with highly stiff geographical limitations. These limitations are now challenged by this new platform.

Founded by two young women entrepreneurs with an idea to re-shape the world of events, re-imagine the event space and re-define the event manager in you!

This is a one-of-a-kind digital platform aimed to connect consumers with the right event partners for them to plan an event effortlessly. This unique model helps users, both individual and agency, plan and execute events seamlessly with easy availability of event partners within their budgets and across geographies, in just a few clicks.

Rent Your Event aids consumers to directly tap on the website, search for their requirements from a plethora of partners listed, connect with partners via the online directory, and enjoy the experience of effortless events.

To quote the words of the founders, Ananya Kapur and Preeti Singh

“We fervently believe this platform will be pivotal in connecting potential buyers and sellers from across the globe and will help revolutionize the way events will be planned in the future

This well thought yet the simple platform is a celebration and tribute to the craftsmanship of the makers of the event industry, created to re-shape the future of the event industry in UAE, India, and Thailand to begin with”

To know more about Rent Your Event, visit



Vivaah Celebrations plans the First Covid-19 Compliant wedding celebration in Dubai

Vivaah Celebrations plans the First Covid-19 Compliant wedding celebration in Dubai



It is overwhelming and heart-warming to see that the weddings and events industry is slowly gathering momentum after the much-awaited guidelines were released recently. After months of a hiatus, the return of weddings and events is finally a reality in Dubai. 

With a common voice across the globe and most definitely a strong petition from Middle East wedding community, the collective voice has echoed and reached the right authorities who have now sanctioned weddings and events in the country while adhering to certain guidelines and parameters. 

Vivaah Celebrations planned, managed and conceptualized the first full-fledged COVID-19 compliant wedding celebrations last week at The Meydan Hotel. The experienced team led by Rahul Kumar welcomed about 150 guests in attendance following strict hygiene and social distancing guidelines as provided by Dubai Tourism and Dubai’s Supreme Committee of Crisis and Disaster Management. 



The evening saw an elegant display of décor, production and unparalleled guest experience. The staff  at the venue was compliant with all the new norms while extending the same warmth and hospitality that the The Meydan Hotel is renowned for. 

Food and Beverage service was controlled and catered within the parameters of the guidelines laid out while the entertainment was seamlessly infused with the flow of events in the evening. 



Overall, the event was a great success and was very well received by the guests as well as all stakeholders involved. It sets a precedent for all events to follow in the coming weeks till further ease in restrictions are announced.

We welcome this move from the government and the related authorities. The wedding fraternity is excited to embark on a journey of creating memorable experiences for couples yet again. 

With a varied and large diaspora of families residing in the country, the hospitality industry has seen a surge in demand for hosting private celebrations at their premises. Furthermore, with air travel easing out in the forthcoming months, this demand could further see a growth. 


In addition to signing up new business, the venues are presently engaged in the process of accommodating and re-scheduling events that were displaced from earlier months of the year. This is great news for all service providers and support vendors to the wedding industry as it contributes towards job creation, revenues for businesses as well as business continuity. 

For more information on Vivaah Celebrations and our services, check our content page on Instagram: @vivaahcelebrations


Celebrating a true hero, survivor & warrior


In Conversation with Vaishnavi Indran Pillai


Vivaah Celebrations commends the human spirit of fighting against challenges and adversities. This is proven yet again as communities around the world device their own mechanisms and frameworks to battle the wrath of the coronavirus that has consumed many lives and has disrupted socio-economic conditions in most parts of the world.

While this is a battle that has been recognized globally, there are many other challenges and battles humanity has been fighting over generations. The survivors and the victors are true inspiration for others fighting a similar battle. This October, we celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Heroes walk amongst us and are seldom recognized. They feed power to the weak, they lead by example and most definitely stand as strong pillars in the society.

We spoke to one such warrior who stared adversity in the eye, fought it headfirst and set a precedent for others battling breast cancer. 

Proud to introduce – Vaishnavi Indran Pillai, a girl chasing her dreams of inspiring the community through various dance forms and performances. 


When were you diagnosed? 

I was first diagnosed in 2013 (I was 22 years old), it was breast cancer and then again in 2018 (I was 27 years old) I was diagnosed with relapsed breast cancer which had spread spread to the liver and backbones

What were your feelings when you received the news? How did you cope with them?

At first, I was shocked, I didn’t know what the severity of the disease was, but the second time was disappointment, as I thought I had beaten the disease. I wasn’t very good at coping with the disease but I did whatever I could to deal with it. I had a wonderful support system, my family, friends and now social media.

How long and intense was your treatment process?

Treatment for the first time was very traumatizing and agonizing. I didn’t understand the side effects of the treatment that would literally be so painful. Treatment lasted about 5 years. Basically, I had surgery, lumpectomy, which would take you about a month to recover from. Then its chemoport insertion which will take a couple of weeks to recover. Then it was 6 rounds of chemotherapy (once every 3 weeks), 17 rounds of targeted chemotherapy, 37 rounds of radiation and 5 years hormone therapy (this was oral tablets) 

But then in 2018, I was again diagnosed with relapsed breast cancer, so there were another 6 rounds of chemotherapy, bone therapy, hormone therapy and targeted chemotherapy are for lifetime. I am still undergoing cancer treatment, and they are for life. It is very tough as it is financially, physically, emotionally and mentally burdening.

How did you feel when you were diagnosed again? 

I was disappointed, scared, sad and broken. Nope, I was nowhere near positive, in fact I nearly gave up.

What inspired you to have such a bold and powerful bridal wedding shoot?

Honestly, I always dreamt of being a bride, however when I got cancer, that feeling vanished, but then I told myself, I needed to set an example for society to understand and believe in the deeper meaning of beauty and what better than a bold bridal wedding shoot. I’m still not married yet though as that was just a conceptual photo shoot but it felt great being a bride for the little while that I was.

What advice do you have to give to women who are fighting a similar battle?

Don’t give up, don’t lose hope. Fight this disease by living happily and positively. What doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger


To follow Vaishnavi’s ongoing activities and inspiring life story, follow her on Instagram:




Celebrating a true hero, survivor & warrior

In Conversation with Preeti Vasudeva, owner of Preeti Exclusive Events (USA)

When were you diagnosed?

I was originally diagnosed in Feb 2015 with Stage 2A. In Feb 2019, I was sent for emergency CT scans as my tumor markers started to rise. After 2 biopsies, it was confirmed in April of 2019 that it spread to my spine, making it stage 4.

What were your feelings when you received the news? How did you cope with them?

After the shock wore off, I just planned this like I would for any other couple. I started mapping out my appointments, which doctors to meet when, how to juggle my weddings in between. My coping mechanisms really came from staying positive and only aligning myself with those that will offer support, not be sad around me. It was already such a hard situation to adjust to so I didn’t need unnecessary stress from family or friends that didn’t understand it.

How long and intense was your treatment process?

In 2015, I went through 4 rounds of chemo (my hair fell off before the 2nd one) and 35 rounds of radiation (7 weeks at 5 days a week, where I got 3rd degree burns). From 2019 to current, I go to the hospital every 4 weeks for 3 large injections and take 2 pills orally. Every quarter I receive an IV which is pretty painful. I am usually in bed rest after that.

How did you feel when you realised the tumour has come back and gone into your spine?

I was heartbroken. I did EVERYTHING I could to stay healthy. I started doing more yoga, meditation, became vegetarian, stopped using the microwave, changed all of my makeup products that contained parabens. Some of these were just my own research, not necessarily what the doctors said, but I still felt so betrayed that after all of that, as it still came back. 30% of survivors from stage 0-3 do have a reoccurrence, I was just praying I was not in that category.

How did you cope with your events through your treatment? Was it stressful? 

It was stressful, but I learned to manage that early on. My clients, vendors and team knew so the important thing was to do what I can and have the team pick up where I may need rest. The client should never see that, but they were all so loving and supportive. Having the right team to support you and manage your commitments is key which helped me through this.

What advice do you have to give to women who are fighting a similar battle?

STAY POSITIVE. Nothing is going to change by being upset or crying every day. Live your life with zest and purpose and keep fighting. Your mindset is 50% of the battle and the drugs are the rest. Surround yourself with loving energy and join a support group. As for work, listen to your body and do what you can. You’re not meant to be a machine, but staying active can help your body through fatigue. I am here for any guidance or support anyone may need.

Preeti Vasudeva continues to support those battling breast cancer and is part of multiple support groups. You may connect with her on


DELLA RESORTS – An enchanting destination for weddings


In search for an enchanting and alluring destination for your wedding celebrations?

Allow us to introduce to you – Della Resorts in India, the ultimate getaway destination located in the verdant landscapes of Lonavala, India. A short drive from both Mumbai and Pune, this five-star, luxury resort offers guests a one-of-its-kind experience, coupling luxury with impeccable service and world-class amenities which will truly be appreciated by your guests at your wedding.

Boasting of picturesque landscapes, the sprawling complex spans over 50 acres of pure bliss and stimulating event spaces. Della offers six different resort properties within its premises, all individually designed to cater to every conceivable need of each guest who visits. 

271 luxuriously-appointed rooms across 27 room categories offer the best of luxury, adventure and even glamping. Della is ideal to host that dream wedding celebration that you may have envisioned all your life in a serene and fascinating setting.

The entire property of Della encompasses over 10 indoor banquets, 12 outdoor wedding venues, 1000 pax amphitheatre, 24 hours dining facilities, and so much more!

Those looking for a distinctively different location for a destination wedding will benefit from Della’s variety of flexible events spaces, which offer a mix of large and more intimate venues, both indoor and outdoor. Complete with seamless service and a flair for creativity, the Della events team will work to ensure that every wedding event leaves you and your guests with memorable moments to return back for a relaxing experience again. 

A range of restaurants, bar lounges and even a nightclub, all offering the finest food and beverage, will keep guests well-entertained, and the property’s 50 private gardens ensure that guests will feel ensconced in lush greenery and connected to nature throughout their stay.

To explore this destination further, please visit or connect with us on:


GORGEOUS ISLAND WEDDINGS in CYPRUS – A fast-growing destination for weddings

Charismatic Cyprus has a rich history of legendary romantic tales and unparalleled beauty, making the island an ideal choice for couples wishing to celebrate their big day in a Mediterranean offering.

With over 11,000 years of rich history, Cyprus is a vibrant time-capsule of sites, monuments and museums, where ancient stories of the many different civilisations that passed through the island can be felt. Multiple venues can be explored for your beautiful wedding celebrations at carefully maintains castles, mosaics, ruins, Venetian bridges, and other significant sites.

As the legend goes, Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love and Beauty came to life in this beautiful land. As she rose from the foam of the sparkling seawaters and took her first steps on the golden sands, she blessed the beautiful island of Cyprus with a romantic essence… so that couples around the world could explore their own fairy-tale here and commemorate their love story.

Enjoying year-round sunshine, a golden coastline and stunning mountains, Cyprus has some of the most fascinating landscapes ideal for proposals, weddings, honeymoons, anniversaries and intimate getaways.

Ease and Convenience

Cyprus has two modern, award-winning international airports at Larnaka and Pafos that operate regular flights to and from major cities in Europe and the Middle East, making travel to the island a breeze. Cyprus offers a wide range of accommodation types that perfectly match the requirements of different types of travellers with different budgets. 

Many couples choose to celebrate their big day at various venues dotted along the island. These could be luxurious resorts with large open spaces or a mesmerising seaside setting. In addition to this, there are many family style accommodations available that include swimming pools and children’s water attractions, spa and leisure facilities, in-house daytime and evening entertainment, and a multitude of dining and drinking options – including generous all-inclusive packages.

Other venue options include the classic backdrop of sand and sea; on public or hotel beaches, piers, harbours and yachts. More unusual or historic options are also available including traditional buildings; gardens and golf courses; ancient ruins and castles; wineries, galleries and museums – or any other location that is desired with the appropriate arrangements, for which the Municipal Offices or a professional Wedding Coordinator can assist with.

Picturesque Landscapes

The island’s stunning and natural beauty spots inspire photo opportunities in abundance. Breath-taking vistas unfold across golden beaches with crystal-clear seawaters; rugged rock formations; countryside bursting with blooms; mountains green with forest, and ripe orchards, olive groves and vineyards. And with some of the most captivating sunsets in the region, the fiery skies always add a dramatic flair to any shot.

Whilst the Mediterranean landscape is a favourite for many happy couples from abroad, there are also alternative options that can infuse authentic charm into photography. Capturing elements of the island’s traditions and ancient history will create a precious keepsake of your special celebration in Cyprus, and there is no shortage of fascinating archaeological ruins, old architecture, traditional buildings, museums and rustic villages to strike a passionate pose at.

Celebrations extending into Holidays

After your wedding celebrations are over, your guests may choose to continue their stay for a few more days to explore and experience the offerings of Cyprus at their leisure.

Cyprus is renowned for offering a good time around the clock. For those seeking the epic night out, the pulsating pubs, bars and nightclubs are waiting to be discovered within the eclectic old streets; the many town squares; bustling entertainment districts and even directly on the beach! Some of the trendiest venues attract big name DJs and well-known entertainment acts, earning them consistent rankings among the best nightspots in the world.

With an endless array of experiences to enjoy before or after the special celebrations, all the elements are in place for an unforgettable holiday, and everyone will find something to love about Cyprus! 

An ideal Honeymoon destination

Tying the knot in a dreamy island destination makes the long-awaited honeymoon seamless and immediate – and the most wonderful way to begin newlywed life!

Basking in the sun’s warm glow on one of the many golden, sandy beaches is always pure pleasure, whilst the large number of high-star hotels and luxury resorts offer an oasis of relaxation around their swimming pools. Combining this with pampering spa treatments and gentle activities such as sunrise yoga and barefoot walks on the sand is a delectable recipe for a honeymoon filled with quality couple time.

Couples hungry for explorations and adventure will find that the island is just waiting to be discovered. From its vibrant cities to its quaint villages and traditional mountain communities, each region has a unique character and charm. Days can easily be filled with sightseeing at archaeological sites, ancient monuments and museums filled with magic and mythology. The island’s favourable weather and natural beauty invites active pursuits in fresh air such as hiking, cycling, team and water sports. Fun experiences can be found in the many theme parks, water parks and animal parks, as well as in the sparkling nightlife comprised of drinking, dining and dancing. More mellow moments can be savoured at the vineyards, private wine estates and groves. And for a real flavour of Cyprus, the traditional handicrafts, folkloric entertainment and local cuisine will ensure that the island remains a fond memory always.

Culinary Experiences

The Mediterranean Diet is considered to be one of the healthiest and is simply bursting with fresh produce and full flavours. The local cuisine typically incorporates olive oil, pulses and legumes, local cheeses, cured and stewed meats, seafood, village breads, Cypriot potatoes, grains such as buckwheat, fresh salad vegetables, seasonal sunshine fruits and sticky desserts.

For a real taste of Cyprus, the traditional taverns where the famous ‘mezzeh’ meal is served are always a winning bet. Comprised of many, small dishes the mezzeh is perfect for sharing and for trying out the different local specialties. Or, why not try the well-balanced and nutritious ‘Cyprus Breakfast’? For the freshest fish, the harbours are the place to head for. Here the morning’s catch of the day is served in quaint restaurants overlooking the peaceful, bobbing fishing boats. 

Away from the local cuisine, the island offers an enormous selection of international and fusion dining options. Elegant, award-winning fine cuisine can be savoured amidst glamour and glitz, and casual or quick dining is served in modern cafes and quirky bistros with many popular, international franchises also available.

Traditional Experiences

Cyprus is steeped in tradition and many of its authentic pastimes are still practised to this day and safeguarded with their inclusion on the UNESCO List of Intangible Cultural Heritage, including that of handmade food and folkloric crafts. 

Traditional pastimes include iconography, woodworking, basketry, silversmithing, lace making, pottery, copper and iron works… and more. The rural and mountainous villages typically each practise their own distinctive traditions with locals happy to showcase their skills at their workshops; often offering the opportunity for a hands-on experience.

Culinary traditions include the handmaking of local delicacies using original methods and family recipes passed down for generations. Some of the most popular products are local cheeses like Halloumi and Anari; cured meats infused with wine and spices; crusty village bread and rusks; delectable treats made of carob and grape; preserved spoon sweets from local fruit, vegetables, peel and rind; sugar-powdered Cyprus delights with a romantic link to Goddess Aphrodite, and many more enticing products made with love and heritage. Organised cooking demonstrations and workshops are also available.

The island will surprise you with its beautiful flora and fauna which extends far beyond its coastline. The Troodos mountain range rises up majestically and is a green and cool oasis that is home to pine forests, crystal waterfalls, and rare and endemic creatures. Designated nature trails acquaint visitors with the many different species of plant and animal life and the crisp, fresh air is always a tonic.

For more information on Destination Weddings in Cyprus, write to us on: and visit our Instagram: @vivaahcelebrations


Rediscover Ras Al Khaimah

Your Ideal Destination for a Wedding Celebration  


An explorer in search of the new, will discover lands worth sharing with others. This stands true for Ras Al Khaimah

With just 45 minutes away from Dubai, the emirate of Ras Al Khaimah has a completely different offering than its neighbouring emirates. Here, you’ll be mesmerized by the tranquil, warmth and hospitality of this unique emirate.

Ras Al Khaimah has played host to some of the most memorable weddings.

Ras Al Khaimah offers magnificent landscapes. This coupled with a rich culture and history to its acclaim, breath taking views of the pristine sea as well as the deep dense deserts makes it a Paradise for Wedding Celebrations.  Your search for that unique wedding destination ends here. 

Providing you with a wide range of hotels and resorts catering to all tastes and budgets, Ras Al Khaimah has a wholesome offering. From the authentic Bedouin experience of sleeping under canvas in the heart of the desert to contemporary five-star luxury accommodation, there are multiple experiences that await you and your guests.

If you and your guests want to experience the rich Arabian culture, you can choose to enjoy traditional Emirati hospitality in a stylish boutique hotel; experience royal treatment in a world class resort; or unwind in an oasis of calm at a pampering retreat. An authentic Arabian welcome awaits your group as they embark on the journey of your beautiful wedding celebration.

You may choose to continue your escapades after the wedding mayhem is over. Afterall, it is your time to unwind and soak in the splendour of the beautiful Ras Al Khaimah. With some of the finest world class spas and beachfront resorts, Ras Al Khaimah is the perfect retreat for your Honeymoon. 


For more exciting adventures and information on how to plan your wedding in Ras Al Khaimah, contact Vivaah Celebrations on or visit Instagram: @vivaahcelebrations


One Year On … and the Magic still continues

Destination Indian Wedding at Disneyland Paris

Every bride envisions her big day to be just like a fairy-tale where her prince charming walks towards her and they commemorate a unison for life.

The magical land of Disneyland Paris had one lovely couple’s dream come true when they hosted their wedding celebrations at this unique destination and we are proud to be a part of their lovely celebrations.

Varun Bhanot and Anisha Seth, the UK based couple chose the magical land of Disneyland Paris as their destination to host their magical fairy tale wedding with guests from around the world witnessing the mega celebrations spanning over 3 days. The wedding was conceptualized, planned and managed by Rahul Kumar of Vivaah Celebrations (Dubai) along with his entire team in close partnership with the key teams at Disneyland Paris.

Most of the guests were staying at the Newport Bay Hotel and were greeted on arrival by Maharajah Goofy which was followed by the Welcome Lunch. The first event in the evening was a spectacular illuminations and special effects show which saw the Disney Castle in its finest glamour which enchanted the onlookers. Following this, was an event that had Arabian theme, cuisine and cultures weaved into it and was hosted at Aladdin’s Agrabah Café where guests were greeted by the Genie himself.

 The magical moment was here. The civil ceremony took place right in front of the Disney Castle at the stroke of midnight with a customized Princess Fountain show and a special fairy-tale entrance for the Bride and Groom. The afterparty was hosted at The Lucky Nugget which took guests back in time to the Wild West with some of the most glamorous entertainment acts.

The following morning, all the guests prepared for the Baraat, all dressed up in ethnic ensemble. The Baraat which was quite a sight with Disney entertainers as part of the procession as well as a special appearance from world renowned artist Juggy D who led the Baraat with the Groom in a classic Cadillac. The beautiful wedding ceremony was held at the Pier of Newport Bay Hotel overlooking the lake.

The Reception and Afterparty was themed ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ and aptly so since it was hosted at the Walt Disney Studio 1 which was themed and conceptualized straight out of Hollywood in the 1950s.

With some of their finest Event Directors at work, Rahul Kumar and his team carefully curated each event in depth and detail to unfold the magical escapades of Disney.

Disneyland Paris played host to one of the most magnificent Indian Wedding celebrations where some of the finest memories were created that each one would cherish for a lifetime. With over 300 guests from all over the world dressed in their finest outfits and ensemble, this was truly a magical wedding. We worked closely with the Disneyland Paris teams to ensure an unparalleled event – one that would go down the history books as the first and one of the finest wedding celebrations held at Disneyland Paris.

Vivaah Celebrations is a premier Wedding Planning & Management company operating globally for Destination Weddings. With offices strategically located globally, Vivaah Celebrations has planned, conceptualized, and managed weddings internationally. Offering custom-made solutions for destination weddings, the services include everything from initial planning to event operations and wrap up of events.

Venue – Disneyland Paris

Photography – Rashpal Photography

Videography – SalShan Photograhy & Video

For more information please contact Vivaah Celebrations on: or follow us socially on 


In Pursuit of Happiness – A guide for Wedding Planners to cope with the Pandemic

Stay Sane, Stay Focused
Wedding planners have always been synonymous with creating special moments for couples and families all over the world. These moments are cherished by guests and the couple for years to come. However, a wedding planner’s journey is a roller coaster ride. From managing expectations, keeping up with last moment changes, cost control challenges, playing messenger between two families, irregular family life, contingency plans, long hours, satisfying egos and high emotional dramas … wedding planners have seen it all. And now, the pandemic!

There is no doubt that the events and wedding industry worldwide has been severely effected and there is not set timeline on revival yet.

Having said that, it is important now more than even to stay sane, relaxed and focused during these trying and testing times. Non activity can lead to self-doubt, insecurity, loss of confidence, distress and eventually may lead to many long-term effects that may be difficult to manage and return from.

Tough times don’t last, tough people do.

Re-live the Moments

Remind yourself of all the beautiful celebrations you conceptualized for your clients over the years. Better still, re-live those moments by watching videos or pictures from all your past weddings. Recall the planning process, the stories, the fun moments, the glitches and the final product.

Your past accolades, recognition and media mentions is in itself the testament to the fact that you have made an impact to several lives just by doing what you’re passionate about. Reviewing your own work will amaze you and boost your morale much like a sculptor feels after seeing his creations of the masterpieces he has crafted.

Re-connect with Peers

You are not in this alone. Not now, not ever. As the saying goes… ‘It takes a village to raise a child’. Similarly, with weddings, it takes a team to create magical weddings for couples. Without a team of reliable and talented professionals, this feat would not be possible.

Now is the time to re-connect with your vendors and peers to express your gratitude. They may be distressed in present times as well, but a heart-warming conversation and support can grow a strong community that can be resilient and bounce back as the wedding industry revives. Do give credit to your vendors where due. Being a good Samaritan goes a long way.

Re-unite with Couples

We would be nothing without the trust and support of our clients, the lovely couples who chose us to shape up their big day. The main essence of our careers are the wedding dreams that a bride would have envisioned for years for her wedding celebration or the couple’s desire to create a memorable experience for their family and guests.

It is understandable that as wedding planners we may have been too occupied and busy with our work schedules to reconnect with our past clients. Now is the time to re-unite with those lovely couples and share a hearty laugh over a casual evening out, only to say a heartfelt ‘thank-you’ to them for trusting you with one of the biggest days of their lives.

Hearing from them how satisfied they were with your services can help re-instill that confidence you may have been losing during the past few months.

Meditation and Well-being

This does not necessarily have to involve fitness regimes. It simply means to be one with yourself and be at peace. Find yourself a comfortable spot at a nearby garden or at the beach or simply just walk your pet in silence away from the noise and clutter of everyday life. Adapting this routine for the mornings and then later at night ensures that your day begins and ends in a calm and peaceful vibe. This helps you clear out your thoughts and channel your energy towards self-enlightenment and eventually self-development.

It is important to see this time as a blessing provided to us by the universe to self-reflect, repair and evolve.

Written by Rahul Kumar – Director, Vivaah Celebrations.

For more information on Vivaah Celebrations, visit or check Instagram: @vivaahcelebrations

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